The My Mobile Money Pages Review

Our My Mobile Money Pages Review begins with a story about a software that is similar to a good deal of software that came out before it. One that basically takes the keywords found through a suggestion tool and creates mini pages that promote Adsense and affiliate programs. The software is actually a WordPress mini-site builder that aggregates or curates content from other websites and from Amazon Product Descriptions to build out dozens of page


My Mobile Money Pages Review we have done has also turned up some shocking truth about the system.

The first part is since it counts on aggravated or curated content it has little to no content of its own on each site. These scraper built sites are frowned on by Google and in some cases assessed a penalty that means you likely will never see your pages on page 1 in competitive terms. To balance that effect the program author states that the product does two things, it aims for terms with low traffic and also tries to anticipate terms with traffic tomorrow he calls undiscovered terms.

To further counter these issues the system has on board link building which will build inbound links from your other sites, etc. But these sites in reality are what is called a link farm or micro blog networks which also get link penalties, especially if these blog networks called PBN pr Private Blog Networks are also scraper built sites and are largely unrelated to the sites they link to. In short, their claims of ranking in Google and Google loving these sites is false.


Do the websites created by My Mobile Money Pages have any benefits?

Well, they are still websites and they are not stealing content, they give credit to actual authors and don’t use content spinners to try to pretend you wrote the post yourself. That said, they have curated content sites like directories and news sites that pull 100% non unique content that do reach page 2 and 3 of the Search Engine Rankings and occasionally they can even be found on page 1 of undiscovered search terms that have traffic but no competition.

These low hanging fruit keywords will bring some traffic each and with a lot of pages a site can pull a couple of hundred targeted buyers a month. If you have 200 monthly visitors and 4% or 8 of them buy something paying $10 in commissions you need to simply build numerous sites to make decent money. More traffic fewer sites, less traffic more sites.





Websites? Do I need special training?

If you follow their plan no, but if you want the two hundred thousand dollars a year income they claim, you will need to learn more about owning and building a blog. For that we recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate because they teach you more about affiliate marketing using the WordPress Content Management System than just about anyone. You would also learn a lot about WordPress SEO.

My Mobile Money Pages Review has shown so far that these pages are hosted on sub domains and are not self hosted at all. The fact that they are on sub domain hosting which is like my site.their instead of my means another battle with Google for rankings. You will get penalties assessed to the main domain affecting ranks like poor inbound links, and other members getting caught using SPAM tactics, and in the end you will find it damned hard and damned expensive to change hosts should you leave MY MOBILE MONEY program. SEO is not these people’s strong suit for sure.


Are there other worries about My Mobile Money Pages

Yes, there is some overblown and downright deceptive hype to retail numbers online. One example is a claim of 1 billion daily sales which is like way over the 36 billion annual tickets in 2015 and projected 64 million for 2018.  His number would be around 300 billion too many transactions and actually comes closer to the dollar amount of online transactions daily but still is far enough to venture that the program owner or their copywriter exaggerated the numbers or simply pulled them from their head without checking for the facts at all.

They also make claim that sites like Amazon and EBay have used sites like these to generate billions in sales and grow as big as they are when in fact it is affiliates who have used the types of sites which are typically much lower quality to generate sales.

They also do little to make you aware that the $547,43 per day earnings are only a potential and that 90% of the people in the program are at the $39.95 level. Simply put most of these sites will not make enough to build that $200,000 in pledged annual income. They might make you a few hundred extra a month but they will not send you to Tahiti 6 times a year while you shuffle from your mansion in Malibu to your New York City Penthouse.

Lastly scraper sites can adversely affect your relationship with Google and Amazon as they are hugely frowned against by both companies and complaints could lead to account cancellations with both. The biggest concern is that there is no mention of them teaching you how to seek and remove copyrighted content from your pages should the need arise and they don’t seem to auto create several required legal policy pages like Privacy Policy, About Pages, GDPR Compliance, and Affiliate Disclaimers.


My Mobile Money Pages Review did turn up some positives.

The first win for the program is the price, it’s not massive, allowing you to take a chance on the program and maybe earn enough to scale your business up while learning required skills to actually make $200,000 a year or more online. They also offer a 56-day money back guarantee which shows they are confident you can make at least enough to stick with them a short time. That looks good but for those of us running blogs and even serial bloggers the odds of making your money back in that time frame are slim to none without other sources of traffic especially if you are using a scraper site.


Summary of the My Mobile Money Pages Review

The software here is borderline search engine SPAM and another algorithm change or so and the sites might just vanish and you may have to begin again from scratch. While our opinion is that you can make at least small sums of money from each site you do so at risk of 2 of your better sources of income in Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

This should definitely not be a long term income plan and I would honestly say that saving your $40 and joining Wealthy Affiliate for free is a much better plan, but I might be biased because they have been teaching me. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to set up your own blog for free on a sub domain so you can cut your teeth. After that you can expand your training with a special offer for the first month of premium membership at just $19 and you can continue beyond that for $49 a month or $359 a year!

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Wealthy Affiliate is well worth looking into but for those on a really tight budget, who know nothing about affiliate marketing you can still start, with the FREE program, learn and earn your way up to better sites and programs!





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