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Our review Clickbank Pirate a scam or a money maker in disguise? Initially, there’s a couple of glaring issues: do they offer a competing product and do they know the difference in a landing page system from a blog based marketing system?

How I Made $5,000 In A Week+Got all Expenses Paid To Vegas Online


Who doesn’t like a great SUCCESS story? I know I do! I bet the headlines of this page grabbed your attention just like it did mine. How I Made $5,000 in a week +Got All Expenses Paid to Vegas Online!


Hi, I’m Cora from Nana’sBigTimeMarketing and…….

I’m attempting to give you a synopsis of what I’ve been doing since April 2018 and what my plans are for 2019.

Just a little background history, I’ve heard of folks making money online and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it….I’m not sure if that’s where you are today or not, but if you ‘just don’t get how it works’ then you will want to fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life.

You know, I was reading last night about Albert Einstein, his childhood, school age years, college and on into his years as an adult.

As we all know, he was a very interesting person and sort of marched to a set of different drums and if he were a child in school right now, he would not have fit the mold and probably would have been placed in an area for disruptive children. One of his professors stated, “he is not fit to be in any position here at our university.”

I’m saying this to bring it to your attention, that as a child, young adult, and mature adult, we are programmed to believe we have to follow certain rules and fit into certain pegs in order to be successful and when another method of being successful is being introduced we have a tendency not to believe it or think it’s a scam, so on and so forth.

That is not to say, that there aren’t scams out there on the internet! There are plenty of scams on the internet and one has to be aware of them, research the company, look at their track record, so on and so forth.

I have several reviews on my website about companies that are considered a scam or they are on the verge of being a scam and I explain why! Please check out this page for more details:

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?


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Earlier I mentioned I was going to review my plans and goals for 2019.

Making plans and goals not only for the year but goals for the week and the day are extremely important when it comes to success in your business and life.

So, set your goals, plan your day, week, year, and then work your plan!

At the end of the day, check off projects you’ve completed and move the projects that weren’t complete to the next day!

Don’t beat yourself up for incomplete tasks that were set for the day, that is if you didn’t waste time and you remained on task. At the end of the day and you’re reflecting on each task you completed and the tasks you didn’t complete, this is a good time to make adjustment in your schedule.

Maybe you’ve allotted too much time for some tasks and not enough time for others. That’s a good time to make those adjustments in your schedule for the next day!

My goals for 2019:

  • exercise once a day
  • pray every morning
  • read the Bible daily
  • read books by successful entrepreneurs
  • (1) blog post a day
  • work on a minimum of (1) lesson a day at Wealthy Affiliate
  • earn $10,000 a month
  • add 300 Wealthy Affiliate referrals
  • win the free trip, all expenses paid to Vegas

An important point I want to impart with you is this, and we have all heard it before…..”if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t true”

My experience and the experience of successful entrepreneurs will tell you, you won’t get-rich-quick, but you will succeed, if you follow the proven steps, remain focused and consistent in your online business, you will succeed, some faster than others!

So try to keep that in mind as you study this content and I will clarify those steps further in the article.



I’m going to venture to say that you probably know as much about business on the internet as I did just a few months ago, which I’m ashamed to say, was very little.

In the next few pages, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about business on the internet, how I’ve studied, learned how to build a website, find a niche, and find valuable keywords that rank with google, bing, and yahoo, and how to grow traffic.

The key to increased traffic is keywords, so when you write blogs and post them to your website, Google finds it and ranks it by your content and keywords, when Google ranks you #1 on page 1, people see you and your post and are driven to that post and read it. This is the beginning of the snowball effect.

I want to refer you to a blog post of mine that ranked Google #3 on page 1, which I’m very excited about!






How long does it take? That’s a very good question, almost everyday someone asks me that question!

There are many variables that play into the equation:

  • previous experience with the computer
  • the amount of time one spends on the training daily and consistently
  • how quickly the information is absorbed and then used in one’s website
  • the amount of time one has to spend on actual blogging once the website has been built
  • whether you’re blogging full time or working full time and blogging part-time

One of the variables I mentioned was, previous experience with the computer. Just so you know and my family can attest to this, prior to starting my website, I barely knew how to turn the computer on. So for me, it was a giant learning curve. Not only was the whole “internet business” new to me, I had to learn all the in’s and out’s of the computer.

I will be completely honest, it has been very difficult, but I have (2) wonderful daughter-in-laws who have been extremely gracious and patient with me and have assisted me every step of the way!

I truly owe them! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dana Chestnut and Sarah Chestnut for all their assistance, I couldn’t have done it without you!

