Is Builderall Right For My Business?

With affiliate marketing and digital business becoming more mainstream, a multitude of new products and platforms are emerging claiming to provide the greatest benefit to their consumers. These are all followed up by each of their respective customers weighing the pros and cons of investing their hard-earned money into these programs. 

As sensible investors we want to research and see if there’s any truth to their claims. Here we will look into the latest platform and find out if this up and coming contender has any bite to its bark. 

Join me for another review of the top trending digital marketing platform and see if Builderall is right for your business.

What is Builderall and How Does It Work? 

If you’ve heard of the new trending marketing platform, Builderall, then you’ve probably already been wondering “Will Builderall increase my sales?” 

Builderall is quickly proving to be a very effective service for online business and local business owners alike. Touting an “All-in-one” experience. Builderall has been gaining attention as one of the premier services for business owners looking to create a presence.

As a member of Builderall you are given access to multiple tools to completely start a professional online business without having to hire developers, programmers, designers, and any other outside hires you may have had to employ in the past to have a fully functioning website. 

With an easy drag-and-drop website builder and plenty of templates to customize, there’s not much experience needed to make a shiny brand-new website that can make any WordPress wizard envious.

But where did this company come from and what makes them so special? What exactly led to the idea of creating an all-in-one experience? 

A Brief History of Builderall

Builderall was founded by a Brazilian entrepreneur, Erick Salgado. He has been involved in the digital world as far back as 2005 when he worked with a company to build and expand over 5,000 websites.

 Erick’s passion for digital marketing turned into eBusiness4us, Inc. which he founded in the U.S. in 2008. Now that dream has expanded into Builderall which launched in 2011. With a decade of experience backing his latest venture, Builderall has bloomed into a product highly valued by customers. 

A dedicated team of developers and programmers work full time to create better features and a premium experience for every member that uses Builderall to start their business. 

Erick Salgado has materialized his dream of helping entrepreneurs onto their feet and hasn’t stopped improving on it.

Today there are thousands of members in over 120 countries utilizing the many features of Builderall to start and scale their businesses. 

That’s because Builderall has dedicated servers in 5 continents to provide their members with fast load times and quality service.

My First Impression of Builderall

I had read some mixed reviews on Builderall and watched a few videos to get an idea of what Builderall was offering. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to check it out for myself to see what the hype was all about. 

I’ve been involved with similar platforms and know all about the complexities of managing a web-based business. 

How is this service going to be different (or any better) than what I’ve experienced?

When you first land on their website you find a simple web page with a vague explanation of what you can expect to accomplish when using their product. 

I found most of the answers to the questions were in the videos that you can pop-up and view after clicking the “video” button under each brief introduction to their features. 

They cover them pretty quickly on the intro videos but it was enough to catch my attention and dig a little deeper into finding out how Builderall can improve their business. 

But first, I like to get to know a company and its owners before I open up my wallet.

Like other popular platform services on the web such as Wealthy Affiliate, Leadpages, and Clickfunnel, you pay a monthly fee to access the software and tools that will get your business off the dream board and onto the world wide web. But how is it any different from anything else out there? 

Many digital marketers and affiliates out there have already committed to other services and poured a lot of money and effort into their already existing websites. We’ll find out just how beneficial this service can be and exactly who has more to gain and more to lose using Builderall to market online.

What Does Builderall Offer?

Builderall’s sales pitch focuses on its “All-In-One” platform that makes web developing easy and accessible to anyone who would like to start a business online but has even more appeal to those who have no clue how to do it.

 Having all the tools necessary to manage your business and develop your website sounds very convenient. Many entrepreneurs spend big bucks on a lot of separate tools and services to accomplish this. 

Anyone who has a business online will tell you it is necessary to track every aspect of analytics, demographics and trends to stay successful, no matter what product you are selling. 

Builderall seems to have covered all the major bases to ensure you can really manage it all under one roof.

Even if you’re not strictly a web-based business you can find many benefits to market whatever your business may be. You decide just how deep the rabbit hole goes and can pay accordingly so.

Their interface is easy to navigate and straight-forward. There are also tutorials for each feature that help you take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. 

Their drag-and-drop website builder in particular takes the frustration of creating a website and turns it into an enjoyable experience. 

There are tools to create videos, animations, blogs, webinars, classes, online stores, virtual check-out-stands, and more! Builderall is proving true to their word so far, but what is it going to cost to get started?

How Much Does Builderall Cost?

