There’s HOPE For A Brighter Future

“Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick, but a Longing Fulfilled is a Tree of Life.”        ~Proverbs 13:12 NIV

What do you dream of?

A new car, a new home, a great family vacation, or just to be able to spend more time with your family.

Are you a happy with your job or do you want to be your own boss or maybe work from your laptop anywhere?

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  • Hi Cora

    That verse that you quote is so true indeed!

    I clearly remember my husband’s grandmother… she was such a vibrant and joyful soul, and she lived for her community, so to speak. She was involved and active in many projects, but when she was moved to another town, to be closer to my mother-in-law, so that she could help care for her, it was amazing to see how grandma suddenly had nothing to live for anymore.

    It is so true that the day we stop dreaming, is the day that we die. Oh yes, we may still be “around” for a few years after that, but our spark, our flame, has died.

    Thank you for the reminder that we should keep on dreaming and to keep that dream alive!

    • Hi Sharlee,

      I appreciate you sharing your life experience with us, it was a true to life experience revealing just how much fulfilling our dreams means to our life and our happiness.

      Thank you for stopping by,


  • When we put our hopes and dreams to the side we are not being all that God intended us to be. We are not living to our full potential. Therefore, we begin to suffer inside because we are not following Gods will. When we begin to work towards our hopes and dreams we are doing Gods will 🙂

    • Hi Dana!

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your insight to this post. I appreciate your input.

      You’re absolutely right, when you said, “if we not being all that God intended us to be, we are not living to our potential and we cannot be truly happy either.”

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