As you can easily see, these are just a few of the variables that can extend the time or shorten the time frame before your blog is making money!

The end result is in your ballpark! You get out of your blog just exactly what you put into it. No more, no less.



A lot of people just can’t fathom that they can actually make money with a blog and initially I had my doubts, so I’m going to refer you to a colleague of mine that describes the steps he took and time frame to make $5,000 in a week online.






CLICK HERE! You will find this extremely beneficial and exciting information!





Unbelievable! Right?


By the way, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, I mentioned the ‘snowball effect’ earlier and Roope is about to see the results of the ‘snowball effect’. Once you start your blog rolling, there is not stopping it, unless you stop working it: posting, communicating with your readers and creating great content.

In this success story, Roop, explains how he started out and you can follow his success steps from the beginning to current.

He addresses the fact, that one must treat your website like you would any other job, plan your days and work your plan. Just because you don’t have a “Boss” doesn’t mean you can slack off, just because it’s online doesn’t mean you can do things when you want to. Posts need to be completed between 3 or 4 days a week to daily posts.

Most serious bloggers take their computer with them if they take a vacation, so they can keep up with what’s going on with their business!

That’s one of the GREAT BENEFITS TO HAVING AN ONLINE BUSINESS! You can take it with you, all you need in an internet connection.



Well, I’m prepared to convince you even more. I’m going to refer you to another young lady, Grace, she’s been blogging about 2 years and she describes her journey so well. I think you are really going to enjoy her post!






Grace has been so helpful during my journey and that’s what our community does, we have access to members all over the world, you can ask a question and literally in just a few minutes someone will be online answering your question. It’s just the greatest platform I’ve ever been involved with. I know you will find the same recap


It doesn’t matter is you’re a newbie or old hand at this, you can SUCCEED!




So What Are You Waiting For?



You can try this program for FREE as long as you want to and can sign up without a credit card! That’s how serious we are about your FREE PROGRAM!




The FREE program consists of the following:





Since it’s FREE, WHY NOT TRY IT OUT! If you’re not totally satisfied, you haven’t lost anything!



I am going to walk you through the process right now! Just follow along!






The Beginning

*****You’ve already clicked on (WHY NOT TRY IT OUT) and signed up***************

  • Start your lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, the first 10 Lessons are FREE, there are a total of 50 Lessons!
  • So if you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!


You will begin your training in the course titles Online Enterpreneur Certification (OEC), which is above WEBSITES on the left menu, once you’ve signed in.


  • Click on the first course, View Course, titled Getting Started
  • Start on Lesson 1, check off the tasks as you do them for this lesson, then go on to Lesson 2 and the tasks for Lesson 2. Once Lesson 1 & 2 are complete you are ready to move to Lesson 3


  • Choose a niche, something you are passionate about and will enjoy writing about.
  • I recommend putting some thought into this step (you want your business to be something you enjoy, not dread


  • Create your website
  • I recommend to start with the FREE one


  • Follow the lessons in order, completing all the tasks then move on to the next lesson and tasks
  • I recommend the lessons be followed in order, you are building the foundation for your business, if you skip around your foundation won’t be stable. I hope this makes sense.


This process is so simple, so don’t overthink the process. Just follow the steps and complete the tasks in each lesson and write great content, using great keywords as advised in my Secret Guide To Jaaxy-How To Find The Best Keywords In Your Niche!


Hey, if you followed the these steps, I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think about the program. I am here as a resource for you and I want YOU to SUCCEED!!

I will be here for you to reach out to me anytime you need to and I hope you will take advantage of this!



Review ClickBank Pirate a Scam or Make Money Online Genius?

Our Review ClickBank Pirate a Scam or money maker in disguise?  Today we answer this question and so much more but I want to start off with saying that many of the articles and reviews I have researched for this program have a couple of glaring issues.

The first is that they all offer a competing or at least in the mind of the blogger, a competing product.

The second is that they can’t seem to tell a landing page system from a blog based marketing system which we will go into in this review.  Here’s the advantages and disadvantages on my review of ClickBank Pirate a SCAM or Make Money online Genious!






ClickBank Pirate- The first thing we need to know is what is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the world’s largest and most successful marketplace and affiliate program for software and training programs ranging from How to Handle Your New Baby to Making Money of the Foreign Exchange, and even dozens of guides on affiliate and network marketing.

There are scripts, software, blog themes, push button automation, and old school self-help products all in digital format offered through ClickBank which host over 3 billion dollars in sales through their system in a nearly 15 year history.


Review of ClickBankPirate – The difference between a landing page system and a blog based marketing system.

