World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool Jaaxy Review



Our Jaaxy Review Begins with Keyword Research


Today we will be reviewing the World’s most advanced keyword tool, Jaaxy. That is, of course the claim made on the site and we made on the site and we will get into discussing features and our summary of the service in a minute but we need to first cover a couple of questions you may have.


Question one: What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or term you put into a search engine in order to find information. Keywords can be everything from blue prom dress to lost dog 3rd street my town my state.

They are used to finding websites with that information and you can be surprised what people are searching in relation to your blog or website.

Since Keywords are important to your site being found on the internet you need tools like Jaaxy or Mox to get found by the most people online.





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Question Two: What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A Keyword Research Tool like we discuss in our Jaaxy Review helps you find search terms that are not high competition. The last thing your fledgling site needs is to go up against sites like TIME, YAHOO, NEWS, Huffington Post, or Fox News for

the search terms for the search terms you need traffic from.


Fact is you will not likely reach the front page of search terms like Cooking because Julia Child’s, Rachel Ray, and so many others take up the first 10 pages of search results.

The goal though is to get your site seen and build your reputation in the same industry.


For the sake of this review I will use sites and search terms or keywords that are examples not researched alternatives as you will need to take a tool like Jaaxy’s Free Test Drive and search terms related to your website.


Jaaxy free trial


Fact is though it will be tough to compete for the keywords Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies, but ranking for Mom’s Southern Oatmeal Cooks or Deep South Oatmeal Cookies may be easier to rank and still carry a great deal of traffic.

That is where a Keyword Research Tool like Jaaxy comes in.


Keywords are not just for website, they are also used in PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising.

Finding good low competition keywords with decent traffic can save you a mountain of money should you decide to use Google Ads or Ads.

If there is little to no competition for a keyword on the SEO or search engine optimization of a site it is highly unlikely these sites are targeting the keyword or search term for paid ads.

This could be the difference between $3-5 a visitor and $0.10 a visitor, thus stretching your advertising budget.


What is Jaaxy exactly?

Jaaxy is a place where software meets the knowledge of professional level Search Engine Optimization or SEO practices. They Automate the task of keyword research and provide tracking tools and keyword list management, a domain finder services and more under one house for less that half the cost of similar tools.

Fact is some tools doing half the job of Jaaxy cost per month more than what Jaaxy cost by the year.


Jaaxy offers 3 plans.

  • Free – This is a 30 search trial and enough to get a small blog or website started ranking when used wisely.
  • Pro – This is a full featured membership with unlimited searches and tons of power tools.
  • Enterprise – This is the package from Jaaxy that professional SEO use to keep their business on top.

The three plans of Jaaxy let you get started as an online business and scale up to a mega site dominating every search term you aim for. It allows you to become the thought leader in your niche market.

But the first thing you need is a niche or interest you wish to target.

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate recommends that you obtain your niche from a popular category and find a sub-niche or group within that main niche to dominate first. The Jaaxy can help you further refine the sub-niche you target and find opportunities within that to drive laser targeted buyer traffic.

A niche can be coloring books, a sub niche could be 1970s coloring books or Scooby Doo coloring books. It is a sub set within the primary niche with less competition but plenty of room to grow.


Jaaxy Review – The tools of Jaaxy

As mentioned above Jaaxy has a number of powerful tools in its arsenal. We would be remiss if we didn’t share these tools with a brief overview of each in this Jaaxy Review. It really is the tools that make this a power platform for SEO when combined with Google Analytic and Bing Webmasters.

I mention Google and Bing because nobody knows what the search engines see for results from your effort like the engines itself. In fact other tools I have tried offer tracking and it just turns out to be they connect to Google Analytic via API interface.


Jaaxy Tools Ahead

Keywords Search – This is where you get details on the keywords you have chosen to pursue and related keywords suggested by the system. It has numerous rankings indicators including but not limited to Traffic to the keyword, expected traffic for number 1 listing, competition, quality of search term, and SEO Value. These help you discover opportunities and fight for the ones with traffic that will help you rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your chosen niche.

