Secret Guide to Jaaxy – How to find the best keywords in your niche.

This article is a guide on how to use Jaaxy to find the best keywords in your niche – turning your affiliate marketing business into a profitable venture. So many people are interested in starting their own affiliate business but don’t know where or how to start. It can feel like wandering in the dark at times but Jaaxy is here to shine the light on your path to success.

Secret Guide to using Jaaxy: Finding the Best Keywords in Your Niche


As an affiliate marketer, I know there are many companies touting gimmicks and “secrets” to boosting your traffic and making you an authority in your niche. None come close to the depth and insight that Jaaxy provides to its customers. This secret guide to using Jaaxy tutorial will get you out of the dark and on your feet running toward success!

There are over 500 million new keyword searches a day and I’m going to show you how to take advantage of those numbers. By the end of this Jaaxy tutorial you will learn how to use every facet of this program to:

  • Find a niche
  • Generate keywords and keyword phrases that get you ranked
  • Organize your research
  • Search available domains for your niche
  • Track the competition to stay ahead of the game

There are three levels of Jaaxy Membership including Pro for $49/mo. and Enterprise for $99/mo. At the end of the tutorial I’ll show you an even better way of becoming a Jaaxy member.

If you already have a Jaaxy account, you can scroll down to whichever section you wish to learn about. If you’re a newbie, we’ll take it step-by-step from beginning to end. Follow along while I give you a brief introduction to Jaaxy and teach you how to get started with a free Jaaxy account.

Get a Free Jaaxy Account


At you can create a FREE account with 30 Keyword searches to start with. You’ll also have 30 searches to use in their Site Rank feature! Take advantage of this opportunity to open an account and follow along with the tutorial. Once you’ve learned how to use Jaaxy and how to find the best keywords in your niche, you can make up your mind whether you’d like to upgrade or follow my advice at the end of the Jaaxy tutorial to get the best value out of Jaaxy.

Just fill out the form right on their homepage and click “Create a starter account” to get started.

Nana says find the best keywords for your niche today


Now that you’re logged into Jaaxy you can begin the upward climb toward ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing! Don’t be overwhelmed by all the features this website has to offer; stick with me as we go through each of them to build the perfect SEO strategy. You may be tempted to get ahead of me, but I urge you to follow along my path to using Jaaxy as efficiently as possible.

**We will be using some of your free searches up during the course of this tutorial but don’t worry, they won’t be wasted. By the end of the tutorial you’ll have plenty of searches left over and the knowledge of how to use them wisely!**

Navigating Jaaxy


Once you’ve logged into Jaaxy you’ll be taken to the “Keywords” page. Along the top of the page you’ll see the many tools at your disposal including

  • Keywords – Research keywords specific to your niche
  • Alphabet Soup – A list from A – Z of phrases related to your keywords
  • Saved Lists – Your saved keyword research
  • Search History – A track record of all the keyword research you’ve done
  • Search Analysis – The first page results of your keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs related to your keyword and their commission info.
  • Brainstorm – Lists of trending topics and products across the web

All of these tools can be used together to help you create, manage and expand your Affiliate Marketing business. I’ll take you through each section, one-by-one as you follow along my Jaaxy tutorial. First things first: if you haven’t picked a niche then let’s find you one.

Google Search - How to find the best keywords in your niche

Finding a Niche on Jaaxy


Deciding what your niche should be can be the biggest hurdle for most people starting an affiliate marketing business. I’ll show you how to use Jaaxy to find a niche. Don’t sit there racking your brain about what to base your Affiliate Marketing business on. Let me show you how to find a niche using Jaaxy’s Brainstorm tool. This tool will show you trending topics in Twitter and Alexa, popular searches happening now on Google and what products are selling the most on Amazon! Just follow these steps to create a niche using Jaaxy:

  1. Click on the Brainstorm tab at the top right of the page
  2. Look through the lists of topics and products
  3. Click the “+” symbol to the right of the topic you choose
  4. The topic is added to your brainstorm Queue where you can click on it to see their keyword results

Right now, as I’m writing this, “Cards Against Humanity” is at the top of the lists of Amazon Best Sellers. With this information I can write a blog, create a review or simply place amazon ads on my affiliate page of the top selling item on Amazon! Use this feature to stay ahead of the game and drive new traffic to your business daily!

