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Ewen Chia is known for several ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. His latest adventure, Autopilot Profit, is put under the microscope here. How to lose money with Autopilot Profit? Yay or Nay?

Ewen Chia is quite a well-known internet ‘motivational speaker’. But, of course, as the North Remembers, we also remember quite a number of his old programs well-recognized as scams. Super Affiliate Millionaire, Traffic Millionaire, Cash Biz, Traffic Avalanche, Copy Paste Income, Internet Success System, Shortcut To $10K, and too many others too many to count.

So, what exactly is he trying to sell this time? It’s another one of the “get-rich-quick” schemes called the Autopilot Profits.

What is the Autopilot Profits About?

Autopilot Profits claims to be an online business opportunity available to those looking to work from home. For a ‘discounted’ price of $19.97, Autopilot Profits claims you can set up your own business and start making quick money within 20 minutes.

By becoming a member, Autopilot Profits says you can earn up to $379 per day. Without stress.

How it works

Upon paying the membership fee, you’ll gain access to a few short videos and a PDF on how to sell Clickbank products with “black hat methods”.

Here’s a quick rundown of the whole process:

First Training: Learning the system – here, you get a brief overview of how the internet works and quick guides to creating a squeeze page.

Second Training: Setting up the system – a couple of basic and introductory lessons on how to drive traffic through solo ads and how to promote affiliate links.

Third Training: Profit with the system – a few lessons on how to use the system to earn profits.

So, What Are You Paying $37 For?

What you get are training guides and DVD’s, a free website, as well as a free one-on-one consultation with one of the coaches at Autopilot Profits.

You will be paying for a total of 20 videos, the longest of which is no longer than 10 minutes. In fact, majority of the videos are less than 5 minutes.

What the videos will show you is how to set up a WordPress website and give you a general walk through on a few basic marketing tactics to promote your newly created website.

With these really short videos (that aren’t even comprehensive enough) you’re supposed to start making hundreds of dollars with very little effort.

After the Initial Membership Fee, Is That All?

Is that ever the end? What many affiliate scams have perfected are new ways to further deep their hands into your pockets. The price strategy of Autopilot Profits is designed this way.

See a breakdown of the basic prices and up sells of Autopilot Profits that will shock you:

Autopilot Profits – $37 but will become $27 if you try to click away.

Mega Traffic Package – $67

Autopilot Social Profits – $147

Instant Websites – $197

Ultimate Free Traffic Software – $297

Traffic Millionaire – $19.97 per month

Shortcut to $10k – $9.97

Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training – $297

Cash Biz – $29.97

Traffic Avalanche – $37

Copy Paste Income – $37

Complete Business Setup – $297

MTTB – $49 + 19 per month + $1997

Pure Leverage – $24.95 per month + $19.95 per month.

Altogether, there are 14 different sections in the members’ area totaling up to $4,000!

I ask you this simple question: Why would you pay close to $4,000.00 when you could have access to all of this plus more for FREE, that’s right, you read it correct……ABSOLUTELY FREE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE OUT YOUR WALLET OR YOUR CREDIT CARD!

Here’s a chart with details of everything you will receive for absolutely nothing……FREE!

What Else is Off About this Product?

Uhm…..what about EVERYTHING!

You’ll be paying an initial fee of $27 to $37 for a 59-page Microsoft Word document that basically tells you things you could get for free.

Further, there’s nothing new in the ‘new discovery’. There’s not really anything new in the Autopilot Profits guide. It’s all just a compilation of stale information about finding a hungry market and giving people what they want. Very few legitimate means of making money were given.

The whole system is basically set up to either promote other Ewen Chia’s products or other “make money online” products.

Perhaps what is even truer is that Ewen is considered a dinosaur. This is more so because the Autopilot Profits only rehashes ‘tricks’ that were relevant years ago, but now obsolete.

“Black Hat” Tricks, Really?

One of the pitches that Ewen uses on his website to draw people to the Autopilot Profits scheme is the promise of “black hat” methods to drive “fast traffic”.

‘Black Hat’ methods are considered unethical by Google and their use will definitely get your site banned.

Ewen further uses software to automatically create blogs, then ‘spams’ out auto-generated articles to article directories! This is a rookie move. Don’t try it.

Anyone Can Access the Not-so-secret Private Member’s Area

What exactly is the ‘secret’ you’re paying for when someone who isn’t a member can have access to the same guides?

Well, to be fair, the guides aren’t really a secret. They are stuff just anyone can find on Google, which begs the question: why would anyone want to pay for this?

You actually can access the member’s area by typing in www.autopilotprofits.com/apma. Wouldn’t a genuine Internet or Affiliate Marketing program have added a certain level of security to the member’s area?

Do all these add up to Make the Autopilot Profits A Scam?

If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and feels like a scam, what is it?

Can the Autopilot Profits really make you money? Well, maybe after you have bought all the ‘up-sells’ totaling about $4,000.

Would it be fair to even say you bought a ‘product’? The Autopilot Profits “Main Program” you just purchased is only a scheme to purchase other courses by Ewen Chia. These all promise the same thing over again, only that this time, it is selling at a special low price for a ‘limited time only’.

In truth, all Ewen did was mash together 20 very poor videos that are, as Shakespeare would call it, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. These he then uses to promote his other products to you.

These are even more red-flags such as the use of laughable familiar scam clichés like “Only 3 positions left!” and “Only half price for a limited time!”.

The Actual Way to Do Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online

If you find a scheme that promises to make you a lot of money while you do nothing, consider it untrustworthy.

The truth is that there are very awesome ways of earning quite a lot of money, but you won’t find them by paying for “get-rich-quick” schemes that basically teach you nothing.

Don’t throw your money to the dogs!

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