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Once you’ve played it, the attraction of pickleball for seniors is clear. It’s a fast paced, low-impact sport and anyone who’s played a Racket, sport like Ping pong, Tennis or Racket ball will quickly get the hang of it. Caution, it will be addicting. ! the court is small, doubles games are the usual. Players run a lot less than in Tennis or Racquetball and pickleball can be played year round inside or out.

Zero, Zero, Start!

Initially I started at the local YMCA the players went easy on me. I was a beginner so I was encouraged to practice my serve. I was a tournament ping pong player in my early years so I knew a thing about Slices, back spin, top spin etc. The ground shots came easy for me and I quickly picked it up. The seasoned players however, decided to show me a thing or two by playing at the net and either dinking it over the net into the kitchen or slamming a kill shot out of reach.

I picked up the sport quick but had to learn all about playing the net where your money shots really count. 80% of all winning shots are played at the net. The soft touch you must have takes time to master.

Level 2.0

As I became more proficient the higher level players repeatedly soft touched into the kitchen on my backhand side waiting for my mistakes, or if I get the ball too high they would slam it over.

Level 3.0

As I became quicker and more competent I sought out facilities who had higher level players. In this way I would be forced to refine my game.

The End Game

Throughout my pickleball journey, since starting a year ago, I’ve met and made many pickleball friends and most are very willing to take time to give you tips on improving your game. For me, pickleball is the perfect exercise for my age and my aching joints. I play four or more times a week and cant get enough.

The Gifts

It’s a very active, dynamic sport. Bedside being a low impact exercise, it also has a strong social aspect since the doubles partner is standing close on the court.

If the game keeps growing, especially for seniors, thousands of tennis courts around the country could be used for pickleball. I even hear stories about people deciding where to retire based on the local pickleball scene.

Get In The Game

So, grab a paddle and a ball and a partner, call your local YMCA or community recreation center for a pickleball game near you and drop that shot in the kitchen and win that point. You will keep coming back for more.

My husband and I have experienced Pickleball players to be extremely nice, friendly, and helpful……. just a great community of people! We are looking forward to traveling in our RV, following Pickleball tournaments and camps across the United States. Hope to meet you someday on the court!


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