Young Living – Selling Essential Oils That Aren’t That Pure

You probably already heard a lot about essential oils. After all, their demand seems to be increasing now that we live in a time of natural and organic stuff. So, today, we decided to take a deeper look at Young Living.

Young Living or Young Living Essential Oils has been around for about 20 years now. The man running the show id D. Gary Young.

What Is Young Living?

By simply looking at their website, and no matter if you are a fan of essential oils or not you should be a bit scared. After all, when you can read the claims that they have in there, they just don’t make any sense.

According to Young Living website, Young Living Essential oils can cure or prevent MS, dementia, PTSD, heart disease, insomnia, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, autism, and Parkinson’s disease.

While these claims tend to be made by distributors and not by the company itself, they are still displaying this information that may lead people in the wrong way.

Young Living – The Products

We have to say that Young Living has a wide variety of products for sale. They have essential oils that they claim to be pure, genuine and free of synthetic chemicals. In addition, they also sell diffusers, personal care products, nutritional products, supplements, cleaners, and home care products.

Young Living – The Compensation Plan

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that Young Living is not for everyone. The truth is that most people have some problems understanding their compensation play. But let’s do our best to show you.

According to Young Living, you have 6 different ways to earn: you have a fast start bonus, a start living bonus, retail earnings, rising star team bonus pool, generation leadership bonus, and uni-level commission.

Looking at all these different ways to earn, we can definitely see that the main point of Young Living is to recruit. This makes us believe that Young Living doesn’t really believe they can make a lot of sales from retailing their products only.

While we certainly don’t want to get into many details here (since their compensation plan is that complicated), here are some basic ideas:

  • Downline Commission: You will earn 8% of the sales off your first level, 5% off the second and 4% on the following 43 levels,
  • Fast Start Bonus: You will earn a 25% commission during the first 3 months on each purchase a recruit makes.
  • Member Starter Kit Bonus: You will get $25 for each new distributor that you sign up and who buys the Premium Member Starter Kit.

And so on for the rest of the different commissions that you can earn.

Young Living & The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

When you are trying to discover whether a company is legit or a scam, one of the places that you should check is Better Business Bureau (BBB). Young Living has been a member of BBB and it currently has an A+ rating. But what does this mean?

According to the BBB, this only means that whenever there was a complaint, the customer service was able to deal with it in the right way.

By taking a look at the complaint summary and review section, we discovered that Young Living has 22 positive experiences from customers, 12 negatives, and 2 neutral.

Young Living – How Much Does It Cost?

In case you are considering enrolling with the Young Living program, you need to know how much you will need to spend.

According to the Young Living, you can join Young Living as an Independent Distributor as Customer if you bought at least $50 last year. However, in case you still want to enroll in this position, you have another alternative. You can enroll in the Essential Rewards program and order $100 each month.

No matter the option that you pick, you will still need to pay for the starter kit which costs between $45 and $260. The final price depends on the diffuser that you choose.

Young Living – The Founder

While we already mentioned the Young Living founder above, we want to be more specific about him.

The founder’s name is Gary Young and he was very passionate about his products. The truth is that after suffering an almost fatal accident that left him in a wheelchair, he began searching for alternative healing and medicine that could help him.

While Gary already died in May last year, his team continues committed with this project.

However, there is also a negative side on Gary’s life. While people say that we shouldn’t speak bad about dead people, the reality is that we are only stating the facts. So, don’t get us wrong here.

In the past, Gary was involved in some questionable businesses. One of the was a clinic that he established in Tijuana, Mexico, in the 80s, where he would run cheap blood tests for Americans. At the time, there was a journalist who sent a cat’s blood sample to be analyzed and scientists weren’t able to spot the difference.

Young Living Pros:

  • A company that has almost 20 years of history
  • Wide variety of products
  • Don’t believe in their products

Young Living Cons:

  • Commission plans are extremely complicated
  • You may need to pay for some customer support
  • There have been some claims that Young Living products aren’t all genuine and pure.

Young Living – Conclusion

While apparently, Young Living seems to be a trusty company, the reality is that we see they are selling products that aren’t as pure as they state. So, they are not delivering their promise.

Besides, Young Living doesn’t actually believe in the sales of their products. And we can withdraw this conclusion by their compensation plan which, by the case, is extremely complicated.

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