What Happened to The Residual Income Code?

You probably landed on this article trying to find out if The Residaul Income Code is a scam or a reliable sales system that can earn you passive income.

I was looking for the same information but I was troubled when I couldn’t find the actual landing page for The Residual Income Code.

I searched through pages of Google only to find reviews. So, what happened to The Residual Income Code?


The Residual Income Code – Promises Unfulfilled

This is a cautionary tale for all of my fellow affiliate marketers pursuing the dream of substantial passive income. We’re all looking for a way to increase sales and we are all trying to keep up with the marketing trends.

Using sales funnels similar to The Residual Income Code can be very risky because you pour a lot of money into these systems before you can expect to earn any of it back.

This isn’t going to be a review on whether this sales system is a scam or not for two reasons:

  1. The Residual Income Code does not exist anymore.
  2. It wasn’t a scam to begin with, but just like many other sales funnels out there, it mostly benefited the man who created it and not many other people.

Now, does that mean all sales funnels are bad or high-risk investments? No, of course not. But, taking a close look at how this particular sales funnel operated can help you to discern between a product that is truly profitable as opposed to a system trying to squeeze every last dime out of you.

The Residual Income Code may not exist anymore but there are plenty of other similar systems out there making huge promises in return for your commitment to many costly services. More often that not you won’t have a choice whether you want to use these services because the sales system won’t work without them!

That’s just one of the many red flags to look for when researching systems like The Residual Income Code.


What Was The Residual Income Code?

The Residual Income Code was marketing system developed by a stay at home dad named John Moss. It was a similar sales funnel system like Funnel X Project, instant income Method and WIFI Wealth System.

John Moss claimed that his sales funnel system was a sure-fire way for people desiring to make passive income to start earning $567 a day with minimal effort. What hooked people into biting at this offer was the cost for sign-up, which was $0 FREE TO JOIN.

Are you telling me you’re giving me a way to make crazy sums of money without giving you a dime?! Not exactly…..

This system doesn’t have a sign-up price because they are not really offering you anything. None of the affiliate programs within the system come directly from The Residual Income Code.

Instead, they are 3rd party programs that John Moss picked out himself to work within the sales funnel.

In short, this particular sales funnel only works if you add on different programs that are like pieces to a puzzle that create the “big picture” of a working sales system designed to gather and capture leads, automatically market to them and drive in traffic that hopefully turns into conversions.


The Residual Income Code Had a Catch…

You see, it may be free to sign up for this system and get your own landing page, but in order for this system to work you will need some key programs and tools to operate it successfully. That’s where things start getting costly.

The Residual Income Code is not an all-in-one system that provides you with everything you need to get off the ground. Instead, you’ll be paying for several programs to plug into your sales funnel so that it actually works.

You have to sign up separately for each of these services and they each carry their own monthly costs.

So, it’s not really a free service because you’re basically signing up to use a system and then buying all the parts separately to make it work. Since The Residual Income Code doesn’t sell any product or service directly it isn’t considered a business either. It is actually a clever way for its creater to market his affiliate programs.

The Real Cost of The Residual Income Code

Just as I suspected when researching The Residual Income Code, the cost of these programs add-up quickly! What if I want to find other programs that work similar to the recommended programs?

Sorry, you won’t be able to do that with this sales funnel. What if I already have a membership with another platform? Do I still need to pay for Easy 1-Up? Yes, if you want this sales funnel to work. We’ll discuss why The Residual Income Code is set up this way later.

I’ve made up a list of some services and programs that you would have to be a part of to get your sales funnel system working. I’ve included the cost of membership so you get an idea of what kind of money it would take to get this off the ground.


Engagely $27
This was developed by John Moss and it was a required program for the system. You pay a one-time fee to get in on an affiliate program that teaches you marketing on Facebook.

Aweber $19+/mo – After purchasing this product you can use it to manage your email list and send automatic emails to your subscribers within Aweber. The larger the list the higher the price you pay. You can join the affiliate program without purchasing the product. There is a free trial available.

Online Sales Pro $25-$37/mo – After purchasing this product you can create custom capture pages for any program or product that you promote. This includes lead generations, marketing automation and a direct sales software tool included.

Easy 1-up $25-$2,000 – Pay a one-time fee into a high tier program with an affiliate pass-up compensation plan similar to AWOL Academy and 25 Dollar 1-up. The program teaches you additional ways to market your business online. A risky high-ticket program that are usually targets of federal shutdowns.

Click Magic $17-$97/mo – Capture page and sales funnel technology with drag and drop features. Click Magic offers list integration as well and tracks all of your campaigns but they want you to use paid traffic too, which costs anywhere from $500-$2,000/mo.

Udimi – A 3rd party solo ad vendor that you can earn affiliate commissions from. Also, you can purchase solo ads to send email messages to other people’s lists. The cost is typically $0.35 – $0.60 per click.

As you can see these programs can add up pretty quickly and these are just the main ones. There are other programs they recommend you use that have their own costs as well.

I understand that you have to spend money to make money but you don’t even get a choice to find out if there are better or cheaper programs out there because this funnel system will only work with the pre-selected programs.


How Do You Make Money Using The Residual Income Code?

When you sign up for The Residual Income Code you receive your own landing page just like the one you signed up from. After you’ve gone through and paid for each program required to operate the sales funnel, you are ready to start making money.

At this point you will have become an affiliate for the programs you’ve connected to your sales funnel and you can make money earning commissions through them as well.

