RocketResponder for Beginner Automation!

Email marketing campaigns can be very effective at amassing contacts and expanding your customer base. But, if you’re unfamiliar with how to start one or manage them, then it may be worth your time to check out RocketResponder.

This straightforward, user-friendly service comes at a low cost and is the perfect service for beginners who don’t have the know-how or experience to begin email marketing campaigns.

RocketResponder makes email automation a breeze and gets your campaign rolling within minutes of signing up. If you don’t have a list of emails to start with, that’s ok. RocketResponder can help you get one too. They take you from start to finish with a step-by-step approach to getting an email marketing campaign up and running for your business.

Don’t let your lack of experience or knowledge stop you from going further and reaching new levels of success. Keep reading to find out how RocketResponder can boost your business into profits using automated email services.



What does an Autoresponder Do?

Let me take the time to explain how autoresponders work for those who are completely new to the world of email marketing. The explanation is in the name itself – an autoresponder service automates a response or a series of responses via email to a list of contacts that you provide.

Autoresponders work well to market products, create a subscriber base, promote your website or blog and stay connected with your customers. These contacts are gathered from sign-up forms that they manually enter their email address into which goes on a list for you to utilize.

The first autoresponders were created to alert users if their emails were unable to be delivered to their recipients for whatever reason, such as “Message could not be sent because email address does not exist” Anyone who has ever used an email service before has encountered these types of auto response messages.

Now, autoresponders can be used to start, expand and market a business! For a small monthly fee you can have access to

tools and forms that can automate your email ads, offers and sign-ups with a simple set up process.

The type of service that RocketResponder falls under is called an Outsourced ASP Model; meaning, the service operates on RocketResponder’s infrastructure and is configurable by using a control panel from their website. The customer pays a monthly fee to use these tools and services. RocketResponder is similar to these other outsourced ASP model autoresponders:

• Mailchimp

• TrafficWave

• AWeber

• iContact


• Autorespond Plus

Those examples are accessible through monthly subscriptions to their services at various prices. Although there are free services online, they tend to be unreliable when it comes to email delivery and list management.

I personally recommend RocketResponder over all the others because it is affordable and a great tool for those just starting out in email marketing.

The risk is very low compared to other high-end products so you don’t have to worry about big losses if things don’t work out to your liking.

What is RocketResponder?

RocketResponder is an autoresponder service based in West Kingston, RI that was launched in 2011. RocketResponder offers its customers the tools to create email marketing campaigns, set-up contact lists, create landing pages and track analytics to observe and learn from the habits of your recipients.

With RocketResponder you can create visually pleasing lead captures and emails in minutes no matter what your skill/experience level may be. In other words, RocketResponder gives you the tools you need to collect emails in lists and then market to those lists with mass emails automatically.

RocketResponder is known for their user-friendly approach at creating and managing email marketing campaigns from the ground-up. New users can follow along their tour that leads youth rough step-by-step procedures to create an email list.

Once you have created your list you can begin automated marketing immediately!

There are three levels of membership which I’ve listed below along with their pricing information. Later on in the article I will explain the differences between the memberships as well as the pros and cons of using RockerResponder for your email marketing campaigns.

What If I Don’t Have a Contact List?

The great thing about signing-up with RocketResponder is that you don’t need to have a contact list or even a website for that matter to start an email marketing business. RocketResponder will help you create a sign-up form and host it on a landing page for you!

You can start from nothing and build your business from the ground up with RocketResponder’s features.

This is what I mean when I say that anyone, no matter what their experience level is, can create an email marketing campaign through RocketResponder.

Once your list begins to build up you can market to your audience using your blog, a newsletter, send special offers, etc. You control how often your emails are sent and which emails are automated. It is an excellent way to gather prospects, convert customers and maintain relationships.


Is RocketResponder Only Useful for Online Businesses?

RocketResponder can benefit any business looking to increase its customer base and its rate of conversions. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, online business or independent business location; RocketResponder is a useful resource for you.