Alphabet Soup – This is a search feature that can help you find the sub-niche of your main niche. It will take your main search term and suggest related queries to help you decide on search terms to pursue.

Saved List – With both Search and Alphabet Soup you can save a list of keywords you wish to chase after. You will find all of your lists here and even be able to download them in CSV or Text form. A CSV is especially handy when adding these search terms to Google Ads, Bind Ads, or other Pay Per Click advertising network.

Search History – This is a list of recent searches as the self-explanatory name states. It is searches you have done in case you wish to revisit them or accidentally delete your keywords list.

Search Analysis – A true power tool, it shows you the top sites ranked for your search term without having to open Google in a new tab. It has a button beside each site for Viewing details which list the Meta information like page or post name, the meta descriptions, meta keywords, keyword density or the number of pages per 100 words a keyword is used. It also has Link information, Alexa Rank, and even tells you if the site is using Google Adsense Advertising in case you wish to advertise on your competitor’s site.

Affiliate Programs – Jaaxy Keyword Research suggest programs out of 4 of the top affiliate networks that can help you monetize your search terms using affiliate marketing.

Brainstorm: This search uses Google Trends and others to see what is trending in your niche interest or on the web itself. This can boost your traffic immensely by getting in front of your competition on newly trending ideas in your marketplace.

Search Rank: This is the second big tab at the top of the page and gives you a tool to track your indexing and results within the first 10 pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. It gives you historical trends for your domain name and shows the indexed results including position, page found, and position change.




  1. A tremendous amount of resources for the price.
  2. Deep analysis of keywords and search terms.
  3. Helps you monitor your search engine rankings.
  4. Allows you spy on top 10 competition to help you rank better in Google.
  5. Domain research tool allows domain investors to get insight on what is available niche related in the domaining industry.
  6. Can easily be used to find low hanging fruit keywords for both search engine optimization and PPC Keyword Campaigns.


There once was a con called analytic integration. You have to use Google Analytics or similar a similar program to see what these rankings are getting you in terms of actual traffic and to track where visitors are going on your site.

There is no integration with tools like HotJar or MOZ so you have to choose: do wish to use a free source for tracking like Google’s analysis program or pony up and lease some other tracking program.

I use Analytics just fine.

The other cons are that the affiliate program for Jaaxy doesn’t have any creatives or banners to use, and the help videos and 3 PDF e-books are only on site help. For human assistance you need to sign up for a free account from sister sites SiteRubix or Wealthy Affiliate, as Jaxxy itself doesn’t have a support ticket system.

That being said, the videos explain absolutely everything they just don’t allow for multi-language support leaving the tool largely English only unless you take the Free Niche Training modules at Wealthy Affiliate.



Despite the lack of a contact page or support ticket system Jaaxy does an excellent job of education for English-speaking customers on the use of the tools inside. Those tools are very powerful and demand we give Jaaxy a 4.5 star out of 5 stars rating.

Similar tools with fewer features are being sold for as much as $149 a month compared to the $19 a month for Jaaxy or just $499 a year for (THE CADILLAC TOOL) Jaaxy Enterprise.

This is the tool I use with all of my content, it’s top of the line!




You can also share Jaaxy with other companies and blogs and make back your cost through a great affiliate program. It’s now up to you to decide if we have proven value or if the $19 a month is too much to pay for success. Either way a FREE TRIAL of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is in order.


I want to take this time to say, “THANK YOU” for stopping by as I always love to hear from you, so leave your comments below and I will respond ASAP!

What did you think of this review, was the information helpful, did you have a chance to utilize the FREE TRIAL! Go ahead, TRY IT and see just how convenient and reliable it is.


Have a wonderful day! Let’s start reaching people in our niche, by using the World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool JAAXY!

It’s my tool of choice!