Packing all these tools and features into a single product can lend to the thought that this is probably going to cost an arm and a leg. There are other services out there charging anywhere from $50-$100a month, sometimes even more for premium memberships, to access their platforms.

I was surprised to learn that you can get started on a basic level for just $9.90/month! Granted, this is the most basic membership with limited access but it is still an amazing value considering that web hosting is included with membership as well. 

Here’s what each level of membership costs and a list of features that come with them.

Web Presence $9.90/mo

  • Access to pixel perfect builder
  • Unlimited pages and sub domains
  • Unlimited professional e-commerce
  • Connect a domain
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSTP included
  • Premium local Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System


  • Access to pixel perfect builder
  • Unlimited pages and sub domains
  • Unlimited professional e-commerce
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSTP included
  • Premium local Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Connect 15 domains
  • Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
  • Builderall apps


  • Access to pixel perfect builder
  • Unlimited pages and sub domains
  • Unlimited professional e-commerce
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSTP included
  • Premium local Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Connect 15 domains
  • Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
  • Builderall apps
  • Builderall tools and applications
  • Webinar and Streaming platform
  • Facebook messenger chat bot
  • Autopost marketplace
  • Affiliate marketplace
  • Leveraged affiliate system
  • Builderall business community
  • Premium local and CDN hosting

As you can see for yourself, these prices are very reasonable compared to other services that don’t offer nearly as much as Builderall. Most of you reading this are already paying something similar to this and even more fees for outside services that are already included in Builderall “All-In-One” platform.

Why Builderall Is Perfect for Affiliates

There are a few specific features of Builderall that may be especially tempting for anyone in the affiliate marketing business. Builderall users have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to keep them relevant and gain traffic As a matter of fact, Builderall was built primarily as an SEO tool. Check out some of my favorites

  • Click/Heat Map that show which links and buttons on your page get more hovers and clicks
  • Email Marketing Platform with automated responses that follow up on clicks, sales, and capture leads
  • Animated Video Software where you can produce custom videos easily and efficiently
  • Blog Builder where you can create and upload blogs to your website
  • SEO Report Tool to help you optimize your presence in search engines
  • A Presentation Builder that you can use to feature products and discounts
  • Create Responsive Pages that adapt to whatever type mobile device your customers are using
  • Integrate a Facebook Chat feature directly to your website

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of other tools and ways to use Builderall to make money. But Builderall goes beyond affiliate marketing and its applications can be used by just about anyone in the business world; whether your strictly online or have a brick and mortar location.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Builderall?

Just about any business that is looking to create more leads and retain more customers can benefit from Builderall. Builderall wasn’t designed for any specific type of business, which is why it is quickly becoming a mainstream product. 

Builderall was specifically designed to help entrepreneurs, no matter how experienced, to easily create or scale their business and build a presence in their industry.

Businesses with physical locations such as restaurants/cafes, doctors or lawyer practices and any other local business can use the various tools and sales funnels to find leads, advertise through emails, create better branding and have a fully functioning website complete with checkout features and membership programs?

Freelancers can also use the Builderall tools to do this for their customers as a business in itself. Imagine creating an account and using builderall to create apps for businesses and managing their websites all in one place? 

The money you’d make would pay for the membership by itself. The profit margin would be significant.

Do Builderall Sales Funnels Work? 

There are many ways to create an effective sales funnel which can be straightforward or complex. The goal of a sales funnel is to create a series of steps users will take once they’ve landed on your page. 

A successful sales funnel will lead to click that turn into conversions. If this terminology is foreign to you then you should definitely consider using Builderall to build your online business. I say that because Builderall has many remade sales funnels that you can customize to your business. 

All the complexity and technicality has been applied and you just “fill in the blanks” to make it yours.

These sales funnels have been designed and tested for specific businesses so you can just plug in your business step-by-step until your funnel is complete. 

Best of all is that Builderall provides tutorials for all of their features to help anyone who may feel stuck. Builderall sales funnels will do all the work to capture leads and follow up on them successfully so you can increase your conversions more frequently.

It’s no wonder why new business owners are flocking to Builderall. They really make starting a business a breeze. But what if you’ve already created a website and pay into a different platform? Can you transfer an existing website into Builderall?

What Are the Cons of Using Builderall?

The answer to the question from the last segment is probably the only “con” I could think of for Builderall. “Can you transfer an existing website into Builderall?” 

You cannot transfer an existing website into the Builderall platform. So, all of your hard work and money you invested will have to be put aside. 

Starting fresh doesn’t necessarily appeal to most people which is why I would recommend Builderall to newbies who are starting a new business or to an existing business that doesn’t have a website yet. 

