Regal Assets Review-Are Precious Metals IRA Right For You?

Regal Assets Review


Before we dig into our Regal Assets Review we need to talk a bit about Precious Metals as an investment. Common questions relate to their growth potential, security, and access.

All of these questions led me to believe you are a wise investor and ready to handle Bullion Investments.

Answering your Bullion Investments Questions. – Regal Assets Review Information


Metals Investment Growth – Regal Assets Review A precious metals growth focused? We all have a finite time until retirement and want to ensure we have funds to cover years of retirement.


We may even choose to retire early and wish to expedite this through investing in programs such as Employer offered 401K, and Individual Retirement Accounts called IRA. Growth is steady with bullion investments but may be surpassed during good times in the economy.


The real question here is in how Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium fare in a bad economy which is a fair question. Gold and silver historically actually perform their best during economic downturns. The reason being they are items with a finite amount.



Optional bullionOnce the resources have been mined the demand doesn’t stop

but the quantity of the resource does.

Mining takes time and money so the newly mined bullion often does not keep up with high demands and causes the price to rise.

Another factor in the rise of metals pricing like Gold and Silver bullion is the fear of loss factor.

Gold is popular for people looking to hedge against stock or real estate investment losses. It is also great to own versus inflation. This gives a constant demand for Gold and other precious metals.


Precious Metal Investing

Security & Access for Gold and Silver Investments Protecting your investment from theft is the first thing that comes to mined. Is it better to keep it in your possession or to pay the money required to have it stored off site in a secure repository?

Regal Assets suggest using a repository such as Brinks Salt Lake City where they recommend Secure Storage for gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum resources.

The big argument for using this service is that you are over 1,000 times more likely to experience a robbery than a secure vault guarded by professional security officers.

The other matter of security is security from lost value and while Gold is not back to its Historic highs of over $1900 an ounce it has a steady growth pattern back to over 1250 an ounce and lost ground in an economic bubble that burst.

Still, it fared far better than stock investments which in many cases lost total value with companies dropping off them map when the. Dot Com boom ended and the tech boom took over with more cautious investing.

Speculators are less apt to drive gold prices than they are to over value stocks so natural settling is less likely to cause even short term losses.

What’s more is Gold for example has rebounded well because of being a solid backed currency traded by governments.

It is easy to control available quantity to prop up and minimize financial losses and it is typically secured against loss by numerous regulatory agencies including the Federal Reserve of the United States.

Gold and silver fluctuate throughout a normal day. The price will rise and drop as other economic indicators such as dividend updated are released for publicly traded companies.

A strong Asset Management Firm like Regal Assets can help you earn a solid daily return by predicting the high and low marks and buying low, selling high so your investment grows faster than Gold prices in most cases.

You can’t do that buying, holding, and self brokering as well as these trained professionals can.

Regal Assets Review – Who Is Regal Assets. Founder and CEO Tyler Gallagher is highly respected in his community of peers.

He has led his 2009 Start up from humble beginnings to an Inc. Fortune 500 company, and a number 20 overall asset management company by the standards set forth in Forbes magazine.

Assets is Privately held and holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, a Business Consumer Alliance AAA rating, is Trust Link 5 Start Rated with over 1,000 reviews. I feel it is a sound investment asset management service and has proven through the nearly a decade since inception to be a leader in quality and results.

Cost Analysis Regal Assets Review The Fees for transactions are Industry standard based on a percentage of the transaction and not controlled or regulated by the company.

Asset management services that are controlled by the company are a fixed rate $150 annually with a Storage fee of $150 Annually for a total of $300 a year on a minimum IRA investment of Ten Thousand Dollars.


Regal Assets Investment Pros

  • Pro: Investment Growth has left the company in great standing with their clients to the point they have been positively reviewed more than 1,000 times in a 9-year history by their top clients.
  • Pro: In our Regal Assets Review we discovered that they have met or exceeded the results of Industry leaders and have quickly risen to the upper ranks of their business.
  • An Elite investment firm in a time when Investment industries are a dime a dozen with many overnight start-ups and a huge risk of finding con artist Regal Investments seems a sure bet.
  • Pro: Management of Diverse Assets Portfolios. Regal manages not just Gold but also Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and popular Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethrium and LiteCoin. Your IRA benefits from this range of investments and grows based on daily trading and hedging wins VS Losses.
  • Pro: Precious Metals are secure in times of economic crisis and rebound quickly. Unlike stock and bond investing failure is not an option as the investment is 100% backed by physical product instead of minimal assets driven by intellectual values and inflated by speculation instead of propped up by supply and demand.
  • Pro: Our Regal Assets Review has turned up data to assure that Regal Assets account holders saw a net increase in portfolio value during the Great Recession and growth has been continual Year versus Year since company inception in 2009.
  • Pro: Brinks Security affords your investment portfolio an insured handling with low risk of theft. This allows you to be hands free and lessens the risk of someone robbing you of your hard-earned investments.
  • Pro: Not start-up Cost and only a minimal set of Fixed Rate annual account management and storage fees.

Regal Assets Investment Cons

  • Con: High start-up cost requiring a minimum $10,000 initial portfolio value. Unlike a 401K or traditional Roth IRA, Regal Assets Management requires a minimum portfolio investment of $10K which means the little guy will have to grow some before reaching out to Regal Assets.
  • Con: Minimal Numismatic investments. Collectors of coins trade based on metals value as well as the limited quantity of each coin in circulation adding historical value. While coins are not as easily traded at full value they often perform better in long term growth.


Regal Assets Review Summary

In our Review of Regal Assets we have uncovered a rare company that has joined the elite in it”s class in under a decade and managed portfolios with minimal to non existing loss and in most cases growth during the Global Economic Crisis.

Their management and investment savvy have led to more than 1,000 investors giving positive reviews with a continual 5 start rating. They have been honored as a top 20 players in every business standard related to Bullion Investments.

Top industry experts including Denis Miller, Laura Ingram, and Lars Larson reaching out and lending endorsement to their credibility and overall investment success.

Rest assured Assets Management is solid and can grow your nest egg and help you protect your long term investments into a solid retirement while growing their value. They are safe, secure, experiences, affordable for most, and success driven. We strongly recommend this company.

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The information I’ve researched and documented in this article, one can easily see that Regal Assets is a good investment company, but the main problem I see is this:  “Do you have $10,000 sitting around to invest in Regal Assets?”  You can be assured I don’t and as far as that goes, not very many people do

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