What To Take On An Adventure and I Will Be Your Tourist Guide!

Have you ever considered taking an adventure? I’m sure you have, we all do from time to time. I will be your tourist guide on the adventure of a lifetime and in the following pages I will be sharing with you what to take on our adventure! Get ready and let’s begin.

Where Are We Going?

You might ask? Where are we going? Well, this is part of the adventure, this is going to be a journey into unknown territory, at least for many folks, and it was very foreign to me initially. Have you ever wondered how folks make extra money online either through blogging, drop shipping or otherwise? In the beginning, I struggled with that question, I didn’t know where to turn or who to ask! There seemed to be online gimmicks and SCAMS how was I supposed to know a scam from the real thing? I am about to explain it all to you!

I’m getting so excited just thinking about it! It’s like a “STAR WARS” movie, we will be passing clusters of stars, the MILKY WAY, and numerous galaxies.

This is going to be the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!


First of all, you will need to release yourself of conventional thinking. Everything you have learned since childhood about life and how to live it will need to be left behind. For the majority of folks, this will be the most difficult task, because we have these ingrained thoughts from early childhood, telling us, ‘this is how to pack (attend college, get job, & you will have security) but on this journey I will be explaining a new way to pack!’

This journey requires imagination and the spirit of adventure, much like the spirit of adventure, our ancestors had when they traveled in covered wagons to the WEST, to start new lives and new beginnings! Some were searching for GOLD, others wanted to secure LAND, and others just wanted the FREEDOM to start a new life with new beginnings! Now I’m going to give you a step by step guide to creating an online business, earning extra money, and eventually, becoming your OWN BOSS and you can get it by CLICKING HERE!

Are you ready for this journey? You’re asking, but what else do I need? If you’re truly ready for this adventure, then hold onto your seats and let’s begin!

  • Imagination
  • Spirit of Adventure
  • Release of Conventional Thinking
  • Fortitude
  • Stamina
  • Ability To Focus
  • Ability to Plan, Schedule, and Work the Plan

I’ve already discussed the first two items on the list: imagination and spirit of adventure, now I will discuss further the remaining items on the list.

When I speak of “release of conventional thinking” I’m talking about things we have heard while growing up from our parents, such as, go to college, earn a degree, use the degree to obtain a good job; thereby, having security.

As we all know, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have security. You may be one of the lucky few who secure a great job, but that doesn’t mean somewhere down the road a few years from now, you aren’t laid off or fired for one reason or the other, or the business you’re working for might close, be sold, etc. Where is your security then!

If you’re tired of being scammed and you’re sincere about wanting financial security, I’m going to give you what you need in order to get what you want, just by CLICKING HERE!



I want to discuss fortitude. What is fortitude? Websters definition of fortitude, “courage in pain or adversity, strength of mind, strength of character, moral strength, toughness of spirit, firmness of purpose, and strong-mindedness.” When you thing of the pioneers traveling across the country in covered wagons, well that is a prime example of fortitude.

They were traveling into unknown country, facing the weather, the elements, Indians (that sometimes weren’t welcoming), wild animals, just to name a few things, but they continued moving forward in a group, I might add, helping and supporting one another through the adversity of the journey!

We can all relate to a road trip and the kids are saying, “are we there yet? Mom, Dad….he’s touching me, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty, so on and so forth.”

Think about it, we are in a nice comfortable vehicle, with a heater or air-conditioner and it seems like we will never get to the hotel just a few hours away, but the pioneers didn’t have any of those conveniences and they weren’t going to spend the night in a hotel at the end of the day. They would have to make a fire and cook whatever they brought with them, primarily beans, clean up, and sleep on the ground!




This journey requires one to be able to focus and by that I mean, start a task and complete it in a timely manner without someone standing over you, like a BOSS! It requires an individual to be independent, to be able to plan, schedule, and work the plan until the job is completed.

One will need to put his/her head down and work until the job is completed, thinking only of checking off completed items on the schedule, then planning the next schedule and repeat this over and over until you begin to see the results you wanted to achieve.

But, you can’t stop then, you must continue on your journey.

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There’s that dreaded question, How Much Farther or Are We There Yet?

You might say, WHAT KIND OF JOURNEY IS THIS? Well let me explain, it’s a journey of learning how to make extra money online, it’s a new way of thinking about job security and retirement income.

The length of the journey depends a lot on you and your ability to study daily and complete assigned tasks and your desire for financial freedom! Some folks reach financial freedom in 6mos, others (1) year, and often 2-3 years, everyone has their own learning curve and available time to work on their future online business. One thing I want to make perfectly clear, it is HARD WORK, IT TAKES TIME, PATIENCE, TENACITY, THE ABILITY TO FOCUS CONSISTENTLY, STUDY AND APPLY WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED!

If you’re serious about this journey and you’re eager to learn and willing to follow the course lined out for you I’m going to give you a step by step guide teaching you to create your own online business and the ability to earn money online and become financially secure, just by CLICKING HERE!



When Do We Begin Our Journey?

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I sincerely hope you have received benefit from this journey I took you on and if you truly want to get out of the rut and not be dependent on a JOB, this is your chance, you won’t regret it! We have millions of members who are willing and ready to assist you anyway we can! Here are the steps you need to take to start your own business, become financially independent, just CLICK HERE!

Thank you for stopping by, have a blessed day!