IM Jet Set Super Affiliate System Review


In our Super Affiliate System Review we will be taking a look at the prowess of John Crestani and his qualifications and ability to deliver a course worth a minimum $300 value to the user.

John Crestani has been around affiliate marketing for some time and has made a lot of money as an affiliate. He has made even more with his products like Super Affiliate System and related Internet Jet Set course as marketers new and old have come flocking to the trough to feed off one of the biggest launches of Clickbank in 2016.



Let’s dig into Super Affiliate System and the Internet Jetset Course


When version 1.0 was released some claimed it under delivered but many more said it was an excellent value at the price.

After all a course that is under $400.00 doesn’t have to deliver everything imaginable to still deliver real value as a blogger found out.

In fact drip feeding updates or releasing a multi-part system are looked on by many as a responsible thing to do so customers don’t experience overload and come away confused; however, Crestani is accused by the blogger of having a high number of hidden cost and up sells behind the scenes as well as offering affiliate links to other systems in his members’ area or leveraging the members’ area to earn affiliate income.




First off this is not the only program to ever offer 3rd party related products to members’ but Let’s dig into value delivery


In order to establish value we must be able to weigh cost of system towards potential for ROI or Return on Investment within 18 months of the course finish. The higher the cost of the program the more it has to deliver for you to gain your money back and be in profit within 18 to 24 months of purchase.

I will tell you that Super Affiliate System is a big up sell to the 12-week internet Jet Set course which retail for $47.00 a month and has $up sell under $200.00 before being offered Super Affiliate System at a $997 price tag.

In total, you could be looking at $1,000 or more in cost to get the full system via Internet Jet Set, but is this price reasonable? You must access Super Affiliate System through IM Jet Set.




So What is included with Super Affiliate System to make it of value to the average Joe or Jane starting an affiliate marketing business?



Where Internet Jet-Set was an introduction to the concepts of building a WordPress Website and generating traffic to the site using methods including YouTube Traffic, Facebook, PayPerClick (PPC) advertising while helping you build your mindset, overcome fears, and find great products it seemed to not deliver as much value as advanced users were looking for.

Super Affiliate System on the other hand is cutting edge training and workshops packaged with ready to roll campaign funnels out of the box. Plug in your email marketing, add your links and GO!

There are more than 30 courses in total and each builds off the last and gives a round view of Internet Affiliate Marketing that is capable of delivering the value.

To make back your $997.00 price tag one must simply earn an average of $50.00 a month for 20 months in commissions selling products on a low to mid ticket range, which is very possible.

Selling big ticket items like John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System can make it take just a couple of sales to recoup these funds and the course is well capable of showing you how to get there.



After the sale follow up?


John’s programs offer weekly webinars and a Super Affiliate Forum. They offer a phone support system and FAQ with ongoing forum support from John and his team.

The support level is not as robust as programs like Wealthy Affiliate but is rated as fair by members’.

The main issue here is the support system has a ton of high pressure sales, trying to up sell where possible and the tools for support are low quality with many systems providing much faster support.

The Site itself is like 1/3 of websites these days and on the WordPress Platform but they didn’t do anything special to brand the course login, thus showing parts were completed on the cheap with little preparation or attention to detail.

You will also find a what comes next pattern of progress missing as each video training and seminar on the outside of the site have no real instructions. From the outside looking in it would appear to not have these details and be a random learn what you want instead of a system.

A course is offered, but they don’t show much sign of it on the outside of the members’ area at

These details could make a system a hard sell if your referrals do a little research and make it to this important piece of the puzzle.



Pros to buying the Super Affiliate System and IM Jet Set 12-week Course by John Crestani

  • If you are looking for the shortest path to profits and have a few thousand dollars to invest this system is full of detail on how to save PAID advertising sources.
  • It shows you how to Pre-sell and convert offers, a must for high conversions and great return on investment.
  • Super Affiliate System touches on free traffic sources which are boosted by some paid traffic but there is a definite push for paid ads.
  • The system teaches sound tactics for using Native Ads which are still a fairly new advertising method but are highly mobile. These ads are content based instead of advertising based and will push content and post on your blog.
  • You are taught copy writing skills which by themselves can become a full time income or save you thousands of dollars a year.
  • The system comes with multiple high quality sales funnels for popular topics like Health and Fitness.
  • These secrets do work for high power affiliates like John Crestani and can work for you.

