Does AWeber Work For Me?

You may have heard of email automation services provided by companies such as AWeber. Many location-based and online businesses use automated email services to capture leads, market to them and turn them into profitable conversions. These services are proficient at building customer relationships with first-time visitors and help to maintain them to the point of changing them into loyal customers. AWeber has been a leading service provider for email automation since its launch in 1998.

AWeber has over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs reach their marketing goals. If you think your business is too small or you’re not capable of managing such a service then I encourage you to read-on and find out how easy and effective AWeber is to operate. You can use simple drag-and-drop features to create marketing campaigns and autoresponders. AWeber’s stellar customer service record has proven to be a reliable resource to aid in the creation and management of campaigns and autoresponders.

AWeber also offer a risk-free 30 day-trial that gives you access to every feature of their service! That’s a whole month of full-access to tools and services that can take your business to the next level.

In addition to being a great product, you can also become an affiliate member of AWeber at no extra cost. AWeber doesn’t even require you to be a customer as a prerequisite to becoming an affiliate of their company. That is just one of the many great features that this email marketing giant has to offer and one of the reasons I use it myself.

What Makes AWeber Valuable

AWeber value comes in many forms but mostly in its ability to convert your leads into profitable customers. The features available to AWeber customers can enhance your sales funnels and provide you with analytics to expand your perspective on your businesses approach to your audience. Here are some features you can access when using AWeber for email automation.

  • Create newsletters, coupons, and special offers and broadcast them by email.
  • Blog pots can be converted into newsletters and automatically be sent to subscribers
  • Personalize your automated emails with your subscribers’ information
  • 150+ templates that can be customized
  • Tested with leading email clients, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more
  • Easily create plain text emails, sign-up forms, and autoresponders
  • Include logos and images that can be placed in dedicated areas with over 6,000 stock photos
  • Choose from many color schemes to match your branding
  • Live customer service reps are knowledgeable and capable of helping set-up campaigns to benefit your business the most
  • Facebook and Twitter integration available to research your strengths and weaknesses
  • Tracking and analytical information available to research your strengths and weaknesses
  • Publish your emails online so subscribers can browse and share them which will help build your audience

The depth of each feature goes further than this basic list and there are plenty of tutorials and articles on the AWeber website that explain how to efficiently use each feature. Use AWeber to its full extent to capture leads that come through your sales funnel and contact them immediately.

How Much Does AWeber Cost?

What makes AWeber such a safe investment is the 30-day risk-free trial AWeber provides to new customers. Every feature AWeber has to offer is made available to you during this period. You can change your billing plan at any point during your free trial but I’m willing to bet you will see just how much of a positive impact AWeber will have on your business.

The best part of AWeber’s pricing system is that you continue to get full access to their features at their most basic level. That’s because their prices only increase when your subscriber base increases. Customers don’t get locked into contracts and can cancel their account at any time. AWeber accepts payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Students and Non-Profits can apply for discounts on AWeber products. You can also get discounted prices when purchasing quarterly or annual memberships. There are no hidden fees or set-up fees associated with their services so, you can expect to pay what you see on their pricing chart. You will only pay more if you are profiting from a subscriber base that has grown past your current pricing base. Here is a breakdown of the costs of using AWeber:

  • $19/mo for 500 subscribers
  • $29/mo for 501-2,500 subscribers
  • $49/mo for 2,501-5,000 subscribers
  • $69/mo for 5,001-10,000 subscribers
  • $149/mo for 10,001-25,000 subscribers
  • 25,000+ subscribers will need to call for a quote

How Does AWeber Work?

AWeber customers use the email marketing service to establish profitable relationships with their audience. This is accomplished by creating an automated email system that can automatically respond to their customers’ actions when responding to those emails. You can use these services to send coupons, newsletters, articles, etc. as frequently as you like.

AWeber has customizable templates available for customers, as well as easy-to-use design tool to create emails and autoresponders. If you are completely new to email marketing, there are plenty of videos and how-to articles you can learn from at AWeber. There are also a number of ways to find support through the AWeber call center, live chat on the website or via email. If you would also like to be a part of the AWeber community you can find fellow customers on Facebook in the group called AWeber Marketing Community.

Newcomers are most welcome at AWeber. You can join without any prior experience or knowledge about email marketing and still set up a successful marketing campaign within the span of your free trial. That’s because AWeber has a comprehensive program designed to launch your campaign successfully.

Getting Started with AWeber

AWeber has an easy set-up process that takes you through the steps of completing basic preferences and settings. Once you sign-up, you will be emailed a password to log-in. There are many videos and how-to articles within the website to help you through the initial set-up or any other process you are going through.

