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IM Jet Set Super Affiliate System Review


In our Super Affiliate System Review we will be taking a look at the prowess of John Crestani and his qualifications and ability to deliver a course worth a minimum $300 value to the user.

John Crestani has been around affiliate marketing for some time and has made a lot of money as an affiliate. He has made even more with his products like Super Affiliate System and related Internet Jet Set course as marketers new and old have come flocking to the trough to feed off one of the biggest launches of Clickbank in 2016.



Let’s dig into Super Affiliate System and the Internet Jetset Course


When version 1.0 was released some claimed it under delivered but many more said it was an excellent value at the price.

After all a course that is under $400.00 doesn’t have to deliver everything imaginable to still deliver real value as a blogger found out.

In fact drip feeding updates or releasing a multi-part system are looked on by many as a responsible thing to do so customers don’t experience overload and come away confused; however, Crestani is accused by the blogger of having a high number of hidden cost and up sells behind the scenes as well as offering affiliate links to other systems in his members’ area or leveraging the members’ area to earn affiliate income.




First off this is not the only program to ever offer 3rd party related products to members’ but Let’s dig into value delivery


In order to establish value we must be able to weigh cost of system towards potential for ROI or Return on Investment within 18 months of the course finish. The higher the cost of the program the more it has to deliver for you to gain your money back and be in profit within 18 to 24 months of purchase.

I will tell you that Super Affiliate System is a big up sell to the 12-week internet Jet Set course which retail for $47.00 a month and has $up sell under $200.00 before being offered Super Affiliate System at a $997 price tag.

In total, you could be looking at $1,000 or more in cost to get the full system via Internet Jet Set, but is this price reasonable? You must access Super Affiliate System through IM Jet Set.




So What is included with Super Affiliate System to make it of value to the average Joe or Jane starting an affiliate marketing business?



Where Internet Jet-Set was an introduction to the concepts of building a WordPress Website and generating traffic to the site using methods including YouTube Traffic, Facebook, PayPerClick (PPC) advertising while helping you build your mindset, overcome fears, and find great products it seemed to not deliver as much value as advanced users were looking for.

Super Affiliate System on the other hand is cutting edge training and workshops packaged with ready to roll campaign funnels out of the box. Plug in your email marketing, add your links and GO!

There are more than 30 courses in total and each builds off the last and gives a round view of Internet Affiliate Marketing that is capable of delivering the value.

To make back your $997.00 price tag one must simply earn an average of $50.00 a month for 20 months in commissions selling products on a low to mid ticket range, which is very possible.

Selling big ticket items like John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System can make it take just a couple of sales to recoup these funds and the course is well capable of showing you how to get there.



After the sale follow up?


John’s programs offer weekly webinars and a Super Affiliate Forum. They offer a phone support system and FAQ with ongoing forum support from John and his team.

The support level is not as robust as programs like Wealthy Affiliate but is rated as fair by members’.

The main issue here is the support system has a ton of high pressure sales, trying to up sell where possible and the tools for support are low quality with many systems providing much faster support.

The Site itself is like 1/3 of websites these days and on the WordPress Platform but they didn’t do anything special to brand the course login, thus showing parts were completed on the cheap with little preparation or attention to detail.

You will also find a what comes next pattern of progress missing as each video training and seminar on the outside of the site have no real instructions. From the outside looking in it would appear to not have these details and be a random learn what you want instead of a system.

A course is offered, but they don’t show much sign of it on the outside of the members’ area at

These details could make a system a hard sell if your referrals do a little research and make it to this important piece of the puzzle.



Pros to buying the Super Affiliate System and IM Jet Set 12-week Course by John Crestani

  • If you are looking for the shortest path to profits and have a few thousand dollars to invest this system is full of detail on how to save PAID advertising sources.
  • It shows you how to Pre-sell and convert offers, a must for high conversions and great return on investment.
  • Super Affiliate System touches on free traffic sources which are boosted by some paid traffic but there is a definite push for paid ads.
  • The system teaches sound tactics for using Native Ads which are still a fairly new advertising method but are highly mobile. These ads are content based instead of advertising based and will push content and post on your blog.
  • You are taught copy writing skills which by themselves can become a full time income or save you thousands of dollars a year.
  • The system comes with multiple high quality sales funnels for popular topics like Health and Fitness.
  • These secrets do work for high power affiliates like John Crestani and can work for you.

