Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Is It A Scam?

Scam Deadbeat Super Affiliate

From the first few-paragraphs you see the same old sob story of a lazy affiliate somehow knocked down by life itself and thus our story needs a cusp or crutch to bridge us back to wealth. A little something to boost us from where we were we wanted to be all our life.

This Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review will not disappoint.




The story of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate is real, only the names have been changed to protect the identity of the lazy affiliates using this system.



The story is the same as a million others on the internet. Life kicked my feet out from under me and I landed in roses thanking life for the bruises. We saw the story with too many others and as such are a little worried when looking at handing the next Rich Jerk a few bucks for some secret formula to success. I mean why should we believe this time it might be real but I am telling you from just the first few paragraphs this guy is at least close to the real secret of success online.

Dan Brock is his name and he’s just an affiliate who is advertising making a cool $12,000 a month in his lazy business. $12,000 a month is only around $144,000 a year and nothing compared to the millions of dollars others scream at you.



Dan has made a lot more some months and less in others and shows honest checks in amounts of four to six thousand dollars on his page for month’s of work with programs like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Commission Junction.






Why is Dan telling you his formula or has he really found a flowing fountain of success?

Revenge on the industry seems to be a huge motive. He is getting tired of product after product telling you to aim high to earn big and then handing you a pea shooter to hit the moon with.

Dan Brock had an epiphany and it was quite simple really.

The majority of online shoppers were coming from a handful of massive traffic sources and landing on a handful of massive sales sites to buy massive numbers of physical products with their credit cards.



To crack the success code one only needs to find the right traffic to the

right place and hold up an exit sign saying free gas for your trip.


Imagine yourself on Highway 15 headed from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the tank is thirsty. You see sign after sign for $5 a gallon gas and then one BIG Bad Piece of Mega Signage saying FREE GAS for Vegas Travelers. Where are you stopping?

How long would that line be? How many 30,000 cars a day on that route would stop for FREE GAS!


That’s the power of controlling the information stream on the path between

a site like Facebook and a Store like Amazon, or a Search Engine like

Google to a Site like


Just by having the information people are looking for on their way to point B and helping them get there from point A can be apowerful thing.

I mean all you have to do is step out in traffic with a big sign and say FREE GAS.

The problem is you need a guy like Dan Brock to show you what information people are looking for, or more appropriately what kind of gas will it take to get their car from point A to point B. The spot they decide they have a need, to the point they actually know what they want, and where to get it is a huge area to hit or miss on, and your success is determined by how you feed people’s needs at each of these points.


     Can you buy this information elsewhere? Hell yes, so the             secret is to find a source you TRUST!



For me, I grabbed this information from a different source called Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate showed me a similar path with no up sells just honest information and a no fluff approach but some of us need a shake up and a reminder from time to time.

There are also many and I mean a whole ship load of methods and knowing to many of them is not a bad thing, so even if you have a Wealthy Affiliate Membership it still might be worth your money and time to explore the rest of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review.

I would love to see you find your success path so I am telling you to explore many of these routes but keep in mind the core principles I shared above.

Find a massive source of traffic to a set destination and find a means to step in front of it. It doesn’t take the whole freeway, you might even be looking for people on the road to Vegas wishing there was a place like Laughlin where they could get the same experience with less of a crowd.

You might have people needing a break from the big road and looking for other place to stop along the journey. It doesn’t take 30,000 visitors a day to make money but you can make money off a few dozen to a few hundred of them like Dan Brock shows in his sales page.


           It’s all about building funnels and information that take smaller amounts of visitors off the

             main traffic source and helping them find a better way to where they are going.


Dan Brock like many Guru claims his path is new, it’s not, and it’s the best ever which it might be.

That’s debatable but he might just have the right tools to take a leap year off your journey to success.

I will however tell you there are a few potential lies on the site that may make it harder to trust Dan than Kyle or Carson.

He says there are no secret weapons needed like SEO, probably not the case as a basic knowledge of SEO is needed just to buy a Facebook ad, or you will aim blind and pee on your foot.

He claims you don’t have to write articles or chase the scraps of other affiliates. This would typically mean he is going to tell you how to outsource good content to others who do the writing and then he doesn’t show you how to do competitive research and instead rank for keywords where there are no others marketing. This too is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and SEM Search Engine Marketing at play. He’s just not going to tell you what he is selling you.



        “After all, when Amazon paid out a cool $12.6 billion just to affiliates last year…and Clickbank hasn’t cracked

                   $2 billion in total sales in a decade…even a lazy guy can do the math.”



That is by far my favorite quote from Dan’s Expert Copywriter. I mean I would love to write products like Dan’s and know this person’s number because I am betting even Dan is in awe of it.

The problem you will find though is that Clickbank has boiled their marketplaces down to sub-niche markets. Each affiliate either attacks a market or a single product to make their money. Likewise, no one affiliate is going to draw in a commission on all 12 billion of those sales, over what is more than 1 million sub niche markets, Clickbank is a big store online, Amazon is the BIGGEST STORE ONLINE.

So the comparison is not a great one but it sounds amazing.


So what is Deadbeat Super Affiliate trying to sell you?

Information. They sell a small piece of it for $17 and more at each of several up sells until you get their version of the full secret a few hundred dollars later.

Is it worth the money?

Reading the front-page tells me that Dan knows what he is talking about but my concern is how much support you get with the purchase.



With Wealthy Affiliate I am supported by many of the more than 1 million Wealthy Affiliates before me, and have direct access to Kyle and Carson.


We do weekly webinars and entry to the program is FREE instead of $17 just to learn the basics which is how to set up your site for money. With Wealthy Affiliate you pay $19 for their first month and then either $49 a month or $359 a year for the entire rest of the program, which includes hosting, search engine tools like Jaaxy, and more.



That being said there may be things missed by Wealthy Affiliate and perhaps you can benefit from Deadbeat Super Affiliate. Dan Brock has a firm knowledge of the business and there is not as much deception in his elevator pitch as many others I have seen.


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Summary

This is definitely no scam and if read through and fully applied it one could earn your money back in as little a few months to a year. It won’t give you any overnight smoking gun unless you know how to raise a few thousand dollars to put into his recommended advertising streams and buy a mass of content to meet the traffic you buy and funnel them into Amazon.

While Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam, I am warning, that it still sounds like you will be doing this on your own at the end of the day. If you need community support, and people to hold you accountable for content and results this may not be your best pick but there really isn’t a way to make more money with less work than affiliate marketing.

           The traffic streams built today can pay for decades.







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