Customers will need to have a valid postal address per the CAN-SPAM Act and this address will appear at the bottom of any messages you send out. It s better to use a domain-based email opposed to a generic email from Yahoo, Gmail, etc. because of their own regulations regarding automated emails.

Using Launchpad at AWeber

Launchpad is a training tool AWeber offers its customers to help them become proficient at email marketing. There are three levels of experience you can choose from to enhance your knowledge: beginner, medium, and advanced. Each level has 4 segments of information aimed to expand your understanding of how AWeber works and how to use it successfully. I included the beginner level information for the preceding example.

The information presented in each segment is different depending on the experience level you choose.

  1. Grow your list – Learn to add a sign-up form to your website or Facebook page, find out how to use a hosted sign-up form to grow your email list without a website, create forms that get results and increase your contacts using the Atom App on your mobile devices.
  2. Create & Send – This segment will teach beginners how to broadcast emails, make a follow-up series that auto-replies, the best way to use email templates, what to write in your broadcasts, writing your first follow-up series and includes the free e-course “Write Better Emails in 7 Days.”
  3. Measure & Improve – Learn to analyze metrics provided by AWeber such as open rate, click-through rate, web traffic, sales, unsubscribers, bounce rate, and complaint rate. AWeber will show you how to use all of this information to refresh your marketing campaigns. AWeber Stats is an app you use to track your analytics on the go from any mobile device. You can run split tests, view open rate stats and learn to understand what these stats are.
  4. Learn More – Access the AWeber Blog to keep up with industry news. Check out AWeber’s video library with tutorials for every feature and testimonials from their users. There you can find live and on-demand webinars for advice from the biggest names in digital marketing. At AWeber, you can go through their Knowledge Base to learn the ins and outs of their services through articles, email marketing podcasts or contact email experts on the Customer Solutions Teams.

AWeber has made its product available and accessible to every level of email marketer with its Launchpad feature. There’s something new for everyone to learn and AWeber ensures that its customers have the tools and training necessary to succeed using their program.

Using Third-Party Tools with AWeber

You’ll be glad to know that most of the third-arty tools used for email automation services are fully compatible with AWeber. These tools are designed to enhance our email marketing services and can be of great use to your campaigns. You can find tools that integrate with your account to help with things like:             

  • Data and Analytics
  • Landing pages and sign-up software
  • Integration Platforms
  • Contest and promotion software
  • Shopping cart and E commerce
  • Webinar and video platforms
  • Membership and podcasting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile and Text Services
  • List Cleaning Services
  • Support Software

Remember, third-party services will likely have their own associated costs outside of AWeber but there are hundreds of apps and services within these categories for you to choose from. If you have room in your budget to work with them I’m sure it would be of great help to your business.

The AWeber Affiliate Program

AWeber also has an affiliate program that everyone is able to join at no cost. You read that right the first time. AWeber’s affiliate program is completely free to join. You don’t even have to be an AWeber customer to become an AWeber Affiliate.

I’ll say that again, you don’t need to use AWeber and you can still market it as an affiliate. Simply apply to their affiliate program on this link, and once you are approved, you’ll be ready to start making money through AWeber commissions.

AWeber Affiliates are provided with a dedicated affiliate URL that can be posted on an affiliate’s blogs, articles, social media posts, etc. When a prospect clicks on the affiliate link a referral cookie will stay in their browser for a year or until the prospect manually clears out their browser.

When that prospect becomes an AWeber customer the affiliate will earn a 30% commission automatically. This commission is a recurring payment for as long as the prospect remains a customer with AWeber.

The approval process of becoming an AWeber Affiliate can take up to three days. If you are not approved by the program you will receive a notice stating so. You can check their affiliate agreement to see if you are not in alignment with it in any way or if you feel there has been an error you can contact the affiliate team by email.

Explain to them why you would be an ideal affiliate or ask what you need to do in order to become approved.

How Do I Get Paid as an Affiliate for AWeber

AWeber pays 30% commission for each customer that signs up using affiliate link. This payment is recurring for every month your prospects are AWeber customers. AWeber pays their affiliates on Net 30 terms, which I’ll explain here. At the end of the month AWeber totals up all of your earnings and 30 days after the close of the month they send your payment.

Payments are made by check or PayPal and all payments are made in USD.

PayPal payments do not have any fees attached to them so you will receive your payment in full. Payments made by check can take 10-15 business days after the 30-day marker to arrive at your address.

