iMarkets Live – Becoming A Forex Trader Or A Marketer?

When you are looking for the fastest way to make money online, you probably already about Forex. Forex Foreign Exchange is the market where you can trade different currencies. While there are some differences, the Forex market tends to be similar to the stock market. And it is around the Forex market that the iMarkets Live does its business.

Who Is iMarkets Live?

Founded back in 2013, iMarkets Live is a financial trading software company that also delivers the right education for anyone who is looking to learn about Forex. iMarkets Live state that all the education is all provided by experts who have more than 20 years of experience. When you open the software, you will have an automatic system that will simply replicate what these experienced traders do.

According to iMarkets Live, only the software is worth thousands of dollars since it allow you to have the opportunity to make money without any effort. In addition, they also propose that you promote their product to others and by doing this, you can earn a commission.

The iMarkets Live Product

When you are trying to discover if a company is legit or if it is just another scam, one of the best things you can do is to check out the product they are selling. If it is and people are actually buying it and stating they like it, this is a good sign.

During the week, you will be able to see the experts trading the market and you can learn from them. You’ll be able to watch how to find the best opportunities as well as what you should look for.

In addition, you will also get Forex signals every day throughout the day on your cellphone app. These are the trades that the experts are making at the moment and that you can take advantage of. In case, you don’t want to have to work, you can simply set the software to automatic and then it will replicate the trades that are being done by the expert traders.

In case, you decide to buy the iMarkets Live software, you will also be able to access their own training program. Here, you will find articles, webinars, coaching videos, and a complete training course teaching you how to trade in the forex market.

I totally understand that Forex trading can be risky and expensive; ie, monthly fee is $194.00 a month! (Plus you will need a minimum of $500.00 to start trading)!





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iMarkets Live – The Price

In case, you are interested in the iMarkets Live, you need to know that you can join either as an IBO or as a customer.

Joining as an IBO, you will need to pay $15 initially and then $15 per month. As an IBO your only job will be to promote the iMarkets Live to others for a commission.

In the event you are interested in becoming a customer, you won’t be so happy with the price. After all, you will need to pay $195 just to buy the platinum package and then pay an additional $145 fee on a monthly basis.

I have acquaintances who easily make that payment amount and more in just one day. One customer has reported to me of personally making $300-$600 a day buying and selling on forex. So, if you like to gamble a little, this could be a safe way to gamble, (always set your limits and listen to the advice given).

iMarketsLive – Who Is It For?

Ultimately, and when you look at the iMarketsLive products, you can say that you’ll benefit from it a lot more if you are a marketer than a trader. In case, you don’t believe us, we were doing some research and we discovered that Christopher Terry, the owner of iMarketsLive have a different company – the Network Marketing, which is an MLM. So, we can definitely say that the goal of iMarketsLive is marketers not traders.

Here are some things that back us up:

  • You can’t register on the website unless you were referred by an IBO. The reason is that you’ll pay a fee and the IBO will a commission on you.
  • When you register as a customer and you make a couple of profits, you will be pressured to become an IBO.

iMarkets Live Pros:

  • Good compensation plan if you register as an IBO
  • Relatively transparent

iMarkets Live Cons:

  • You need to be referred to become an IBO
  • The memberships are pricey for both services provided
  • Trading the Forex market is incredibly risky, even more than trading stocks
  • There are many trading MLMs that have failed throughout the years
  • There are a lot of negative reviews online about iMarkets Live
  • The iMarkets Live affiliate program can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re a beginner

iMarkets Live – Conclusion

From the research I’ve done, I would consider iMarkets Live a legitimate business with a complete library of online training to teach you how to become a Forex trader.

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The truth is that the Forex market is a risky business. But, I believe with the training iMarkets Live provides one could be making $300.00-$500.00 a week extra.

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I joined last May and I haven’t looked back, I had been searching for a couple of years to find a place to learn how to build an online business, but kept coming up short with scams and folks just wanting my money and actually not learning anything about what it takes to build an online business.

As you know, you wouldn’t begin a brick and mortar business without education and you and I both know you’re not going to make money in the first 1-3 years, so it’s the same thing in an online business, folks that put up ads that boast, “make $1,000 a day” are just lies to get your MONEY!

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Thank you for stopping by and reading my review on iMarketsLive, I hope you find it useful in your search to earn extra money online and from home.

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Cora aka Nana’sBigTimeMarketing

  • iMarket seems an expensive and risky investments. On one hand, the start up and monthly fees is high. Further more, trading in forex is not for beginners. I am glad you propose Wealthy Affiliate which I certain agree is a better choice, and you’ve given a good intro into WA in your post.

    How did you do all those animations in your site, seems interesting?

    • Jeffrey,
      Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my review of iMarkets Live. I agree, it’s expensive and requires quite a bit of training. Regarding the animations, I have a computer nerd family member who helps me from time to time.

      Have a blessed day,


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