Will Wealthy Affiliate Provide Extra Income For Retiring Seniors

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Retirement should be a period where senior citizens can enjoy the golden years of their lives.

Many have worked hard and invested right only to find that the economy isn’t as good as we hoped it to be.

Some retirees face personal issues that force them to find ways to make more money.

Senior citizens are starting to rejoin the workforce to maintain their way of life because their retirement or social security isn’t enough to carry them anymore.

If you’re here looking for online jobs for senior citizens, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve put together a list of 3 common online jobs for senior citizens to help you maintain financial stability and enjoy the golden years you worked so hard for.

Customer Service Representative – Avg. Pay $15/Hr

There are various opportunities to put your interpersonal and multitasking skills to use.

Armed with a home office set-up and a dedicated phone line for work, an independent contractor can make decent wages working for companies like Deal Dash, Legacy.com, Hilton Hotels and much more.

Some companies even hire directly and allow you to stay at home while you work.

Be aware, though, treating your home like a call center may increase stress levels.

You don’t want your home to feel like work, or vice-versa.


· Independent Contractors can work for multiple companies through third-party agencies

· Independent contractors also receive tax deductions for any work-related purchases they make

· Direct employees may be offered benefits, paid time off and even 401(k)s


· If you don’t already own the necessary equipment it could be very expensive to start up

· Companies can require or dictate what hours/days you will work

· Companies may require you to pay for background and credit checks out of your own pocket

Writer/Editor – Avg. Pay Varies

With the rise in blogging and web-based business comes a rise in need for services such as writing and editing.

Companies use multiple third-party providers of personnel to fill their sites with content.

From product reviews to blogs and new articles; there are hundreds of topics you can choose to make money online through writing.

If you’re a stickler for grammar and structure, then try your hand at editing.

Put your skills to use by copy editing for e-zines or blogs, proof-read articles for new outlets, there are hundreds of ways to make money through writing.


· Write about any topic or genre that you like or are familiar with

· Create your own work schedule

· Set your own terms and prices for your content

· Work for multiple companies as an independent contractor


· Starting a career in this field can be slow-going at first as you build a reputation/portfolio

· The competition is vast, so you’ll have to find ways to stand out of the crowd

· No guarantee of stable income as pay varies from project to project

Affiliate Marketing – Avg. Pay Varies

Online shopping has evolved from a trend to a formidable competitor of conventional shopping. With powerhouse companies like Amazon taking customers out of brick and mortar stores and Walmart offering exclusive online products, it’s no wonder why advertisers are paying good money to get you to promote their goods.

You can use your own website or social media outlet to advertise products for companies and earn a percentage of each sale made by your posts.

It’s not complicated or difficult to get started. Simply sign up with big names like Amazon, Walmart etc as an affiliate member and use the link they provide to advertise various products.

You can create a blog about your hobby or interest, make a Facebook business page or set up an email service that provides affiliate links to your audience.

The best part about it is:

Once you’ve got it all set up you can do minimum updating/maintenance and still make money!

You don’t have to sit at your home in front of a phone or computer all day.

Just post a few times a week and start making money.

The business will be entirely yours to control and become a passive source of income.

There’s no expertise required because there are great training resources available to guide you step-by-step towards success.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing

Do you think it’s too complicated to even try?

At Wealthy Affiliate you will find everything you need to start strong and create a robust source of income.

They will walk you through creating a FREE website, writing blogs, articles and pages as well as helping you promote your business to a large following.

The service is completely FREE with no pressure or deadline to upgrade.

Members who upgrade to premium services receive more training via video, discounts on domains, access to a community of thousands of other affiliate marketers, and the support needed to create a flourishing business.

Premium memberships start at just $19.99 for the first month!


Even so, you can keep the free service for as long as you like.

If you do choose premium you can pay month-to-month and cancel at any time while retaining the free level of service.

Wealthy Affiliate’s primary goal is to teach you how to create a successful business from the ground up.


· Be your own boss

· Create your own work schedule

· Choose who you want to work with

· No experience required

· Training in one place

Don’t get tied down by work at home companies that require your endless hours and attention.

Create a business instead and manage it on your own time.

Enjoy your golden years again without the worry of the fickle economy.

You don’t have to return to the grind of a 9-5 again.

You don’t have to sit behind the phone while listening to someone else’s problems regarding a product you don’t use or sell.

All you need to do is try something new. Wealthy Affiliate is the low-risk/high-reward program giving online jobs for senior citizens a solid reputation.

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