Freedom Mentor Fraud or Are Their Claims of Making $1K a Day True?


Is Freedom Mentor A Fraud Or Are Their Claims of Making $1K A Days True?


I’m back with a new review on an “Oldie but Goodie” mentor ship program called Freedom Mentor. Many of you may be familiar with it but chances are you’re here because you’ve just discovered its existence and want to know if Freedom Mentor is a fraud or are their claims of making $1K a day true?


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

A once humble, down on his luck man who hit rock bottom suddenly found the inspiration needed to overcome poverty. He learned the secrets to mastering real estate investments and flipping houses which launched him into wealth.

Now that he’s carved out a great living for himself he wants to share his secrets of success, so you can be a millionaire too” Please forgive my cynicism. As cliche as this story may sound it is the actual story of Phil Pustejovsky, founder of Freedom Mentor.

Don’t get me wrong, Phil clearly knows his business and he does offer free content on his website. Phil Pustejovsky even has a YouTube channel where you can get a lot of information and great tips to help boost your investment knowledge.

So, what’s the catch? Where’s the scandal? Keep reading to see if I was able to dig up the goods or dig up the dirt on Freedom Mentor.


I Dug Up Some Goods!

My first impression was positive, and I really enjoyed looking through the website. It was simple, straight-forward, and not lacking in information. I was surprised to learn that Phil was interviewed by Huffington Post, contributed some articles and was featured in publications like Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

I was also impressed with the extensive video course offered free on Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses Without Cash or Credit. Want another freebie? You can get his book for free through email. If the website itself didn’t answer enough of your questions, then go ahead and call them through their 877 number. Everything was looking good so far.


I Dug A Little Deeper…

After being pleasantly surprised by how transparent this company was being, I wanted to peek at how much a paid course would run for. To my shock the price advertised for the paid course is $45,000.00! YIKES!

I almost closed my laptop immediately as if a ghost or ghoul has just leapt out of my screen! I’ve heard of pay to play businesses before and I know there are some risks involved with real estate, but in my opinion this was a staggering initial investment.

There’s an old saying, “you have to spend money to make money,” but $45,000 is a LOT of MONEY to spend and you haven’t even bought your first piece of real estate. $45,000 would make a great down payment on a couple of fixer uppers, it can’t be that difficult to buy the property, fix it up, and resale it!

One could even go out and take a Real Estate course first and not spend anywhere near $45,000. Think about it!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $45,000 to spend on an educational program! The online program I’m involved in….I was able to start my business FREE (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED), there was no pressure and contained (10) full website courses to get your started! Now, how does that sound? If you’re interested in more information on this program, CLICK HERE!

I Stopped Dead in My Tracks

I left the website and started going through reviews. My goal was to find reviews from actual members. I had to find out who was spending this kind of money on a mentor ship program and was it yielding the results one would expect from a $45,000 investment to yield?

Legitimate programs can be found on the internet and if you’re reading this article, then you can consider this your lucky day, because I’m going to guide you to a legitimate program, filled with educational course, tutorials (written and videos), and a community of over 1,000,000 members strong.

The support receive from such a large community is extremely helpful to the new member as well as the old timer, who gets stumped and has a questions or concerns. Support can be found quickly and easily 24/7 on the website. I would like to refer you to an article of a real person in real time which describes this program and how it works and has worked for her.

If interested, please CLICK HERE!


I Found The Dirt!

It took me awhile, but I did find some threads on that confirmed my suspicions. These threads have posts as recent as a month or two ago and they read back 5 to 6 years!

All of them pretty much say the same thing throughout the years: “Freedom Mentor takes more than it gives.” Did any of the former members call it a scam? No, but the general attitude was that their tactics were pushy to say the least. Here’s the DIRT:

  • Freedom Mentors charges ridiculous amounts of money to give you information that other users say they gained at a fraction of the price at other websites and companies.
  • Freedom Mentors becomes your partner in the real estate investment business and therefore claims 50% of your profits until you make a certain amount of money. Some claim $500,000 while others have claimed $1,000,000!
  • Freedom Mentors is not really a partner, as you will be doing all the work and they will only be coaching you along the way.

Pushy Tactics

If the information above hasn’t changed your mind about Freedom Mentors like it has for me then there’s something else I found while reading multiple reviews from former members. On their website you can apply to be an apprentice of Phil Pustejovsky himself.

The website says there are only 6 spots reserved for this honor and members report that there is an interview process that is an hour or so long. It seems like they’re doing their due diligence, but all the members report the same results.

After a long interview process the members were told they were “carefully selected” to attend a seminar. Some were even told this was not something anyone could just pay into.

The problem is that they go right ahead and ask you for credit/debit information to pay thousands of dollars upfront, so you can attend.

It gets worse as the callers then told members to apply for credit cards, so they can charge their way in.

Not only were the members berated when they rejected the idea, but they then received multiple calls from Freedom Mentor employees making different offers without even knowing what previous offers had been made.

You can see these threads here:

My Thoughts

Freedom Mentor may not be a scam but it sure isn’t the kind of company I’d invest my time or money in. The company, in my opinion, seeks out newcomers to this business and gives them chunks of useful knowledge.

Once these newcomers get a taste they are led right into the clutches of a company with no regard for their financial situation.

Go out and test the waters before diving head first into Freedom Mentor. There are plenty of ways to learn the Real Estate Investment business without losing a significant amount of money.

Newcomers are better off finding something local and familiar with their market to put their time, effort, and money into. Some place where they can learn by “doing” and not by spending thousands of dollars to learn by listening from a seat in a seminar.


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I would love for you to join me and let’s build an online business together, I am more than happy to offer my coaching services to you in your online journey!

I want to thank you sincerely for stopping by and reading this review, I hope you found it helpful and were enlightened by the information found here.

Please leave comments and questions below as I love to hear from my readers and I always respond to my visitors!