Cons to buying the IM Jet Set and Super Affiliate System

  • Incomplete training, there is a lot about marketing left to learn
  • Not a complete site, if you are using the training promoting the SAS then you might find some high return rates and prospects may shy away seeing the actual WordPress login.
  • Somewhat out-of-date: Much of the training is 2015 and 2016 dates and the SAS site itself says copyright 2016 while the sales site says copyright 2018, a much more recent face. This leads one to believe the cutting edge tactics have been around for some time and may not be as cutting edge.
  • Cost of implementing the system. Not only the $997.00 price tag must be considered, you are also looking at needing to fund months of practice and testing to get your pay per click advertising to making a smooth ROI or return on your investment money. In all you can expect $2500.00 or more to try to recoup which is double for some but many will likely not finish the training or may not comprehend the systems or do the testing and legwork to perfect them.


Summary of our Super Affiliate System Review and related IM Jet Set – Is It a Scam?

The system is as good as it is confusing. Personally, I wouldn’t consider buying the product myself mainly because I would not want to promote it as a recommended program to sell, since it is so incomplete and half done. You would also need a secondary training system like Wealthy Affiliate to teach you more about free traffic and content creation to cut those paid advertising cost down too next to nothing over your 2 year test period. In short this is a program where buyers need to beware and for most readers I would say stay clear of it unless you are committed and well funded.

Finally, I’m going to mention a few reasons I would not consider buying this product myself. Firstly, I do not have the budget to purchase this type of system and secondly, these prepackaged, done for you products like this, is not mine, it belongs to the owner. These types of systems like this come and go and when they are gone, you are left with nothing.

When or if the Super Affiliate System Review is debunked, then you are left with absolutely nothing, you’ve lost all your hard work and money…..just GONE!!!!




You have the ability to make as much or more than the Super Affiliate System claim when you build something yourself.

You’re not dependent on anyone but yourself!

People will come searching for you when you build your business the proper way, meeting interested folk through your consistent, well researched content.

This is exactly what I have done, about 6 months ago I started my own online business and have begun to attract online visitors without having to pay for any traffic. Here’s a great rags-to-riches story written by Grace, this page describes Graces’ actions, ups and downs, amount of content written and as a result the amount of traffic she is experiencing.



What A Year Can Do


The key to her success is in the comprehensive training we’ve been exposed to! We have kept our noses to the grindstone, studying lesson after lesson, creating great content with “out of the ballpark keywords” and going from zero traffic to almost 2,000 a day!

I’m following in her footsteps and you can as well.

This is the kicker… the end of the day, everything you have done will be for you and you alone and not dependent on someone else……and isn’t that what you want to BE YOUR OWN BOSS?

Check out Grace’s income proof and her 2 year journey!

Find out all the details of this online business and how it works……CLICK HERE!


I don’t know about you, but after I read this page Grace wrote, I began earnestly focusing, studying my lessons and writing CONTENT! My goal is to write a post every day with valuable information for my readers.

This is so AMAZING, you can give this a test run, leave your wallet in your pocket, you can access the platform for FREE for as long as you like.

With your FREE account, you will have access to quite a bit, (10) lessons, (enough to build your own website), community support from experienced entrepreneurs, and business tools just to name a few.

I will help you every step of the way, along with Grace.

Start building your own empire! Your own assets and residual income that’s not dependent on another person or person’s!

This is your wake-up CALL! STOP wasting your time and money on“the man’s” system!

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, if you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Super Affiliate System if a scam or about anything else I’ve discussed. I love to hear from you and will respond quickly.



Have a Blessed Day!

Let’s build internet businesses and make money online!



( aka Nana’sBigTimeMarketer)









The My Mobile Money Pages Review

Our My Mobile Money Pages Review begins with a story about a software that is similar to a good deal of software that came out before it. One that basically takes the keywords found through a suggestion tool and creates mini pages that promote Adsense and affiliate programs. The software is actually a WordPress mini-site builder that aggregates or curates content from other websites and from Amazon Product Descriptions to build out dozens of page


My Mobile Money Pages Review we have done has also turned up some shocking truth about the system.

