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I’m so excited you’re here today to learn more about the Auto Affiliate Machine! This tells me that you are doing your homework and you are to be congratulated for that, especially in this day and age…..there are so many folks on the internet and their main intention is to scam you!

My number one goal with my website is to educate my readers about affiliate marketing. I want you the reader to be able to determine who are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Through the education found here on my website you will know the following: what is affiliate marketing, how does it work, how do you gain traffic, where do I start, how much training is offered, what is content, what are keywords, and SEO, how do I build a website and when can I expect to start earning money online!

There’s a right way to go about affiliate marketing and there’s an absolutely wrong way. If you’re all about auto affiliate marketing, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Here’s exactly why.

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So let’s get started!!!

There’s this Thai legend about a King who gave one of his chiefs – one who he terribly dislikes – the gift of a big White Elephant. He knew fully well that keeping an elephant was a very expensive undertaking and would ruin the recipient in the end.

This kind of summarizes what the Auto Affiliate Machine is about – a white elephant: a useless thing that costs you money and does nothing!



What are the Claims of the ‘Auto Affiliate Machine’?

Created by quite well-known internet marketers Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay, Auto Affiliate Machine is a cloud-based system that claims to offer you a unique way of promoting your own written reviews via various social media platforms.

This product promises that you can make automatic commissions by following some simple steps using a ‘secret software’.

According to the Auto Affiliate Machine, this process is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is:

Buy the software.

Activate the software.

Sit back and start making money ‘automatically’.

Does this not seem outrageous?

Instead of the usual video reviews on YouTube or on websites, their software helps you to create a product review in the form of a PDF document which you can then share on your social media.

This PDF will contain your referral link such that you then earn affiliate commissions when someone purchases any product with that link.

I wish it were this easy to earn money online, not just money, but earn enough to quit my day job!  But it just doesn’t happen this way in the real world.  As you will find further in this article, earning an income, 4 digit, 5 digit, and so on and so forth, it takes education, training, study, and hours of time dedicated to your online business.

The owners of this company are just lining their own pocketbooks with your hard earned money and it makes me sick to see folks fall prey to it.

My mentor, Grace, explains this well in her post, “What A Year Can Do”.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading Grace’s progress in her online business journey.  The page gives you real-time happenings to a real person, her background just like mine, had little to no actual results from a website, but she shows you the exact steps necessary to take to get results and gives you an idea of how long it really takes.

What did you like most about the post?  Please post in the comments below, as I love reading your comments and replying to your posts.

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What Exactly Do You Gain by Subscribing?

Once you become a member, what you get access to is a PDF creation software which you can use to create cute and simple PDF product reviews. You can then share these product reviews as a promotional tool to earn commissions.

The software also comes with an automatic sharing feature that allows you to share your new PDF documents to social media accounts like Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

With subscription, you also get access to training videos on how you can use the software – which basically entails how to use the software to create a PDF.

So, How Exactly Does It Work?

The software isn’t even something one requires more than basic knowledge to operate. The process is simple. All you have to do is:

Select a product to promote.

Use the software to create a good-looking PDF.

Share it on social media.

Earn commissions when someone buys the products through the link inside the PDF.

As for the video on the website, it gives you absolutely nothing. The video is a 25-minute tutorial showing you how the software works.

It contains no tips or training whatsoever about affiliate marketing or how you’ll drive traffic to the PDF s created.

On a basic level, the training is adequate but serves no purpose in educating anybody about affiliate marketing or how to make money online.

There’s not much automated about the auto affiliate machine either. You still have to manually edit and insert your personal review of the product, your rating, bullet points and any bonuses that you have to offer. You also have to manually add your social media accounts (if you have any).How Much of Your Pocket Goes Into This?

There are quite a number of plans and pricing variations, so it’s not really that easy to pinpoint how much money you’re going to cough out into buying this white elephant.

A particular fee repeated in the video on the site is $47 per month (Juts so you know, Amazon Cash Websites scam also has a monthly subscription fee of exactly $47).

However, if you click on ‘Get Started Now’, you may get the Auto Affiliate Machine for a one-time fee of $17. Now, interestingly, if you try to close the page, you are offered a further $5 discount.

Further down the lane, the Auto Affiliate Machine system will offer you a series of training videos plus a ‘bonus package’ valued at $497.


Further Costs?

You bet! There are a series of updates lined up for you in the Auto Affiliate Machine system:

Elite Edition Upgrade: This includes the addition of 2 more social accounts and further video training. Additional Cost: $37.

Weekly Edition Upgrade: This entails further training on how to increase your earnings to $1k a week with the use of the software. Additional Cost: $27.

‘Done-For-You’ Upgrade: This comes with over 40 generic, done-for-you PDF s with option pages, graphics and email swipes. Additional cost: $27.

Reseller Edition Upgrade: With this, you can sell the Auto Affiliate Machine software as your own product. Additional Cost: $47.


Will You Even Make Any Money With The Auto Affiliate Machine?

Is the auto affiliate machine really worth even your stress? Nah! All you’ll be paying for is a software that allows you to create PDF s. Really. And that’s great information right there, free of charge. Seems plain ridiculous that you’ll be paying to find this out down the line.

There are a handful of reasons why the only people making money from the auto affiliate machine are the founders – and NOT the subscribers.

PDF s, really?

Except for academics conducting research, PDF s are extremely outdated and uncool, and people are desensitized to this form of advertising.

PDF s are no longer that effective in affiliate marketing. Most people now prefer more fun things like videos and creative contents.


No Traffic = No Business

Of what use are your PDF s when you have only a few people even downloading them or having access to them?

The ‘Free Viral Traffic’ referred to in the auto affiliate program is really the one coming from your own social media. This is because the only way they teach about traffic generation is to share your PDF on your social media.

So, what happens when you don’t even have a large social following? The logic is that simply sharing a link to social media pages waiting for people to not only click it but to also buy the products is a long stretch.


Training? Forget It

The auto affiliate machine promises step-by-step training on affiliate marketing and how to make about $100 per day.

You can forget all about that. All you’ll get is 6 videos, a total of 25 minutes, teaching you how to use the PDF-creating software.

No training on Affiliate Marketing, traffic generation, conversion optimization, etc.


No Real Content

If there’s no real content, and all you have is just a PDF with your referral link in it, how do you convince people to buy? You have no relationship with them and you expect that they’ll buy a product after being exposed to it through a random link within a PDF? That’s a long shot.


Auto Affiliate Machine Is the Wrong Way to Do Affiliate Marketing

This is a very wrong way of thinking outside the box. The founders of Auto Affiliate Machine claim to do affiliate marketing differently by creating the PDF promotional method.

That it is unique doesn’t however make it sensible or even profitable.

Who clicks and downloads PDF s at random and ends up clicking the links in it to purchase a product?!

Is it a scam? That depends on how you define a scam? If your definition of a scam is paying money for something that won’t make you any money though it was supposed to, then you have yourself a scam.

If Not Auto Affiliate Machine, Then What?

If you want to make real income doing affiliate marketing online, there’s no shortcut to it. Creating awesome reviews on a website for instance, rather than in PDF s is a much better and guaranteed way to go about this.

With a website, you can easily build up a constant flow of visitors and become a respected authority on your chosen topic.


How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

There are a number of affiliate marketing platforms out there. But what you want is not just a legit one, you want one that will actually make you a lot of money.

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Once you sign up for free Membership, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can then earn up to 15% commission for promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

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