Now that I know what my niche will be, I can find some keywords to use when I create content. This content can be a blog about the product, a review or even an informative article about its popularity. That’s where Jaaxy’s main feature comes in handy. Jaaxy does all the hard work finding out which keywords will work best for your business.


Finding the Best Keywords For My Niche on Jaaxy


Once you’ve added something to your Brainstorm Queue you can click on it to instantly arrive at the Keywords tool. You’ll see that Jaaxy has already taken your topic from Brainstorm and searched it as a keyword – providing you with a nice list of your topic and its variations. Let’s break down the chart we see in front of us as we continue the Jaaxy tutorial

  • Keywords – A list of keyword searches as they appear in a search engine
  • AVG – The average amount of times that keyword is searched in a month
  • Traffic – The amount of traffic your page may get per month when using that keyword if you rank on the first page of a search engine.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results or how many pages are competing using that keyword. The less pages are using the keyword the better chance you have of ranking on the first page.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator shows the value of the keyword using Red for poor, Yellow for average and Green for great
  • SEO – A score Jaaxy gives the keyword from 1-100, the higher score being the best. Aim for scores above 70.
  • Domains – A list of domains that can be applied to the keyword and are available to purchase. (we cannot purchase domains under a free account)

The list of keywords in front of you has not been organized in any way particularly so don’t think that they have been automatically ranked from best to worst. Since we are using the free version, we cannot change the ascending/descending order by column. So, let’s just go through how to use Jaaxy keywords to increase sales. This is the part that will take some time as you compare the data in each column to choose the right keyword.

There are a few things to consider while finding the best keywords to use

  1. Your keywords should make grammatical sense. Something that makes sense when you say it aloud or type in to search.
  2. Your keywords should have a low QSR score. The less sites you compete with = better chances at ranking on the first page of a search engine. Shoot for scores below 100 if possible!
  3. Aim for keywords that meet the first two criteria but also generate traffic. A keyword with a great SEO score but a low amount of traffic isn’t your best bet.
  4. Check the box on the left of your chosen keywords and click “Save to List” for later viewing.

When I searched for my topic “Cards Against Humanity” I found a keyword – Cards Against Humanity Online Game. Now this doesn’t make sense right away, but I can always create a sentence around it like: “The Cards Against Humanity online game and board game are popular sellers…” This keyword is searched 4,106 times a month (AVG) with 699 people visiting websites using this keyword (Traffic) and only 58 webpages competing for this keyword (QSR).

Being creative is part of the job. The more creative you can be the better chance you have of using the keywords found in Jaaxy

But what if I’m not creative enough to think of clever keywords? Jaaxy has your back with Alphabet Soup: the keyword generator that every level of user should be using. Let’s move along this tutorial for Jaaxy and find the out how to discover even more keywords!

Using Alphabet Soup on Jaaxy


When you find yourself stuck or your mind has been overloaded trying to think of new keywords and variations you can always try out the Alphabet Soup tool in Jaaxy. Click on the tab and enter your topic and Alphabet Soup will give you keywords from A-Z using any topic you provide!

This tool is invaluable as it creates numerous ways for you to use your keywords, provides new ideas and gets you back into your creative thinking. In our free version we get five results for each letter but this amount increases depending if you upgrade your account. Once you’ve settled on a keyword you can click on it and be sent directly back to the keywords page. Just go back to our Jaaxy keyword tutorial above to continue finding the best keywords for affiliate marketing. Make sure to save the keywords you’ve chosen so you can easily view them again later on.

Saved Lists and Search History on Jaaxy


When you find keywords you want to use in your content you can easily click the check box to the left of the keyword and then click on the “Save to List” button. A prompt will appear where you can create a new list to save your keywords to or choose an existing list instead.