The first part is since it counts on aggravated or curated content it has little to no content of its own on each site. These scraper built sites are frowned on by Google and in some cases assessed a penalty that means you likely will never see your pages on page 1 in competitive terms. To balance that effect the program author states that the product does two things, it aims for terms with low traffic and also tries to anticipate terms with traffic tomorrow he calls undiscovered terms.

To further counter these issues the system has on board link building which will build inbound links from your other sites, etc. But these sites in reality are what is called a link farm or micro blog networks which also get link penalties, especially if these blog networks called PBN pr Private Blog Networks are also scraper built sites and are largely unrelated to the sites they link to. In short, their claims of ranking in Google and Google loving these sites is false.


Do the websites created by My Mobile Money Pages have any benefits?

Well, they are still websites and they are not stealing content, they give credit to actual authors and don’t use content spinners to try to pretend you wrote the post yourself. That said, they have curated content sites like directories and news sites that pull 100% non unique content that do reach page 2 and 3 of the Search Engine Rankings and occasionally they can even be found on page 1 of undiscovered search terms that have traffic but no competition.

These low hanging fruit keywords will bring some traffic each and with a lot of pages a site can pull a couple of hundred targeted buyers a month. If you have 200 monthly visitors and 4% or 8 of them buy something paying $10 in commissions you need to simply build numerous sites to make decent money. More traffic fewer sites, less traffic more sites.





Websites? Do I need special training?

If you follow their plan no, but if you want the two hundred thousand dollars a year income they claim, you will need to learn more about owning and building a blog. For that we recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate because they teach you more about affiliate marketing using the WordPress Content Management System than just about anyone. You would also learn a lot about WordPress SEO.

My Mobile Money Pages Review has shown so far that these pages are hosted on sub domains and are not self hosted at all. The fact that they are on sub domain hosting which is like my site.their instead of my means another battle with Google for rankings. You will get penalties assessed to the main domain affecting ranks like poor inbound links, and other members getting caught using SPAM tactics, and in the end you will find it damned hard and damned expensive to change hosts should you leave MY MOBILE MONEY program. SEO is not these people’s strong suit for sure.


Are there other worries about My Mobile Money Pages

Yes, there is some overblown and downright deceptive hype to retail numbers online. One example is a claim of 1 billion daily sales which is like way over the 36 billion annual tickets in 2015 and projected 64 million for 2018.  His number would be around 300 billion too many transactions and actually comes closer to the dollar amount of online transactions daily but still is far enough to venture that the program owner or their copywriter exaggerated the numbers or simply pulled them from their head without checking for the facts at all.

They also make claim that sites like Amazon and EBay have used sites like these to generate billions in sales and grow as big as they are when in fact it is affiliates who have used the types of sites which are typically much lower quality to generate sales.

They also do little to make you aware that the $547,43 per day earnings are only a potential and that 90% of the people in the program are at the $39.95 level. Simply put most of these sites will not make enough to build that $200,000 in pledged annual income. They might make you a few hundred extra a month but they will not send you to Tahiti 6 times a year while you shuffle from your mansion in Malibu to your New York City Penthouse.

Lastly scraper sites can adversely affect your relationship with Google and Amazon as they are hugely frowned against by both companies and complaints could lead to account cancellations with both. The biggest concern is that there is no mention of them teaching you how to seek and remove copyrighted content from your pages should the need arise and they don’t seem to auto create several required legal policy pages like Privacy Policy, About Pages, GDPR Compliance, and Affiliate Disclaimers.


My Mobile Money Pages Review did turn up some positives.

The first win for the program is the price, it’s not massive, allowing you to take a chance on the program and maybe earn enough to scale your business up while learning required skills to actually make $200,000 a year or more online. They also offer a 56-day money back guarantee which shows they are confident you can make at least enough to stick with them a short time. That looks good but for those of us running blogs and even serial bloggers the odds of making your money back in that time frame are slim to none without other sources of traffic especially if you are using a scraper site.