With RocketResponder you can create a sign-up list to capture leads for your restaurant, clinic, law firm, cleaning service, etc. You can then send offers and coupons to the contacts in that list to turn your prospects into customers. The autoresponders in RocketResponder can be configured to automatically follow-up with your customers and prospects so that your business stays in front of them at all times.

RocketResponder is a great service for businesses that don’t have a marketing department. They specifically designed their service to be easy so you don’t spend more time learning how to use the product and actually spend time building your business. Their low costs and reliable delivery service makes it a no brainer for the small business owner looking to take his business to the next level.


How Much does RocketResponder Cost

There are 3 levels of membership to RocketResponder, each with their own advantages to customers who may have different needs according to the size and nature of their business. The great thing about RocketResponder that sets it apart from competitors is that the prices for these services remain the same no matter how big your list gets.

Whether you have 100 contacts or 10,000 you’ll only pay the monthly fee associated with the service you choose. Here are a list of those services and their permanent prices:

Basic $20 per month – If you’re looking for something simple to collect leads and build lists, then start off on the basic level. You will still have access to great features and be able to create attractive emails using their drag-and-drop tools. When you use this plan, every email you send through RocketResponder will have their branding. This plan includes:

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent

• First 30 days are FREE

White Label $99 per month – White Label service is great for building a reputation around your brand. RocketResponder provides you the same great service but under your own domain name and links. Now when your contacts read your emails, they will only have your brand and website name without any RocketResponder information.

This can help you bypass security software and spam filters that could eliminate your email before it reaches your contact!

Another great feature for White Label customers is that all your emails can be archived on your website instead of ours. This will drive more traffic to your page when customers want to browse past emails, thus increasing your advantage towards long-term search engine viability.


Here are the features included with RocketResponder White Label:

• No RocketResponder branding

• Uses your domain for SEO

• Import your lists and subscribers

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent


Agency $179 per month – The Agency plan powers multiple brands so you can increase the amounts of businesses you market for.

This plan features:

• Manage unlimited clients

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent

• Use of domains or clients for SEO

• Completely White Label

• Import your lists and subscribers

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• No RocketResponder branding

If you’re still on the fence about using RocketResponder or wary of committing to a monthly subscription, I encourage you to take advantage of their 30 Day Free Trial. You can familiarize yourself with the program and find out first-hand how RocketResponder can increase your conversion rate.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time with no complications. All cancellations will take place once the currently paid month ends. 

Is RocketResponder Easy to Use?

The biggest selling point for RocketResponder is its ease of use for any level of email marketer. RocketResponder has many videos, articles and blogs to show you each step during set up and automation.

You can also gain insightful information and understanding of how this business works by reading through their blog. You can see that in 5 simple steps you can create a contact list and begin your first email campaign!

Create a free account using RocketResponder’s 30-Day Trial

Follow the TOUR to create a contact lists using their step-by-step instructions to manually input it.

  • Your contacts will be sent an opt-in email from RocketResponder thatthey will need to confirm their subscription.

1. Create a free account using RocketResponder’s 30-Day Trial

2. Follow the TOUR to create a contact lists using their step-by-step instructions to

manually input it. Your contacts will be sent an opt-in email from RocketResponder that

they will need to confirm their subscription.

3. Complete any “Advanced Options” that you may want to use to create follow-up actions

during the email sign-up process. This can include a reminder to check their inbox for a

confirmation email to complete the sign-up process or even a link to an offer you may

have given in exchange for their subscription.

4. Once you complete the set-up, click the “Get Code” tab to copy your code and paste it

into your website. If you don’t have a website, RocketResponder can host your sign-up


5. Use the analytic information provided by RocketResponder to track the habits and

trends of your subscribers. You can use this information to see who opened your emails,

what links were clicked, if your emails bounced or if anyone unsubscribed from your list.

You can use this information to see who opened your emails, what links were clicked, if your emails bounced or if anyone unsubscribed from your list.

Some useful tips for first-timers are to keep track of your lists if you manage more than one. If you have separate lists for prospects and customers make sure you remove a prospect from the list once they become a customer so you are not sending them two types of emails.