In a perfect world in online marketing we all would know how to set up a blog, own your domain name, and write tons of killer content including reviews and have copy writing skills to build killer landing pages of your own.

While you can learn these skills with a company like Wealthy Affiliate the truth is it can take a couple of months to learn all the ins and outs of blogging and what it means to write pages with content and start mastering traffic generation, and take a few more months for this practice to build a substantial income for you.

SO what is a landing page?  It’s a single page offer for a sale, or in some cases to capture leads before a sale.

It is designed to capitalize on impulse buying and has no marketing properties like a blog filled with related content that all points to the product you’re promoting being the best in the world.

That said the pitch is usually very compelling but generally vague so you’re left intrigued enough to at least start the small end of the sales funnel.


bebox copy

If you ever been on a sales page for a product you have seen a land page system at work.

With ClickBank Pirate you are buying ready-made landing pages which to have been developed on your own and could cost over $1500 a piece or more for the copy writing and graphic design work.

Further if you are doing it for a product you own you will likely have several thousand dollars invested into research and development of your own products.

With ClickBank Pirate you cut in line and save these costs paying less than $14 per page for your initial set of 4 products.

These products cost you nothing to make because they are ready-made products offered through the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.

The pages are done for your market tools and all you have to do is host them and add your ClickBank ID, and promote the hell your of them.


The problem with this and the reason many call ClickBank Pirate a scam is these products have a low shelf life and are mass-produced.

All the duplicate content penalties, the high competition, and the fact there is literally no substance to these pages beyond the sales pitch means you will likely only make a few hundred dollars off each new site a month while you promote them through advertising and social media.

Up front, they offer a free bonus to teach some basic skills and even a set of free, ready to use ready-made blog themes to help you build longer term traffic.

But ultimately you have to continue to subscribe and add new sites and pages in order to scale up and reach the thousand dollars a month or more they claim possible.


The whole system is filled with up sells and the main sell at $297 can be a down sell to $67 by saying no to the offer a couple of times.

There are also tack on products being offered through affiliate links showing you the system is not complete and how someone can really make a lot of money as an affiliate even if they own their program or products.


AH-Ha!! Make that especially if you own programs and products.

In the meantime, while you are checking out ClickBank Pirate don’t be blinded by the bling in the members’ area. There also have been complaints that members’ are a bit confused if you don’t speak pirate, that just comes with a few clicks and a bit of practice.

My #1 Recommendation for making real money online, either to supplement or replace your income regularly, CLICK HERE!

A sneak preview, BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!


The Verdict, is Clickbank Pirate a Scam? NO!

To qualify as a scam they would have to present themselves as something they are not and while they are not the best method for building online success they are by far the exact program and product they promise.

You use their system to get a jump on other marketers trying to develop their own sales pages while marketing hot ClickBank products, with the right amount of investment and a growing back end system to build long term traffic streams you most likely will do GREAT temporarily!

What about your future, are you building your BRAND, or ClickBanks brand?

What type of online business do you want to build, something temporary or something that will endure the test of time, and you won’t always be having to build a new site, spending extra money, to be able to promote the next big HOT item.

I want you to realize the difference in building your website on sand versus solid ground.

As an online entrepreneur YOU want all your hard, tedious labor and energy that you focus on your website to stand the test of time, not some ‘fly-by-night’ site to promote the latest HOT ClickBank item, and then have to move on to the next HOT item.

Personally, I’m not very tech y and if I’m going to spend hours at my computer I want it to be for something that will last and that I can build upon.

How simple is the system? Is it really set and forget easy?

Well there is no product that is 100% set and forget. You will still need to know or learn something about advertising or marketing and will likely spend hundreds to make thousands using this system.

Since it has a short shelf life, as landing pages often do, you will need to stay subscribed, keep putting up more pages, and keep advertising everything you put into place.

Is it easier than your 9-5 job, yes, can it be done in minutes a day?

Probably not but 1-2 hours a day still beats 40-50 hours a week.autopilot

Final rating would be 3.5 of 5 stars.

There are so many easier ways to get monetized fast while you start building for the future but is the program a good fit for a low tech newbie marketer looking to cut their teeth? ClickBank Pirate can help you in the short term while you learn better tactics to make money online.

I want to say, “Thank You” for stopping by and reading my review of ClickBank Pirate a Scam or make money online genius?

I sincerely hope you received benefit from my review! For more information about me, click here and leave a comment or question below. I love reading your comments and I always respond ASAP!

I anticipate meeting you online and assisting you start your own online business!

Hope to see you soon and let’s build an online business!


Cora (aka Nana’s Big Time Marketer Blog)Cora