Summary of the My Mobile Money Pages Review

The software here is borderline search engine SPAM and another algorithm change or so and the sites might just vanish and you may have to begin again from scratch. While our opinion is that you can make at least small sums of money from each site you do so at risk of 2 of your better sources of income in Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

This should definitely not be a long term income plan and I would honestly say that saving your $40 and joining Wealthy Affiliate for free is a much better plan, but I might be biased because they have been teaching me. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to set up your own blog for free on a sub domain so you can cut your teeth. After that you can expand your training with a special offer for the first month of premium membership at just $19 and you can continue beyond that for $49 a month or $359 a year!

But for the next 3 days our BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL is half off!

Click HERE!


Wealthy Affiliate is well worth looking into but for those on a really tight budget, who know nothing about affiliate marketing you can still start, with the FREE program, learn and earn your way up to better sites and programs!





In my opinion, the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP gives you FREE access to Wealthy Affiliate, teaches you how to build your website, and 10 free courses to instruct you in writing content using keywords to increase traffic, without the fear of doing something illegal and getting fined or banned from Amazon or Google.


You won’t regret it, GIVE IT A SPIN!


Thank you for stopping by and reading my review, please feel free to leave questions or concerns below as I love to hear from my readers and I answer comments in a timely manner.

I want to welcome you to join my team, let’s build websites, step by step, and with the help of me and my team of entrepreneurs you will have a successful business!


By for now,



Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Is It A Scam?

Scam Deadbeat Super Affiliate

From the first few-paragraphs you see the same old sob story of a lazy affiliate somehow knocked down by life itself and thus our story needs a cusp or crutch to bridge us back to wealth. A little something to boost us from where we were we wanted to be all our life.

This Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review will not disappoint.




The story of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate is real, only the names have been changed to protect the identity of the lazy affiliates using this system.



The story is the same as a million others on the internet. Life kicked my feet out from under me and I landed in roses thanking life for the bruises. We saw the story with too many others and as such are a little worried when looking at handing the next Rich Jerk a few bucks for some secret formula to success. I mean why should we believe this time it might be real but I am telling you from just the first few paragraphs this guy is at least close to the real secret of success online.

Dan Brock is his name and he’s just an affiliate who is advertising making a cool $12,000 a month in his lazy business. $12,000 a month is only around $144,000 a year and nothing compared to the millions of dollars others scream at you.



Dan has made a lot more some months and less in others and shows honest checks in amounts of four to six thousand dollars on his page for month’s of work with programs like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Commission Junction.






Why is Dan telling you his formula or has he really found a flowing fountain of success?

Revenge on the industry seems to be a huge motive. He is getting tired of product after product telling you to aim high to earn big and then handing you a pea shooter to hit the moon with.

Dan Brock had an epiphany and it was quite simple really.

The majority of online shoppers were coming from a handful of massive traffic sources and landing on a handful of massive sales sites to buy massive numbers of physical products with their credit cards.



To crack the success code one only needs to find the right traffic to the

right place and hold up an exit sign saying free gas for your trip.


Imagine yourself on Highway 15 headed from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the tank is thirsty. You see sign after sign for $5 a gallon gas and then one BIG Bad Piece of Mega Signage saying FREE GAS for Vegas Travelers. Where are you stopping?

How long would that line be? How many 30,000 cars a day on that route would stop for FREE GAS!


That’s the power of controlling the information stream on the path between

a site like Facebook and a Store like Amazon, or a Search Engine like

Google to a Site like


Just by having the information people are looking for on their way to point B and helping them get there from point A can be apowerful thing.

I mean all you have to do is step out in traffic with a big sign and say FREE GAS.

The problem is you need a guy like Dan Brock to show you what information people are looking for, or more appropriately what kind of gas will it take to get their car from point A to point B. The spot they decide they have a need, to the point they actually know what they want, and where to get it is a huge area to hit or miss on, and your success is determined by how you feed people’s needs at each of these points.


     Can you buy this information elsewhere? Hell yes, so the             secret is to find a source you TRUST!



For me, I grabbed this information from a different source called Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate showed me a similar path with no up sells just honest information and a no fluff approach but some of us need a shake up and a reminder from time to time.

There are also many and I mean a whole ship load of methods and knowing to many of them is not a bad thing, so even if you have a Wealthy Affiliate Membership it still might be worth your money and time to explore the rest of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review.