Also, if you are managing multiple lists you can direct them all to a main list where you can send out a newsletter or blog.


The RockerResponder Blog

Speaking of blogs, RocketResponder has a very useful blog full of tips about email marketing. You don’t need to be a customer to access it, either. Go to their website and read up on industry news, press releases and feature updates. I learned a few things myself about the tools and features of RocketResponder and the importance of certain aspects of marketing I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

You can use it as a resource to increase your knowledge and understanding to better your business.

Do you have your own blog?

RocketResponder makes it easy for your audience to access and subscribe to your blog via email or right from your website. Just put in your blogs URL and let RocketResponder handle the rest.

Choose when RocketResponder will check your blog for new posts and when they will update your subscribers. You can even have your blog posts emailed directly to your subscribers! This makes RocketResponder an ideal choice for anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their blogs.

Become a RocketResponder Affiliate

RocketResponder boasts itself as being an easy sell since its basic product is only priced at $20 per month. Another great selling point is that there isn’t any fine print or extra fees – you pay the same monthly price no matter how big your lists grows. That’s an eye-catching feature for those who may be paying hefty prices to manage large lists.newsletter or blog.

As an affiliate for RocketResponder you can use these excellent selling points to turn prospects into customers and earn 20%-75% commission from your down line. You could earn a nice sum of money if you can find a way to maintain a large down line.

Here is a breakdown of the commission you can earn as an affiliate for RocketResponder:

20% 1-4 members

25% 5-9 members

33% 10-24 members

40% 25-49 members

50% 50-99 members

52% 100-199 members

54% 200-299 members

56% 300-399 members

58% 400-499 members

60% 500-749 members

68% 750-1249 members

75% 1250+ members

Even if your were able to only maintain 50 members at RocketResponder’s basic plan, you can make $500 a month.

50 members using the Basic Plan at $20 per month earns 50% commission: 50% of $20 = $10 x 50 members = $500 earned commission each month they continue their membership. That’s not bad as far as affiliate programs go.

RocketResponder uses to operate their affiliate program. That means you will sign-up, manage and get paid through They have a 5-step application process and require that you own a website to qualify as an affiliate. requires that you have a website to verify your identity and you cannot become a RocketResponder affiliate without one.


Pros and Cons of RocketResponder

While RocketResponder may be a great tool for beginners, there are some areas of it that advanced users may find to be lacking in comparison with competing services. As far as I’m concerned, RocketResponder handles my email marketing business wonderfully.

I’ve read
similar reviews from those who had doubts that this low-cost service can pack the same punch as some bigger names in the industry. They were surprised to find out that the cost of RocketResponder does not reflect the value of their service.

Hopefully this list can give you more perspective on whether RocketResponder will work well for you. I use

RocketResponder and find it to be a valuable resource that has increased the reach of my business:

• Allows use for affiliate and network marketers to create email campaigns to promote

their affiliate links

• User-friendly features to get you started right away no matter what your experience

level may be.

• Tutorials and blogs that guide you through the process of set-up and list management

• Unlimited use of Lead Capture pages for customers that don’t own websites

• Low-cost plans that do not charge any extra fees or increase when your subscriber base


• Free 30-Day Trial without entering credit card information

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers with every plan

• Has an affiliate program that offers 20%-75% commission based on your down line

In closing, I want to say that you should at least try the 30-Day Trial for free and see what you think of RocketResponder yourself. Even if you go an extra month you are only spending $20 to test out the product further. Most companies charge triple that amount with limited features.

This is an excellent service for affiliate marketers looking to expand their reach and increase their conversion rates. With RocketResponder you can start turning your side job into a more profitable venture.

Location based businesses can also find great value in RocketResponder’s ability to automate their email marketing campaigns to increase traffic to their shops. Maintain relationships with your current customers and gather new prospects using RocketResponder’s forms, landing pages and autoresponders.

If you have never started an email marketing campaign before or lacked a budget necessary to maintain one with the other high-end services then you should go over to RocketResponder right now and start for FREE. You’ll find out just like I did that RocketResponder is a great bargain with a lot to offer your business.

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