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Is Auto Chat Profits Just Another Get Rich Quick Scam?

Is Auto Chat Profits Just Another “Get Rich Quick” Scam?

Welcome to my website, thank you for stopping by and since you are here, I know you are searching for ways to earn money online! So, you’ve made the first BEST step, researching the companies out there and finding out what they are really about before investing in them! So CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE GAME! 

Would you like to make $423.67 per day, spending just about 6 minutes in as little as 14 clicks? I’ll bet you would. But you’re not going to do that through Auto Chat Profits, or any other of its variants.

Launched only in early 2019, Auto Chat Profits is a program that claims to be able to “siphon” money for you automatically, while you do absolutely nothing. Yeah, really.

If that were the case, we would all be involved in this one! But there’s a very good reason we aren’t….. continue reading and I will clue you in on WHY THIS SYSTEM IS SET UP JUST TO GET YOUR MONEY, THE OWNERS WILL MAKE MONEY BUT YOU WON’T, YOU WILL BE SPENDING MONEY TO BUY THE PRODUCTS THEY ARE SELLING!

In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining this company and it practices in-depth and if you’re serious in learning how to earn money online keep reading, I will be introducing you to my #1 Recommendation to learn how to earn a GREAT LIVING ONLINE without fear of wasting your time and losing your hard-earned money!

Who Owns the ‘Awesome’ Auto Chats Profit?

Nobody, that’s who. At least, nobody knows because the real owner does not show up and is not mentioned in the program’s website. That right there should set the bells ringing.

The closest you’ll get to a name on the website is “Samantha Smith”, who is mentioned in the Auto Chat Profits sales video. That’s no help though because the site itself states Samantha to be merely a fictitious pen name.

If the real owner won’t show up, and the spokesperson is just a ‘pen name’… do you see the big RED FLAG already?

So, how does the Auto Chat Profits Work?

The truth is that it won’t.

But this is how it claims to work. The Auto Chat Profits website makes a sizable number of bogus claims about what this new system is capable of doing. One of the claims is that it can help you make $100 per day starting immediately and, get this, that you can literally “siphon” money using the software.

Here’s the headline on the website:

The Basics of how it Works

To begin, you create a ClickBank account, create a simple done-for-you website, and run traffic to that website.

It is claimed that the software will then interact with your visitors and fix them up with some ClickBank products to buy.

The real way it works is that it spams your affiliate links into different platforms in the hope that someone somewhere is silly enough to click your links, buy the products, and make you some money.

You might earn a small amount of money from time to time, but it’s extremely unlikely.

In reality, if you’re planning on earning a full-time income online, the first thing you need to do is build your OWN website and then begin researching the products you want to promote, once you’ve done the research, then you begin to write articles about the products you’ve researched and post them on your website for folks to read hence bringing to traffic to your site, and the end result is EARNING MONEY!

In order to bring high traffic to your website, the blogger would need to write a minimum of one article a day until you start to build trafficesee some traffic!

One needs a lot of viewers to make money…… It doesn’t happen overnight!

And….if someone is telling you that you can make a ridiculous amount of money quickly, BEWARE!!!

What Smells Wrong About the Auto Chat Profits….

Other than the identity of the owner not being known and the spokesperson using a ‘pen name’, what else smells wrong? Well, almost everything else.

The whole system is built on having people visit your website, hit your affiliate link, and buy a product.

Reality check is this: Would you click on random links and just buy a product out of the blues?

Over-Hype and a String of Shaky Claims

They basically claim that immediately after you purchase this product you’ll automatically start to make hundreds of dollars.

Is there really such thing as an automated software that will just churn out $100 per day to you for doing nothing? Nada.

It takes hard work to build up a substantial income online – and you won’t do it in just 6 minutes under 14 clicks.

That it is possible for the auto chat profits to make money doesn’t mean it’s going to work as claimed and “siphon” you your own money.

Undisclosed Up-sells

The initial claim of the Auto Chat Profits to lure you in is that you’ll get access to this ‘awesome’ siphoning machine for FREE.

But, will you? Towards the end of the video – and in their pages too – you get to realize that you would have to pay $37 to have access to the software.

You may think $37 isn’t really that much, but, what exactly are you paying for?

For the Auto Chat Profits, there are dozens of 1-click up-sells that will only be selling more of the same useless piece.

Once you purchase the software, it begins. You will almost immediately be hit with up-sell “attachment” products that can help you make a lot of money “immediately” you purchase it.

But, didn’t they just sell you a ‘siphoning machine’ that can make you $423.67 in 6 minutes in as little as 14 clicks?

Other Expenses

Up-sells or not, you’ll still have to spend more money. The only way you can make money is if you drive traffic to your site.

Now, while the Auto Chat Profits will give you a little training on how to get visitors to your website, the method taught will require you to PAY for visitors.