I would love to see you find your success path so I am telling you to explore many of these routes but keep in mind the core principles I shared above.

Find a massive source of traffic to a set destination and find a means to step in front of it. It doesn’t take the whole freeway, you might even be looking for people on the road to Vegas wishing there was a place like Laughlin where they could get the same experience with less of a crowd.

You might have people needing a break from the big road and looking for other place to stop along the journey. It doesn’t take 30,000 visitors a day to make money but you can make money off a few dozen to a few hundred of them like Dan Brock shows in his sales page.


           It’s all about building funnels and information that take smaller amounts of visitors off the

             main traffic source and helping them find a better way to where they are going.


Dan Brock like many Guru claims his path is new, it’s not, and it’s the best ever which it might be.

That’s debatable but he might just have the right tools to take a leap year off your journey to success.

I will however tell you there are a few potential lies on the site that may make it harder to trust Dan than Kyle or Carson.

He says there are no secret weapons needed like SEO, probably not the case as a basic knowledge of SEO is needed just to buy a Facebook ad, or you will aim blind and pee on your foot.

He claims you don’t have to write articles or chase the scraps of other affiliates. This would typically mean he is going to tell you how to outsource good content to others who do the writing and then he doesn’t show you how to do competitive research and instead rank for keywords where there are no others marketing. This too is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and SEM Search Engine Marketing at play. He’s just not going to tell you what he is selling you.



        “After all, when Amazon paid out a cool $12.6 billion just to affiliates last year…and Clickbank hasn’t cracked

                   $2 billion in total sales in a decade…even a lazy guy can do the math.”



That is by far my favorite quote from Dan’s Expert Copywriter. I mean I would love to write products like Dan’s and know this person’s number because I am betting even Dan is in awe of it.

The problem you will find though is that Clickbank has boiled their marketplaces down to sub-niche markets. Each affiliate either attacks a market or a single product to make their money. Likewise, no one affiliate is going to draw in a commission on all 12 billion of those sales, over what is more than 1 million sub niche markets, Clickbank is a big store online, Amazon is the BIGGEST STORE ONLINE.

So the comparison is not a great one but it sounds amazing.


So what is Deadbeat Super Affiliate trying to sell you?

Information. They sell a small piece of it for $17 and more at each of several up sells until you get their version of the full secret a few hundred dollars later.

Is it worth the money?

Reading the front-page tells me that Dan knows what he is talking about but my concern is how much support you get with the purchase.



With Wealthy Affiliate I am supported by many of the more than 1 million Wealthy Affiliates before me, and have direct access to Kyle and Carson.


We do weekly webinars and entry to the program is FREE instead of $17 just to learn the basics which is how to set up your site for money. With Wealthy Affiliate you pay $19 for their first month and then either $49 a month or $359 a year for the entire rest of the program, which includes hosting, search engine tools like Jaaxy, and more.



That being said there may be things missed by Wealthy Affiliate and perhaps you can benefit from Deadbeat Super Affiliate. Dan Brock has a firm knowledge of the business and there is not as much deception in his elevator pitch as many others I have seen.


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Summary

This is definitely no scam and if read through and fully applied it one could earn your money back in as little a few months to a year. It won’t give you any overnight smoking gun unless you know how to raise a few thousand dollars to put into his recommended advertising streams and buy a mass of content to meet the traffic you buy and funnel them into Amazon.

While Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam, I am warning, that it still sounds like you will be doing this on your own at the end of the day. If you need community support, and people to hold you accountable for content and results this may not be your best pick but there really isn’t a way to make more money with less work than affiliate marketing.

           The traffic streams built today can pay for decades.







Hi, I’m Cora @ Nana’s Big Time Marketing and I want to take this time to personally thank you for stopping by and reading the review on Deadbeat Super Affiliate.



Partner up with me and my team of successful entrepreneurs and let’s build you home website based business step by step.



Don’t miss out. Leave your questions and comments below as I love to hear from my readers and I respond quickly.








The header of this review is very strongly worded but what our DIGITAL EXPERTS ACADEMY SCAM review has uncovered is important to get out to you as millions of people lost over 100 million dollars in a similar, well mirrored program called MOBE or My Online Business Enterprise.

