Challenge Accepted For Super Affiliate Marketing Training!


I want to begin by saying, “thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read about the 2019-2020 Super Affiliate Challenge I’ve been invited to participate in.” The mere fact I was invited to participate was a humbling experience for me. The challenge accepted for Super Affiliate Marketing Training!

Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate, reviewed each applicant carefully prior to admission to the course and I’m excited beyond words that I received my acceptance email today 4/2/19.

After reviewing the tasks assigned for Week 1 I’m well on my way to completing those tasks. I am working on the last task as I speak.




The Beginning of My Journey!

I will start by telling you about my circumstances in May 2018, almost a year ago. I was beginning to hear about folks earning money online and was curious as to where an individual could obtain the education required to build an online business. As a result, I was searching anywhere and everywhere for information! I knew there had to be some kind of course/classes you could take to learn the basics. I searched constantly on the internet to find a company where I could start at ground zero, learn the basics, study courses that would teach me step-by-step how to build a website, how to write content with SEO keywords, and how to get recognized by Google! The final results being a lucrative online business.

Needless to say, during these internet searches, I, like many, was scammed by a few companies who were trying to make a fast BUCK!

After joining a few of those companies and losing some money I quickly realized my valuable time and precious money was being wasted. The online business and my dream was just not happening! The supposed training was merely HOT AIR!

Then I happened on to Wealthy Affiliate!

Without a doubt, that has got to be the best day of my LIFE! I finally found what I had been searching for, a place where I could learn the basics, from the comfort of my own home and on my laptop. The courses would teach you the basics of an online business, about affiliate marketing, how to build a website, step-by-step instructions, and about writing content using keywords to rank and have your blog and pages/posts indexed on Google.

I was a newbie and didn’t know the first thing about any of this type of work, I barely knew how to turn the computer on!

LOL! 🙂

Oh, I don’t want to fail to mention, the BEST part of this deal, I received my first 10 lessons free, and before I completed the FREE training, my website was up and running…. just a few easy steps!!!

I want to share the Getting Started Course, the First Lesson at Wealthy Affiliate! Please click this link, you will be amazed.



This was just the beginning for me, there is a wealth of education offered in Wealthy Affiliate, so naturally, when I completed the FREE courses, I purchased the yearly membership and became a PREMIUM member.

I began studying the courses in order, as instructed by Kyle, and spent hours learning everything I was being taught, it felt like the first day of kindergarten. There was so much to learn and so little time.

The courses were very structured and at the end of each section there were assignments given, which I completed promptly, so I could go to the next course.

I was just like a KID in a CANDY STORE! I was learning something new every day and I hadn’t felt that kind of excitement in a long time.

So, you say, what’s that got to do with the 2020 SUPER AFFILIATE CHALLENGE?

I’m getting to that, but I just wanted to give you a little history.



Every year the owners of the company, offer an incentive to all members, and that incentive is this:

  • members who obtain 300 premium members through their referral, win an all expense paid for trip to Las Vegas, for the annual Wealthy Affiliate Annual Conference.
  • You are flown there and put up in a suite with all the amenities
  • the next one is January 2020

So beginning today, I am embarked on a serious journey. I will be studying new courses daily, writing more content, setting new goals, and building my online presence.

I will be writing articles to inspire you and spark an interest in you to expand your horizons.

Since you’re reading this post, I can assume you’re interested in learning about online businesses, perhaps you would like to learn more.

I will be bringing you post and articles to help you in your search. I want you to find the perfect platform for the aspiring affiliate marketer. You will find a dozen or so reviews of companies on my website, check them out.

There’s a review on Wealthy Affiliate which details the company from start to finish. Do your homework, research the platforms available and be aware of the scammers out there.

As I learn more, I will pass that knowledge on so you may benefit from it as well.

To prepare myself and you as well, I want you to realize this journey will not be fun and games, but instead with be full of long days, long hours, pushing harder than ever before, and burning the midnight oil. Are you ready for this challenge?

I am ready, are YOU?

Let’s take this journey together, this is my challenge for you! Are you ready to take the challenge, just click the link below and we can do this together with help of thousands of other entrepreneurs that have gone before us!


Week 1 just started, you can get on board FREE!



It’s not too late to follow me! You can start your own business in just a few EASY STEPS your website will be built, that’s the foundation of your business, next you start the online courses which will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Are you ready to jump on board, learn and experience tons of fun, build a full time income and brand that is trustworthy and you can put your faith in, and can positively help people?

If your answer is YES, then you’re at the right place at the right time and I know, without a doubt you are going to love the courses lined up for you HERE!

Available with FREE membership:

  1. Starter program to help newbies get started: $0.00/monthly fee
  2. Live Help first 7 days
  3. (2) Websites
  4. Affiliate Boot Camp Training – Phase 1
  5. Video Walk-throughs
  6. Website Backup
  7. Beginner Training Course
  8. Personal Affiliate Blog
  9. Keyword Research Tool – 30 searches
  10. Training Classrooms – 2
  11. Affiliate Program
  12. Earn While You Learn
  13. 1 – on – 1 Coaching First 7 Days
  14. Best For: Getting Started……………..$0.00 monthly fee


“I want to help you build a full time business and an established brand online. I also want to personally be hanging out with you every year at our fully paid for, Annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.”……Kyle and Carson.

You could say this is the Mission Statement for Wealty Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is blessed with close to 1.3 Million affiliates since 2005 and each and they are accessible on the Wealthy Affiliate platform by group message, to assist in answering questions and helping new members find their way. The owners have helped MANY members build successful 6-7 figure incomes.

During my time here, my questions have always been answered in a timely manner. You will find a friendly, helpful, and supportive group.

Now that you’ve joined me, we can begin working together on this project.


Week 1:

  • Begin with the first course, the link is HERE!
  • Complete the first course and the tasks assigned
  • Reach out for assistance if needed.

The Super Affiliate agenda:

  1. It will be rigorous
  2. It’s goal is geared to motivate you out of your comfort zone and to a new level for your website/business. Increase skillfulness and efficiency within the online world
  3. Monthly tasks assigned
  4. New education-monthly
  5. Online group to discuss current topics and feedback as needed for your website/business.

Email me back, “Nana, I’m ready to ROCK AND ROLL!


My primary focus is your Success!


Check next week for Week 2 guide.


Post your questions or concerns below, I love hearing from my visitors!


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Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!


Cora aka NanasBigTimeMarketing


  • Very interesting and accurate article Cora, I’m with Wealthy affiliate two months and that was my best decision in life, I have already built two websites and learn so much in that time. I love live webinars too and think that you can learn lots of valuable information from them. And I’m so excited because I have been accepted to Super Affiliate challenge too. I really enjoyed that you shared your story how you came across WA and I can agree with you that so many websites there just trying to get out money out of you with lots of upsells and what I really like about WA that it has no upsells and great training and support! All the best and success in your online business.

    • Marius,
      You joined and took the bull by the horns, it sounds like! Congratulations on your progress and having built two websites. I’m anxious to watch your progress.
      I’m sure you’re super excited to have been accepted to the Super Affiliate challenge and I plan on meeting you in Las Vegas in 2020, for our free expense paid trip by Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my page and your comments.


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