What you get if you subscribe for the Auto Chat Profits is that you’ll be paying other people to promote your website or products to their email list.

Is their email list reliable? Do you want to spend your money on the chance that someone in their email list would buy your product?

All these means more money – coming out of your pocket, and going into the large sack of the owners of the Auto Chat Profits, whoever they are.

When you start adding up “other expenses” as you well know, they will nickle and dime you to death. I don’t know about you but I prefer to know up-front what I’m going to be spending and really don’t appreciate new things being added gradually and not knowing whether I actually need it or not!

Even the Website Is Not Really Yours

The done-for-you website that will be created for you is not technically yours. The domain name and web-hosting will be controlled by Auto Chat Profits. What this means is that they could stop paying for either one of them at any point.

Even more, you don’t get a say in the products that will be sold from your website. All the products will be the ClickBank products they particularly want to sell.

I spoke of this earlier, one of the first steps in earning money online is setting up a website, one that belongs to you; therefore, you aren’t dependent on ‘whoever owns the company’ instead you will be responsible for your domain name and web-hosting.

But….if you don’t have a clue how affiliate marketing works and you’re interested in learning the basics then building your foundation from there, let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate, which is my #1 recommendation.

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Will You Ever Be Able to Make Money Using Auto Chat Profits?

After all is said and done, you’re much more likely to get money out of a rock. Auto Chat Profits doesn’t make you money. It only works to generate profits for the unknown owners behind it.

There are no real success stories from people who have used Auto Chat Profits, which isn’t the least surprising.

Their website even contains comments from aggrieved members who have realized their mistake far too long after payment.

Of what use is a ‘money-making machine’ that doesn’t really make you money? After realizing it doesn’t work, you should decide it isn’t really worth money.

An insightful view in the design of the Auto Chat Profits may reveal to you that it indeed shares many similarities with popular ‘get rich quick’ scams like the Daily Cash Siphon and Five Minute Profit Sites.

If Auto Chat Profits is a No No, What then is a Yes Yes?

Affiliate marketing is a program that allows you to build your own business based on a subject you are passionate about.

I would like to introduce you to our owners, Kyle and Carson. They started this company back in 2007 and it has been growing steadily ever since. CLICK HERE for an introduction!

There are fantastic ways to go about doing this. The first thing for you is to forget all these “get rich quick” scams and “done-for-you” systems.

If you’re looking for a hype-free program that will actually help you create an online business and a long-term income, you may have to look into Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing platform gives you all the training, tools, and support you need to create an online income. With Wealthy Affiliate, there are two ways you can start making that money you’ve been wanting:

  • Follow the course training & build your own affiliate site and drive traffic to it to make your affiliate commission (You’ll also be taught how to do this).
  • Promote the Wealthy Affiliate program itself and make up to 50% of the sale.

According to the JournalReview, with Free Membership, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can even earn up to 15% commission for promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Even more, you also get 2 free websites with WordPress themes!

When I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, I had been scanning the internet daily searching for a place to learn about internet marketing, I kept thinking to my self, “there’s has to be a place that will teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed.” Out of the blue I read a comment on a post, “why would you pay $249.00 a month for something you can get for FREE?”

I was literally blown away when I clicked the link, I could not believe my eyes….there were (10) FREE courses, they weren’t just eye candy courses, but everything I needed as a newbie to build my very own website. Immediately, I stopped the program I was paying $249.00/month for and joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! 

You know I could have stayed with the FREE program for as long as I wanted to without any pressure to buy into Premium but when I realized everything “I didn’t know,” I thought, I can’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all I can about affiliate marketing and how to earn money online.

So, of course, without hesitation, I opted to become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate, and for as little as $19.95 a month, that’s about the same as you spend for (4) coffees a month @ Star Bucks, I’m not sure what a cup of Starbuck’s coffee costs, because I don’t drink coffee, (if coffee is $5/cup x’s 4 cups = $20.00)

For less than $20/month, you will have access to the BEST platform with tons of educational videos, tutorials, courses, and live web events, which are recorded and can be watched later. All the teaching material is available and can be done at your own convenience!                                                                            

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Let’s build an online business!

Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell

Is There Such a Thing As Being Too Old For Blogging?

Is there such a thing as being too old for blogging?

Of course not, you’re not too old for blogging or any other thing for that matter. (Except, of course, for running around and throwing Frisbees with a bunch of 10 year olds – that could get quite painful).

The notion that people are too old to do anything is part of the increasingly ageist mentality that exists these days. There’s a lot of visual stimulation going around and, more often than not, the most visually stimulating image is that of youth.

That’s what motivates a lot of people to see bloggers as good-looking, fashionable, trendy, youngsters with the world at their feet.