Who is behind it and what do they do?

Jay Kubassek (Carbon Copy Pro) and Stuart Ross (Six Figure Mentors) Digital Experts, LLC I 79 White Road, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702, have combined their re-marketed My Online Business Empire modeled systems and are reselling them under the new brand Digital Marketing Academy.



The premise is you can earn $1,000 to $3,000 commission per sale with their training programs which can be applied to any program online.

To learn more about the program you have to pay for a membership in Digital Experts Academy Scam ($229 to get in the door and that doesn’t include training or income opportunity). Then you are presented training packages priced between $2500 and $20,000 depending on how extensive of training you desire or your business needs.

You must also be a member of the which will provide much of the training for $199 a month, plus additional training courses through them if you choose.


Red Flags Make Digital Experts Academy A Scam!

  1. Red flag number 1 is you have to pay a large sum just to get to see more program details. They do no want the outside public to know what the program costs and are looking for higher dollar suckers willing to pay that entrance fee.
  2. Red flag number 2 is that you have to join each level of training to not only get to the next level of training but also to the next level of earnings. To earn commissions you must take the training packages. MOBE was set up Exactly like this AND THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION SHUT THEM DOWN AS A PONZI SCAM.
  3. Red flag number 3 is that you have to pay them a large sum of money for the right to sale their products. This usually means the products are not an easy sell and the company make the money of the broken dreams of suckers who will pay these fees.
  4. Red flag number 4 is that training on how to market the program which no doubt all of this is designed to get you to market the Digital Experts Academy Scam is in the last and $20,000 course where they finally teach Blogging, List Building, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Granted many of those skills can earn $2500 a month or more per client sold by themselves but likely will not make any real money until you come up with $20,000 to pay for that membership and even more for the 3 levels of membership before it and your entry fee to both programs.
  5. Red flag number 5 and the final red flag in this review, always prudent to research the authors /owners of a company. My research shows numerous complaints and possible litigation for running similar scams in the past. NEVER PAY NEARLY $30,000 TO SOMEONE WHO IS CURRENTLY UNDER SCRUTINY FOR RUNNING INTERNATIONAL SCAM OPERATIONS, and don’t let the pledge of 7 years experience building members who made over 40 Million Dollar trick you as the program has not been a mainstay at all until recently and the numbers are likely bilked out of the members across all of their scammy programs, and not just The Digital Marketing Academy Scam




In this day and age of the internet, it is much easier for these individuals to SCAM the public. They can easily make an eye-catching ad/website, create a video showing you their nice cars, homes, and other fabulous high dollar belongings, and simply tell you, “we can teach you to make this kind of money, easily, our training packages range from $2,000 to $20,000.

It pays to be leary and do your own research. I’ve researched into Digital Experts Academy as far as I could, then researched the owners, and brought this review to your attention in hopes to educate you on this company. I realize you are here because you are searching for answers, you truly desire to be able to supplement your income and eventually be your own boss, working from anywhere you can take your laptop and get internet connection.

That’s what we all want, but we don’t want to break the bank getting there!

And, we don’t want all of our efforts and money to be lost when the government comes in and closes a PONZI SCAM company down!


Do you want to build your online business with a company that’s been around 15 years + and have over 1,000,000 members, then check out the link below.  You can join FREE or there will be a Black Friday Special! 

Check it out!

We have to be diligent!

Despite the fact a 2-year college degree in business and marketing cost around the same amount of money the Digital Experts Academy program is not run by or accredited by any educational institution.

You will not earn an Associate Degree at the finish of the courses or earn credit towards courses in college. Further the education you receive is not complete and there will still be a ton of systems and training you will need to know.

The next part of the PONZI SCAM is that Digital Experts Academy is focus almost entirely on promoting their scam and duping others into joining their membership.

That is why the sales pitch starts with the income you can supposedly make promoting this Digital Experts Academy Scam.

Then come the Entry fee to promote what is basically a very high cost affiliate program. They bilk you out of this fee and then with a Mohahmed Ali Rope A Dope they tell you to make money but in each phase you must purchase another course.