But if you don’t mind starting over then more power to you!

Another aspect of the platform that people might consider to be a “con” is that you have to pay monthly to access the platform. 

This means that if you stop paying the monthly fee then you’ll lose your website and all the hard work you put into it. That may make some customers feel like they are locked into the program but I don’t consider this to be a negative factor. You can easily have your business cover the fee as you continue to grow more successful.

Like all great business platforms available online today, Builderall has made a way for you to make money as an affiliate promoting their product. 

This is called Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System which is available to Builderall Business members who pay $49.90/mo. As an affiliate to Builderall you will earn commission for each member who signs up under you and commission for members who sign up under them and so forth. 

So, is there anything special about their Leveraged Affiliate System? Yes, and surprisingly so!

Builderall affiliates are not just sale agents gathering members for commission; their affiliate business truly belongs to them. What does that mean?

 It means that if you become an affiliate, grown your business and then decide to move on, you can sell your affiliate business to another member or back to the company itself! Builderall gives you a current market value on your affiliate business and buys it back from you. 

Currently they value each member under your program anywhere from $30-$1000. If you’ve got a 50-100 members under your affiliate business then that can be a pretty good chunk of money!

Do, how does the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System work? Well, as a Builderall Business member you will market Builderall to the masses. 

If someone signs up under you then you will get 100% commission of their first payment. Read that again… 100% commission of their first payment. 

That goes for every new user that becomes a member directly from our link. 

After that, you make 30% of their continued monthly membership fee.

Here’s an additional incentive Builderall offers to affiliates: When you get 100 direct customers or business owners under you Builderall will send you a check for $500 for every month you maintain at least 100 direct customers. 

If you double your customers to 200 and maintain them monthly then Builderall will double their payout as well to $1000 every month you maintain those customers!

100 direct customers may seem like an impossible task to you, but don’t fret. Even if it took you a whole year to get 30 direct customers under your belt and only half of those customers became Business Affiliates themselves you’d still make a lot of passive income. 

Because if each of those Business Affiliates under you were to get 30 customers themselves, you would be looking at make $358 in direct sales commission that year and $5,533 in monthly revenue totally $66,754 in passive earnings for the year if you maintained those customers. 

Wouldn’t even a fraction of that be life changing to some of you?

At that rate you would have 480 affiliates under your network! That’s a lot of passive income for a minimal amount of work, initially. Now imagine if you wanted to bow out and sell your business. That’s 480 members valued between $30-$1,000 or maybe you eventually make enough money to retire and want to pass the business down to a child or loved-one? It can be done with Builderall because your affiliate business belongs to you! That is something other platforms do not offer their affiliates.

Builderall is gaining more popularity each day and will only grow until it becomes mainstream with millions of members. Why not take advantage and become a Builderall Business member today and cash in on their success? 

You can view all of your network and manage your business straight from the website. They track every member who has signed up under you and every member your direct customers bring on.

Fast earnings and fast transactions make Builderall the new go-to business for affiliates. 

You won’t have to wait long to start moving money from your earnings account to your bank account. In fact, your funds will become available for transfer 5 days after they’ve appeared on our earnings page!

Do I Recommend Builderall?

If you haven’t guessed by now, then I’ll lay it out there for you… I absolutely recommend using Builderall to start a business. 

It is plain to see that Builderall lives up to their name as you can really “build it all” within their platform. It is user-friendly, intuitive and ridiculously easy for anyone with an idea for a business to log on and go! 

There are tutorials to guide your way and preset features that you can simply customize to fit your niche. As Builderall grows it only enhances and expands its features creating even bigger value for its members. 

Try it for yourself and left us know what you think. I’m eager to hear of your success!

BuilderAll focuses on helping people and that is a main selling point of the program! I love it for that reason! You will find in your online journey your first goal should be helping your target audience.

I would really like to stress the importance of anyone who is new at starting an online business to give Builderall a try. It’s very easy to start down one direction

One monthly fee can turn into several as you do your best to make sure your business stay relevant and successful. With Builderall you can cut out all the testing and investing and accomplish it all in one place. 

At least try out the cheapest membership first and choose whether to upgrade to a better membership after you get a feel for what this business is like.

Thankfully, Builderall provides a cheap way for you to test the waters.


A big selling point of BuilderAll is the program focuses on helping others and in order to make real money online, your first goal should be helping your target audience.

For any questions about BuilderAll and their affiliate program, feel free to drop me a comment below!  I love replying to my readers! 🙂

My goal is to help you in your online journey!

Thank you,