Checks are good for up to 2 years if you have forgotten to cash a check after that period or you have lost a check there will be a $25 fee to have the check re cut. Re cut checks can be issued via PayPal as well, but will still enc rue the $25 re cut fee.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of AWeber’s Affiliate Program

Here are some guideline to AWeber’s program that answer some frequently asked questions. I got these from their website so you can trust the information is accurate. You can always refer to their Affiliate Agreement or contact AWeber directly if you have questions about their rules.

  • YOU CAN use paid search ads as long as you don’t include variations, trademarks, or misspellings in your bidding. This means you can use keywords in a sentence for your bidding but you cannot use keywords or their variations by themselves. Ex: “AWeber has amazing email automation: is acceptable but using something like “A Weber, AWeber,” is not allowed. Contact the affiliate team with any keywords you may be unsure about to verify their compliance.
  • YOU CAN have an AWeber account without becoming an affiliate.
  • YOU CAN’T promote your affiliate program through a purchased email list because it goes against the AWeber Affiliate Agreement.
  • YOU CAN’T run traffic from multiple people within an existing affiliate network. AWeber does not allow re brokering because it makes it difficult to monitor for compliance. Each company/affiliate must market through their own account.
  • YOU CAN’T use your referral ID for your own AWeber account. This means you can’t create an AWeber Affiliate account then, afterwards, go create an AWeber account under your own affiliate ID to earn commission.

You can see the full Affiliate Agreement on AWeber’s website to get a better idea of their compliance regulations if you still have questions or just email their affiliate team. AWeber has an excellent reputation for customer service.

AWeber Is Known for the Customer Service

If you’ve read other reviews about AWeber you already know that their customer service has a great reputation for being prompt, knowledgeable and professional. There are many testimonials that speak highly of AWeber’s teams of experts that are made available to every AWeber customer.

It doesn’t matter what level customer you are, you will have the same access and support as the highest paying customer.

AWeber offers support in every capacity from live assistance by phone or live chat made available on their website. Access to live help on the phone or by chat is limited to their working hours but you can email their support groups and expect a reply in less than 24 hours!

  1. Contact by telephone toll free and international Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST and on weekends from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST
  2. Live chat personnel are available Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST and on weekends from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST
  3. Email support is available 24/7 and responds in less than 24 hours

You can rely on customer support to help you with every aspect of your email marketing campaign. AWeber has been in this business for 20 years and the knowledge that their customer service reps possess can be of value to even the most advanced email marketer that uses AWeber.

The Pros and Cons of AWeber

I know I may sound like I’m gushing over AWeber but there are some aspects of it that can be seen as a negative by prospective buyers. Especially those buyers who have used other email automation programs before and know exactly what they are looking for.

In order to be as fair as possible I have included a pros and cons section that outlines some less favorable parts of AWeber. Even though these cons exist, I still recommend using AWeber; particularly beginners who are looking to learn how to master email marketing and automation.

Pros of Using AWeber

  • AWeber customers can download apps to manage their campaigns and analytics on their mobile devices.
  • Integrates well with many third-party services and tools such as Clickfunnels, Thrive and Leadpages.
  • There is an active community on Facebook called AWeber Marketing Community where you can talk to fellow customers and gain insightful advice from experienced marketers.
  • AWeber has user-friendly tools with drag-and-drop features to design autoresponders emails
  • Supports tagging through email clicks
  • Great customer support for customers and affiliates alike
  • 30 days risk-free trial that gives you access to the full product and all of its features.

CONS of Using AWeber

  • Outdated automation system does not offer the same flexibility as their competitors
  • Outdated templates and forms that some users have commented as looking as if they were designed in the 90’s
  • Limited automation support in comparison to newer email marketing programs available Duplicate subscribers and unsubscribers across multiple lists count towards your limit. This means you have to constantly manage your subscribers list to make sure you’re not paying for the same subscribers.

I Recommend Using AWeber

As a digital marketer like yourself, and as a current customer of AWeber, I think it is a great service to help you learn the ropes of email marketing. Their training and support make it one of the most reliable and popular choices since its debut in 1998.

AWeber may feel outdated for some users but I have found it to be a valuable resource to my marketing strategy and I continue to learn from their services. I now feel confident in my own ability to expand my business through email automation.

I encourage you to try their 30 day risk-free trial. Take that time to go through their tutorials and contact their customer service reps to create a profitable marketing campaign.

If you’re unsatisfied with their service then at least you will have learned something along the way. You’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to expand your business with AWeber and why they continue to be a leader in their market after 20+ years of service.

I want to sincerely thank you for reading this article, for questions, concerns, or just simply want to give me your opinion, please do so in the comment section below!

I love hearing from my readers and love suggestions for future articles you’re interested in.



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