A legit affiliate program does not charge you and Exorbitant fee to join them and even more to promote their product. Remember as an affiliate marketer you already pay the advertising cost and do the field marketing so the company gets out of most of the hassle and fees for doing this.

Are There Better Alternative For Less Money?

Without trying to sound biased I am part of a program which offers a good deal of training and support for free, as well as the ability to earn 25% commissions with no investment cost ever, you don’t even need a CREDIT CARD!

So I ask myself this question, “why would anyone want to spend $20,000 when they can get started for FREE?

If you every decide to upgrade in the program there is one cost for all lessons in the plan. You have just (2) choices, $49/month or $359/year and the course covers most of what is promised by Digital Experts Academy!


***********CLICK HERE***********

The company I recommend starts you out at building a blog and building it rights, then they teach you to build an audience and drive traffic to your site. Next is monetizing your traffic so you make money online, and finally how to scale up and make even more money online.

They show you how to build out WordPress based websites, a skill that alone can bring you $300 to $1200 dollar contracts for website development. Engine Optimization can make you $600 or more per month per client plus initial set up fees up to $5,000.

They show you how to manage your social media presence, which is another skill that can pay you $500 a month or more when marketed alone. This is to name just a few of the advantages.

In this day and age of the internet, it is much easier for these individuals to SCAM the public. They can easily make an eye-catching ad/website, create a video showing you their nice cars, homes, and other fabulous high dollar belongings, and simply tell you, “we can teach you to make this kind of money, easily, our training packages range from $2,000 to $20,000. It pays to be leary and do your own research.

I’ve researched into Digital Experts Academy as far as I could, then researched the owners, and brought this review to your attention in hopes to educate you on this company.

I realize you are here because you are searching for answers, you truly desire to be able to supplement your income and eventually be your own boss, working from anywhere you can take your laptop and get internet connection.

That’s what we all want, but we don’t want to break the bank getting there! And, we don’t want all of our efforts and money to be lost when the government comes in and closes a PONZI SCAM company down!

We have to be diligent!

Summary for Our Digital Experts Academy Scam Review

Don’t join the Digital Experts Academy scam. It’s that simple, stay away, or best yet run away. There are too many red flags including shady ownership with bad track records. A simple search for the programs shows massive support for this article as hundreds of scam review sites, business consumer reports, and Independent bloggers are full of complaints and scam rating.

Don’t be one of the millions of victims losing up to $30,000 with a prayer of making money online. There are far cheaper programs with better training and you can find legitimate owners who have more that 7 years experience in online marketing.

I’m writing this review to educate you and be your mentor as you begin your journey as an online business person. I was just like you, searching for the right education from a truthful company, where I could learn how to build a blog and build it rights, teach me how to build an audience and drive traffic, then begin to make money online, and finally become successfully independent. I was scammed in the beginning also and lost some money, learning only bits and pieces from previous companies.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes, who can afford that?

I am honored you stopped by to read this post, “Warning Digital Experts Academy Scam Review.”  I hope you found it helpful and educational.

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Review ClickBank Pirate a Scam or Make Money Online Genius?

Our Review ClickBank Pirate a Scam or money maker in disguise?  Today we answer this question and so much more but I want to start off with saying that many of the articles and reviews I have researched for this program have a couple of glaring issues.

The first is that they all offer a competing or at least in the mind of the blogger, a competing product.

The second is that they can’t seem to tell a landing page system from a blog based marketing system which we will go into in this review.  Here’s the advantages and disadvantages on my review of ClickBank Pirate a SCAM or Make Money online Genious!






ClickBank Pirate- The first thing we need to know is what is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the world’s largest and most successful marketplace and affiliate program for software and training programs ranging from How to Handle Your New Baby to Making Money of the Foreign Exchange, and even dozens of guides on affiliate and network marketing.

There are scripts, software, blog themes, push button automation, and old school self-help products all in digital format offered through ClickBank which host over 3 billion dollars in sales through their system in a nearly 15 year history.


Review of ClickBankPirate – The difference between a landing page system and a blog based marketing system.

In a perfect world in online marketing we all would know how to set up a blog, own your domain name, and write tons of killer content including reviews and have copy writing skills to build killer landing pages of your own.