Now you can start marketing The Residual Income Code yourself and earn your multiple commissions from anyone who signs up for the funnel system and then pays for the products as well.


Why The Residual Income Code Was Risky

A big reason you should stay away from these types of funnel systems is that they usually don’t last long. In this case, The Residual Income Code only lasted 6 months!

They don’t provide any real marketing training or advice. The Residual Income Code only has 6 videos with less that 25 minutes worth of “training” that only show you how to plug in your programs to the funnel system. None of the videos train you on how to market the system or how to get more traffic to your business.

This is better them because customers who don’t know how to market will be more likely to pay for that traffic from Udimi or other paid traffic programs on their list.

The Residual Income Code’s only goal is to get you to sign up to multiple affiliate programs so their affiliate can earn commission from you. Once the funnel system disappears you’ve lost that business, there’s no way to recover it unless you can find a way to plug those programs into a similar system.

Even if the funnel system were still around but one of the key elements to it were to shut down then the funnel would be made useless as well. I’m sure many of its customers lost more money that they made in such a short lifespan.

These types of systems will often have you chasing after the money rather that actually providing a way for the money to come to you.

Those members who jumped on the project early would make the most money while those who ride the coat tails near the end would lose most, if not al of their investment.


What Happened to The Residual Income Code?

If you were looking for an actual landing page then you’re out of luck. A quick Google search will only turn up reviews and how-to guides for The Residual Income Code.

Digging a little deeper I found another review where the author stated he found John Moss’ Facebook page. Moss explained that The Residual Income Code had been shut down in October 2018 due to “Software Issues” and offered no other explanation.

He promised he was working on another funnel system where you could plug in your existing accounts from The Residual Income Code.

That’s little to no consolation to any customers who got left in the dust without any notice. It’s just another lesson learned by this fickle business Your money is better spent invested into programs that will teach you how to build and sustain a business.

What We Can Learn from The Residual Income Code

The biggest lesson to take away from this article is to make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into when you sign up for marketing strategies like The Residual Income Code.

While there may have been some customers who actually made substantial profits off of this system, I doubt most of its users really made anything. It was a clever way for John Moss to market his own affiliate business.

He and those directly under him came out on top, for sure.

A big warning sign for any business endeavor is the promise of fast and easy money. An honest affiliate program will let you know most of its customers profits may start as a trickle for the first few months or even the first year.

It takes a lot of trial and error along with a learning curve just like any other business. As you learn and experience how affiliate marketing works you will find more ways to successfully utilize new programs online.

If you were on the losing end of this funnel system or any other ones similar to it then I encourage you to keep at it. Learn your lesson and invest your money more wisely in the future.

There are other programs out there that actually teach you how to create your own funnel systems so you’re not trapped into someone else’s money-making machine.

There are some great platforms out there that not only teach you how to do this but include all the tools necessary to make your own sales funnel for a fraction of the price.


My Recommendations Outside The Residual Income Code

Now that we know what kind of systems and programs to steer clear from, we can separate the useful from the wasteful. Remember, you’re usually going to have to invest money to make money but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself in a position where you’re chasing the money to come out of the red.

There are affordable programs and platforms out there that really try to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. BuilderAll – An up-and-coming platform with pre-built sales funnels tailored to specific businesses is BuilderAll. I have an article all about how it works and how much it costs. I highly recommend it to beginners who are looking for a solid foundation to start their business on. You can create your own website, blogs, videos, and sales systems with automated emails in one place. With prices ranging from $9.90-$49.90/mo it’s a great value with a low risk of failure. They have an affiliate program as well where you can earn commission by enrolling new members.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate – Another platform that I personally use is Wealthy Affiliates. They have millions of users that are making great money following the training and marketing tools Wealthy Affiliate provides them. Their community of users are encouraged to teach and inspire each other daily to become successful business owners. The pricing is similar to BuilderAll and so are some services. Learn to build a home business from the ground up while earning lots of perks and revenue along the way! Wealthy Affiliates is great for beginners who don’t know where to start making money online.
  3. Clickfunnels – If you’re not interested in platforms and came looking strictly for sales funnel recommendations then I would suggest trying Clickfunnels to supplement your marketing strategy. Clickfunnels offers a free trial version of the software but ultimately comes in two packages: Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels Suite. This software comes with complete training with all of its features. There are pre-built funnels you can implement or a drag and drop tool to create your own sales funnels. Full access to Clickfunnels Suite adds tools like “Backpack” which let you create your own affiliate programs for your product and “Actionetics” which lets you build fully automated email campaigns.
  4. Thrive Themes – If you’re new to sales funnels or looking for something more economical, try out Thrive Themes. Starting at only $19.00/mo Thrive Themes is a great bargain that gives you access to many tools even at the most basic level membership. Use Thrive Architect to build websites and landing pages for your business and test them out with Thrive Optimize; and A/B testing tool that even basic customers can use. Thrive Themes works well for WordPress users who can gain access to free plugins, themes, course builders, and much more. Thrive Themes certainly packs a lot of bang for your buck so don’t hesitate to take advantage of such a valuable resource.

In the end, a little common sense can go a long way. Why would you pay for separate services when there are products offering the same services in one package for a fraction of the price?

Keep doing your research and ask all the questions you can think of before committing to a system that is asking so much from you.

A great program will teach you how to get the money to come to you opposed to asking you to chase the money down. Don’t get lured into “get rich quick” offers because more often that not, the only person making money is the guy in the video or the guy posting the video. Instead, stay within your budget and learn the business as much as you can.


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