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Learn How To Make Money Internet Marketing!


Have you ever contemplated, “how to make money internet marketing?”

Well, that’s probably why you’re here at this site right now, because you’re interested in learning how to make money internet marketing.

This article is dedicated to giving you some hard facts and figures so that you will understand there is money to be made in Internet Marketing with the proper tools and educational development.





You are not alone if you’re thinking this is a scam, “it works for some but it won’t work for me, I’ve tried things like this in the past and just lost money, never made any money.”

Well, you are not alone!

How many of you reading this article are thinking the very same thing?

Well, you are not alone, I was in the same situation less than 6 months ago.

Let’s jump back to September 2017, I had dabbled in a few MLM companies and attempted to start a blog website, but failed miserably, lost valuable time and money, and ended right back where I started, at ground zero.

I kept thinking, “other people are making money online, where did they learn?”

Then one night I was checking out a website claiming “build your website platform here,” for a large monthly fee and membership fee.

As I continued to scroll down the page I noticed some questions and answers in the comments below. A nice young lady, named Grace, made a statement in the comments section at the bottom of the page, which struck home.


I hope this article and what I plan to discuss will make the same kind of impression on you as Graces’ comments did on me that night.

The organization I was interested in had a monthly fee, plus a yearly membership.

        She merely asked this question……..


        Grace made a great point, why would someone want to pay out                     hard-earned money for something they could get FREE?

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to take you through the process and explain just how to make money internet marketing. I hope you will find this information very helpful, in your search for knowledge regarding internet marketing.







Prior to May 2018, like I mentioned earlier, I’ve attempted MLM’s and found I just couldn’t reach enough people quick enough, but in the age of the internet, you are able to reach billions and billions of people, you can reach across continents and countries.

You Can REACH the entire world POPULATION. All you need is the internet, a computer, and education.

Initially, I didn’t know anything about AFFILIATE MARKETING, so if you know what it is, just bear with me, while I explain to the readers who aren’t sure what AFFILIATE MARKETING is!

For the record, AFFILIATE MARKETING is not a ‘GET RICH QUICK SCHEME,’ so if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t find it here. Since we have that issue out of the way, we will move forward.

The excitement is just beginning!

Bloggers can make thousands and even millions of dollars from using the Affiliate Marketing business platform. Once your blog is set up for traffic your are all set!

This is the fantastic part, at this point you begin to make what is referred to as “passive income.” You are basically managing your website, but not tied down to it.

This business model is used to create income from $10.00/month all the way to $50,000/month!

THERE ISN’T A LIMIT, you are your own boss, your set your hours, the amount your work is relevant to the income you will receive from it.

Sell A Product!


Basically, you find products which you like and use, then promote them on your blog.

Whenever someone is browsing your website and they purchase products, using your affiliate link, then you receive a commission from that company. How cool does that sound?

You may have your own products you wish to sell and earn income this way.

Whether it’s a physical product or a digital product.

These are just a few suggestions for making money.

The advantage of making money with a digital product, your only have to make it once, then the business IS entirely automatic and you will receive recurring passive income.



Branding is the terminology used, for instance, the Nike swish, you see that and you know it’s Nike.

The same will happen with your as your blog more and more!

You will be getting your name out there in front of millions of people, you will become established and be known for your credibility and authority!

Do you see how it’s developing, you become the authority in your niche and at this point, you can’t stop it if you wanted to.

Bloggers reveal their accomplishments from time to time, and you can actually see how it works.

I mentioned Grace to earlier on this page and I want to refer you to an article she posted. This is such a great success story, you can see exactly how she started and you will be able to see her growth and how it works.



I mentioned education as an essential aspect of learning how to make money internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the most education: videos, tutorials, classes, on the market. I have all of that information outlined in another page, which I’ll direct you!

What are your waiting for?


I just bet you’re thinking, “this is too difficult for me, I’m not a computer guru! Well, I’m not either and I was thinking the same thing initially.

A great aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is that you are given enough lessons to assist you to build a FREE website, begin writing blogs as well as promoting your business to a large following.

The service is completely FREE!


You sign up, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, and no

pressure to upgrade unless you feel the need to.

In conclusion, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this page and hopefully, you were able to read about Grace’s success.

I really don’t know what’s stopping you from at least giving it a try, after all, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You can’t beat that, if you’re not happy with the program you haven’t lost anything, but if you find out just how exceptional Wealthy Affiliate is and decide to take the journey of owning your own business, you will learn how to make money marketing! 


You will discover that you’ve found a GOLD MINE!

I would be honored for you to join my team!

I’m excited to hear your thoughts regarding Wealthy Affiliate, Grace’s success story, or any other questions you might have. Please leave your comments in the section below and I’ll be more than happy to respond to them.

Please like and share my website and thank you for stopping by.











  • So….. you essentially make money by blogging through these companies that you blog about regarding their products . Not understanding how exactly that works. Is it based on the number of products you blog about?

    • Hi, Cheryl!
      Thanks for visiting my website! Basically you make a percentage when someone clicks on the product that you are reviewing on your website & they purchase the product.
      Does that make better sense?

    • Hi Danny!

      Thank you for visiting my website and to answer your question, it just took 2-3 days to have my blog set up and running. Which is phenomenal! As you read in my other articles, the training here at Wealthy Affiliate is so thorough and easy to follow, it’s a piece of cake.
      Please let me know if you have other questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

      I appreciate you stopping by!


  • Hi Cora

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I know how inspiring Grace and you yourself are, and can confirm that the training is thorough, but easy to follow.

    Wishing you all of the very best!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I have been trying to write an article a day, but I’m not there yet! LOL!

      Here’s to your success!

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