Since we are new and learning how to use Jaaxy, we will make a new list. I’ve title mine “CAH” for Cards Against Humanity and saved 3 keywords that I want to use in my content. Now when I click on the Saved Lists tab at the top of the website, I will be taken to all of my lists (in this case just one). Here we see our list name, the number of keywords in the list, the amount of traffic the keywords generate if we make it to the first page of a search engine, the last date the list was saved, an option to download the list and actions we can take to view, edit or delete the list.

If you’ve forgotten whether you’ve searched a particular keyword you can click on the Search History Tab to see all your previous inquiries. It will tell you the keyword, the type of search made on the keyword and what date you searched it. This makes it convenient to track all your research and save yourself from doing double work on searches you’ve forgotten about.

Search Analysis on Jaaxy


Now that we’ve chosen a niche, found some great keywords and saved all of our hard work we can get to the next step in our Jaaxy tutorial: scoping out the competition.

Using Search Analysis in Jaaxy is easy. Put your keyword in the search box and instantly see the first page result of Google, Bing and Yahoo concerning your keyword. There will be some details you can expand on the right hand of each page result. Click on the button and see:

  • A word count for the page
  • The number of links on the website
  • The amount of back links the page has
  • Where the page ranks on Alexa
  • If the page is using AdSense Ads
  • The Meta Description and Meta Keyword Density for the page

How do you use Search Analysis on Jaaxy to your advantage? Take the data and outdo the competition. Increase your word counts and add working links to your page so you can rank better on search engines. Create a Meta Description for your page and keep your keyword density at 1.5% or below.

Meta Descriptions are short sentences that are created to provide a brief overview of what your page is about. It should contain your keyword. This is the description you see when you look at the page results from a Google search! The Meta Density refers to the number of times the keywords appear in the content in relation to the number of words on the page.

For example, the results for my keyword on Jaaxy “Cards Against Humanity online game” show the top-ranking website on Google has a word count of 688 words and 13 links. There is no Meta Description for the page and the Meta Keyword Density is at 0.0% I can write more content than this page and increase the number of keyword instances in my content. I can provide relevant links as well and create a Meta Description that will help me reach the first page.

Affiliate Programs on Jaaxy


So far, in our Jaaxy tutorial we’ve found a niche, got some effective keywords and figured out a strategy to top our competitors. Now it’s time to find more ways to increase our potential sales by finding other affiliate programs related to our niche. Thankfully Jaaxy provides a way for us to search out other affiliate programs that may offer commission for the products we are advertising.

Click on the Affiliate Programs tab to the right of the Search Analysis tab. Here you can search four affiliate programs:

  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Digital River
  • Click Bank

Enter your product in the search box and select which program you’d like to search. The results will appear showing you the name of the affiliate program, a website link to the product, your commission rate, the Alexa ranking and which affiliate program the page is networking with. This gives you even more advertising power for your content.

Now you have even more options on marketing numerous products and you haven’t even begun creating your content yet! With just a short time researching on Jaaxy you’ve laid the foundation of your affiliate marketing business on solid ground. Once you’ve created content using all the research you’ve gained in this Jaaxy tutorial you’ll be able to track your progress using Jaaxy’s Site Rank feature.

Using Site Rank on Jaaxy


Site Rank is located at the very top of the Jaaxy website next to the search tab. Here you can keep track of your websites rank or the ranking of any competing website. To find out how your site is ranking enter the keywords you used in your content then enter the web address of your page. The results will appear showing you where your page ranks on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We are using the free version of Jaaxy so only the first five pages of the search engines will be searched. If your page is not ranking within the first five pages you will not see results. You can upgrade to have Jaaxy search 20 pages deep but for now try looking up some competing websites to track their ranking information.Secret Guide to Jaaxy - How to find the best keywords in your niche.

I used the top competitor’s page I found in the Site Analysis section. Now I can use the slider on the Site Rank page to track their position daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month or monthly. I can see if they’ve dropped or ascended in rank as time goes by. I will be able to do the same with my own website once I start to rank high enough. This allows me to see exactly where my competition is coming from and when I need to make changes to stay ahead of the game!