Cons to buying the IM Jet Set and Super Affiliate System

  • Incomplete training, there is a lot about marketing left to learn
  • Not a complete site, if you are using the training promoting the SAS then you might find some high return rates and prospects may shy away seeing the actual WordPress login.
  • Somewhat out-of-date: Much of the training is 2015 and 2016 dates and the SAS site itself says copyright 2016 while the sales site says copyright 2018, a much more recent face. This leads one to believe the cutting edge tactics have been around for some time and may not be as cutting edge.
  • Cost of implementing the system. Not only the $997.00 price tag must be considered, you are also looking at needing to fund months of practice and testing to get your pay per click advertising to making a smooth ROI or return on your investment money. In all you can expect $2500.00 or more to try to recoup which is double for some but many will likely not finish the training or may not comprehend the systems or do the testing and legwork to perfect them.


Summary of our Super Affiliate System Review and related IM Jet Set – Is It a Scam?

The system is as good as it is confusing. Personally, I wouldn’t consider buying the product myself mainly because I would not want to promote it as a recommended program to sell, since it is so incomplete and half done. You would also need a secondary training system like Wealthy Affiliate to teach you more about free traffic and content creation to cut those paid advertising cost down too next to nothing over your 2 year test period. In short this is a program where buyers need to beware and for most readers I would say stay clear of it unless you are committed and well funded.

Finally, I’m going to mention a few reasons I would not consider buying this product myself. Firstly, I do not have the budget to purchase this type of system and secondly, these prepackaged, done for you products like this, is not mine, it belongs to the owner. These types of systems like this come and go and when they are gone, you are left with nothing.

When or if the Super Affiliate System Review is debunked, then you are left with absolutely nothing, you’ve lost all your hard work and money…..just GONE!!!!




You have the ability to make as much or more than the Super Affiliate System claim when you build something yourself.

You’re not dependent on anyone but yourself!

People will come searching for you when you build your business the proper way, meeting interested folk through your consistent, well researched content.

This is exactly what I have done, about 6 months ago I started my own online business and have begun to attract online visitors without having to pay for any traffic. Here’s a great rags-to-riches story written by Grace, this page describes Graces’ actions, ups and downs, amount of content written and as a result the amount of traffic she is experiencing.



What A Year Can Do


The key to her success is in the comprehensive training we’ve been exposed to! We have kept our noses to the grindstone, studying lesson after lesson, creating great content with “out of the ballpark keywords” and going from zero traffic to almost 2,000 a day!

I’m following in her footsteps and you can as well.

This is the kicker… the end of the day, everything you have done will be for you and you alone and not dependent on someone else……and isn’t that what you want to BE YOUR OWN BOSS?

Check out Grace’s income proof and her 2 year journey!

Find out all the details of this online business and how it works……CLICK HERE!


I don’t know about you, but after I read this page Grace wrote, I began earnestly focusing, studying my lessons and writing CONTENT! My goal is to write a post every day with valuable information for my readers.

This is so AMAZING, you can give this a test run, leave your wallet in your pocket, you can access the platform for FREE for as long as you like.

With your FREE account, you will have access to quite a bit, (10) lessons, (enough to build your own website), community support from experienced entrepreneurs, and business tools just to name a few.

I will help you every step of the way, along with Grace.

Start building your own empire! Your own assets and residual income that’s not dependent on another person or person’s!

This is your wake-up CALL! STOP wasting your time and money on“the man’s” system!

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, if you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Super Affiliate System if a scam or about anything else I’ve discussed. I love to hear from you and will respond quickly.



Have a Blessed Day!

Let’s build internet businesses and make money online!



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