While you can learn these skills with a company like Wealthy Affiliate the truth is it can take a couple of months to learn all the ins and outs of blogging and what it means to write pages with content and start mastering traffic generation, and take a few more months for this practice to build a substantial income for you.

SO what is a landing page?  It’s a single page offer for a sale, or in some cases to capture leads before a sale.

It is designed to capitalize on impulse buying and has no marketing properties like a blog filled with related content that all points to the product you’re promoting being the best in the world.

That said the pitch is usually very compelling but generally vague so you’re left intrigued enough to at least start the small end of the sales funnel.


bebox copy

If you ever been on a sales page for a product you have seen a land page system at work.

With ClickBank Pirate you are buying ready-made landing pages which to have been developed on your own and could cost over $1500 a piece or more for the copy writing and graphic design work.

Further if you are doing it for a product you own you will likely have several thousand dollars invested into research and development of your own products.

With ClickBank Pirate you cut in line and save these costs paying less than $14 per page for your initial set of 4 products.

These products cost you nothing to make because they are ready-made products offered through the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.

The pages are done for your market tools and all you have to do is host them and add your ClickBank ID, and promote the hell your of them.


The problem with this and the reason many call ClickBank Pirate a scam is these products have a low shelf life and are mass-produced.

All the duplicate content penalties, the high competition, and the fact there is literally no substance to these pages beyond the sales pitch means you will likely only make a few hundred dollars off each new site a month while you promote them through advertising and social media.

Up front, they offer a free bonus to teach some basic skills and even a set of free, ready to use ready-made blog themes to help you build longer term traffic.

But ultimately you have to continue to subscribe and add new sites and pages in order to scale up and reach the thousand dollars a month or more they claim possible.


The whole system is filled with up sells and the main sell at $297 can be a down sell to $67 by saying no to the offer a couple of times.

There are also tack on products being offered through affiliate links showing you the system is not complete and how someone can really make a lot of money as an affiliate even if they own their program or products.


AH-Ha!! Make that especially if you own programs and products.

In the meantime, while you are checking out ClickBank Pirate don’t be blinded by the bling in the members’ area. There also have been complaints that members’ are a bit confused if you don’t speak pirate, that just comes with a few clicks and a bit of practice.

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A sneak preview, BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!


The Verdict, is Clickbank Pirate a Scam? NO!

To qualify as a scam they would have to present themselves as something they are not and while they are not the best method for building online success they are by far the exact program and product they promise.

You use their system to get a jump on other marketers trying to develop their own sales pages while marketing hot ClickBank products, with the right amount of investment and a growing back end system to build long term traffic streams you most likely will do GREAT temporarily!

What about your future, are you building your BRAND, or ClickBanks brand?

What type of online business do you want to build, something temporary or something that will endure the test of time, and you won’t always be having to build a new site, spending extra money, to be able to promote the next big HOT item.

I want you to realize the difference in building your website on sand versus solid ground.

As an online entrepreneur YOU want all your hard, tedious labor and energy that you focus on your website to stand the test of time, not some ‘fly-by-night’ site to promote the latest HOT ClickBank item, and then have to move on to the next HOT item.

Personally, I’m not very tech y and if I’m going to spend hours at my computer I want it to be for something that will last and that I can build upon.

How simple is the system? Is it really set and forget easy?

Well there is no product that is 100% set and forget. You will still need to know or learn something about advertising or marketing and will likely spend hundreds to make thousands using this system.

Since it has a short shelf life, as landing pages often do, you will need to stay subscribed, keep putting up more pages, and keep advertising everything you put into place.

Is it easier than your 9-5 job, yes, can it be done in minutes a day?

Probably not but 1-2 hours a day still beats 40-50 hours a week.autopilot

Final rating would be 3.5 of 5 stars.

There are so many easier ways to get monetized fast while you start building for the future but is the program a good fit for a low tech newbie marketer looking to cut their teeth? ClickBank Pirate can help you in the short term while you learn better tactics to make money online.

I want to say, “Thank You” for stopping by and reading my review of ClickBank Pirate a Scam or make money online genius?

I sincerely hope you received benefit from my review! For more information about me, click here and leave a comment or question below. I love reading your comments and I always respond ASAP!

I anticipate meeting you online and assisting you start your own online business!

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