Your Jaaxy Tutorial is Complete!

It has only been a short time since we’ve started this Jaaxy tutorial and you already learned so much. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ve accomplished:

  • Discovered a niche to focus on
  • Generated multiple keywords proven to get traffic
  • Found ways to expand on your keywords using Alphabet Soup
  • Created an SEO strategy to beat your competitors
  • Learned how to track your progress and your competitions progress to stay ahead

Jaaxy provides a clear path to success with its comprehensive tools and programs designed to keep you on top of your business. But that’s not all Jaaxy is offering…

Make Money Promoting Jaaxy

Every member of Jaaxy, even free account members, are automatically affiliate members! That means you can make money promoting Jaaxy on your websites and social media pages.

Click on “Affiliate Program” next to Site Rank at the very top of the page. You’ll be directed to your affiliate member page where you can copy links to share across the web. Earn monthly and yearly commission from clicks to your links that lead to Pro and Enterprise memberships!

  • Pro = $20 monthly / $200 yearly
  • Enterprise = $40 monthly / $400 yearly

You’ll get three links to Jaaxy’s products and also be given a link to the Jaaxy search plugin! What better way to advertise than to have the Jaaxy search bar on your website? Jaaxy makes it easy to get referrals that convert into commissions so it’s a no-brainer why you should be adding Jaaxy to your lists of affiliate businesses.

Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise Upgrades

Nana says try this program today click here

Like we mentioned before, Jaaxy offers paid version that unlock more use of their features. You can opt for the Pro version at $49 per month or the Enterprise version at $99 per month. With a Pro account you get everything you received in your free starter account plus:

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Unlimited Search History
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

An Enterprise account includes everything from the Pro upgrade plus:

  • 35 Search Results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans

Before you make a decision on which upgrade to purchase, allow me to show you another option.

Jaaxy Lite with Wealthy Affiliate


I use Jaaxy Lite because it comes free with my membership of Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right, FREE use of Jaaxy Lite because I am a member of one of the largest affiliate programs online that has exclusive access to this version of Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate Free to Join

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that doesn’t just offer you the chance to create a successful affiliate business; it takes you step-by-step through each process to make sure you’re successful. There are thousands of hours of training videos and tutorials you can read to truly find wealth through affiliate marketing. With a Wealthy Affiliates membership, you also get free, exclusive access to Jaaxy Lite with features such as:

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • 25 keyword results per search
  • 25 saved keyword lists
  • 100 SiteRank scans
  • 10 results per letter in Alphabet Soup
  • Manual QSR search
  • Purchase available domains
  • Affiliate Program search

This is just the tip of the iceberg as any Wealthy Affiliate member will tell you the value of membership goes beyond exclusive access to Jaaxy Lite. You will be a part of a supportive community that continues to thrive by sharing new ideas and experiences with one another. This community is progressed by incentives that push users to communicate and help one another reach their goals.

Start out with a free account and experience what over 1 million members already know to be true – That Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. It’s a one-stop shop where you can

  • create, manage and update your website
  • Purchase domains at a low price
  • Track all of your affiliate links in one place
  • Complete multiple levels of training designed to make you an expert marketer
  • Learn how to advertise over every social media platform
  • Be a part of an affiliate community that offers their experience and lessons

What sounds like the best value to you? $49/mo. for Jaaxy Pro or access to the best affiliate program online INCLUDING JAAXY LITE for the same price? That’s right Wealthy Affiliate offers the complete package for the same price as Jaaxy PRO.

Not ready to commit? That’s ok because you can still try Wealthy Affiliate absolutely FREE. No credit card info needed. Just create a free account and check out what I’ve personally experienced as the best affiliate program in existence. Your free account is limited but remains entirely free as long as you like! There’s no pressure to upgrade but once you do, you’ll realize the value of Wealthy Affiliate far outweighs the cost of membership.

Click the link below to start your Wealthy Affiliate membership today!

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