But that image can often be false. And for blogging, it’s downright misleading. According to this survey conducted by ConvertKit, the average age of bloggers is between 25 – 44 years.

In fact, the survey, which had over 850 participants, found that 23% of respondents reported being 45 or older.

Shocking eh? With the way some go on about being too old to blog, you’d think blogging was for 15 – 25 year olds.

Evidently, the stats tell a different story. In this article, I’ll show you exactly why your age should be the last thing on your mind when considering the prospect of blogging and how you can get started.

Let’s dig in!

Age is just a number – and it’s not the most important one!

There are over 4 billion people active on the internet. According to Blog Reader, 47% of these people read blogs regularly. And they don’t give two hoots about the age of the person writing the engaging blogs they just can’t get enough of.

WordPress.com alone reports that over 400 million people view blog posts on its network every month. That sums up to a total of 20 billion blog post views every single month. That’s just for WordPress.

Tumblr on its part reports having more than 400 million blogs and, wait for it, 165 billion blog posts. Yes, you read that correctly.

What these numbers show is that the blogging industry is gigantic and will always find space for anybody that takes an interest. Of the 4 billion people out there skimming the internet, there’s a tidy few thousand that are waiting for just the kind of content you’ve got in you.

Not a one of them is thinking about your age right now. All they want is to find that haven of content that will give them what they need. They’re searching the internet at the rate of 70,000 searches per second and all it takes to launch your blog is a few hundred hits.

As far as blogging is concerned, age is a mere number. And it’s right down there with the number of people that care how old you are before they read your blog – zero.

Content marketing is not going anywhere either so why shouldn’t you get in on the act

The world is undergoing a sort of information explosion. Here’s a stat to blow your mind. Currently, we’re creating about 2.5 quintullion bytes of data every single day and we’re not nearly about to stop.

It is estimated that by 2020, we’ll be creating 1.7mb of data per second for every individual on earth.

Just so you have an idea how big the explosion is. In the last two years alone, we have generated 90% of all the date that exists in the world. That’s a lot of information.

And as the stats show, the thirst for information will only increase.

Blogging is just another way to bring information to the screens of people that need it.

As long as people rely on Google to bring them information, they’ll always need someone to churn out fresh content. This means that blogging is not going anywhere and is even likely to get bigger.

There are big opportunities to make your voice heard and even bigger opportunities to make a decent income while you’re at it.

So, there’s absolutely no reason for you to hold back on your interest in blogging.

What on earth will you blog about?

Tons of topics, tons of blog post, FOCUS ON A NICHE!

Now here’s where there’s often a stick in the plan. Considering the sheer number of blog posts that get churned out every day, it’s okay to wonder what you’ll write on. But you shouldn’t have too much worry here.
Just as there are tons of blogs out there, there are also tons of topics you can write on. The key to having a successful blog is to focus on a niche and there’s a never ending category of niches.

The way they work is every topic has a sub topic. These often have even smaller sub topics and there are usually hundreds of these.

So, is your interest in fashion? You can create your own niche in any area of fashion. You can tailor your blog to cater specifically to any age group.

Do you have a flair for commentating on political issues? You can focus on a single issue or a small subset and build a strong following there.

Another great area that also pays well is reviews and recommendations.

If you’re not sure what your interest is, there are great ways for you to find one. Quora is always a great place to start. You can easily see what people are asking about and the kind of content they’re after.

Still think you’re too old for blogging?

Then you must be made of much different stuff from Dagny Carlsson. Who’s Mrs Carlsson? Oh, only the oldest blogger in the world at 106 years old!

Yes. Mrs Carlsson didn’t learn how to use a computer until the not so tender age of 99.

She only started blogging at the age of 100. And today, she’s doing pretty well for herself.

From a few hundred visitors in her first couple of months, she has built up a solid following for herself. Today, over 2.3 million people have visited her blog.

And she did all that while being over 100.

That’s a challenge to you right there. Will you let a 100-year old lady show you up?

If you’d like to get started:

The bare truth is: you can do pretty much anything you set out to, including blogging (and yes, throwing Frisbees with 10 year olds).

Blogging is even easier, since all you need is a computer, a strong internet connection and some ideas buzzing in your head. You don’t even have to have all the ideas; all you need is one to start with.

If you think you’d like to give it a shot, there’s no better time to start than now. I also started out blogging with little more than the scant ideas in my head.

Of course, I’ve learned a whole lot of things since that have helped me along. But the biggest thing I discovered is: you don’t need everything to be perfect before you start.

So, leave off thinking you’re too old for blogging, give it your best shot and see where that takes you.

Let’s Build a Website and Start Blogging, Let Me Show You How!


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If you have any questions about this article or if you have an experience you’d like to share, please get in among the comments. I’d be happy to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by, this is Cora aka Nana’s Big Time Marketing!  I can’t wait to hear from you and help you get started!