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Renowned scammer Ewen Chia has recently returned with another groundbreaking ploy – his latest product called the “Cash Siphon System” guarantees to bring you hundreds and thousands of dollars every day with just the simplest snap of your fingers.

Apparently you don’t need an ounce of skill except reading and writing and can become a billionaire through the product easily.

Thinking it’s too good to be true? You couldn’t have been more right.

The Cash Siphon System is in fact no system at all – it literally doesn’t exist. The product contains guidelines for newbies on how to do affiliate marketing; very basic rookie material which is available in a gazillion other places for free.

This is the very reason we decided to write this post.

Countless people all over the world are falling prey to the deceptive clutches of online scams like Chia’s Cash Siphon System, and we firmly believe that this needs to change.

Today we’ve written down exactly what happens once you purchase this fraud product and have even gone on to suggest a much friendlier alternative that will get you the genuine results you desire.

To Start Off – What Is The Cash Siphon System?

Put bluntly, it’s one of the most blatant scams on the internet. Founder Ewen Chia advertised his product as something that will bring you a flow of cash within 2 minutes of purchasing.

He didn’t specify what it was. He just said it was a system – which requires no special skills to operate, by the way – that can bring you in easy money without selling any products.

If it sounds too good to be true…..

Upon buying the product, you will find no such system. Here’s what you will find:

• Pitch upon pitch of other useless scam products by Chia

• After ignoring all the adverts and finally coming to the main product page you’ll find 14 training videos to train rookies upon affiliate marketing.

There is no system that will magically make you money out of thin air. There is only a thoroughly deceptive scam happily robbing your funds and draining your poor bank account.

An Explanation of Cash Siphon’s Deceptive Premise!

If you’re feeling stunned and/or going through denial, relax. We’re breaking it down for you.

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning by promoting someone else’s product. If a person gets clicks to their sites because of you, you gain money. Therefore, you are selling a product which directly contradicts Chia’s claims.

The founder also claimed of selling a system that’ll instantly bring you money. There is no system. Instead, there are 14 training videos upon affiliate marketing for rookies.

Upon further investigation, we saw that these videos were made using outdated software. Instead of an instant flood of cash, all you’ll gain from them is frustration and a lot of wasted time.


There is no loop hole or magic to succeeding in affiliate marketing, but there are three areas which are proven to work!

Success will come but it won’t be overnight, in 1 or 2 days.

These are the three areas to focus on for true success in affiliate marketing!

  1. Consistency in creating content
  2. Consistency in quality
  3. Consistency in originality

If you are interested in getting to know the power of affiliate marketing, check out my step-by-step guide here!

About Ewen Chia:

This isn’t the first time his duped countless people into a buying a meaningless product. This is however, his greatest internet scam yet.

The founder has a history of other scams including Cash Sites (software that makes websites and uploads content to make money for owners).

This fails because every person who buys the software gets the same website and Google marks them all as duplicate since they have the same content. They don’t appear in search results and thus make no money.

If we went on to describe the other scam products, you’ll be sitting here reading this post for a very long time.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Genuinely Great Alternative:

After searching and testing hundreds of sites, we’ve finally come across one that is worth recommending to our awesome readers. Wealthy Affiliate is an online university consisting of over 100,000 active members collaborating together and helping each other succeed.

The site offers helpful courses and task based lessons to help students master the art of making money online – from the basics of how to build your own website, to learning SEO, and understanding the way to make money, you’ll find all the information you need neatly sorted in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free 7-day trial period and a bustling community of members who are eager to help and collaborate with you. No credit card is required for joining and there is absolutely no pressure on how fast you complete lessons.

At the end of the free 7-day trial period, there is no pressure to upgrade to the premium plan but you can at that time at a reduced price. If you choose to stay with the FREE trial, you can as long as you wish.

Personally, I was so amazed at the amount of training provided, I chose to upgrade at the end of the 7-day FREE trial, mainly because I was very serious about building a successful online business and I needed all the education I could get my hands on and Wealthy Affiliate has a library of tutorials, videos as well as written courses!

The premium plan is readily available and it’s completely up to you to decide if you want it.

Most importantly, the renowned site does not guarantee you making millions within days, does not demand a ridiculously large sum the instant you begin working, and does not make far-fetched promises of luxury villas and ski resorts that you can buy with all the money you’ll make with the click of a button.

The site is as from fake, deceptive scams as they can possibly be. They’re genuinely here to help you.

Below is a list of pros and cons of the program so that you can judge its merit for yourself.


1. No credit card, fee, installation, or hassle involved when opening an account.

2. Courses cover everything from building your own website (step by step tutorials) to the mechanics of making money from it.

3. Comes with 2 free Word press websites, all set and ready for you to use.

4. Help will always be given at Wealthy Affiliate to those who ask for it! The online community consists of over a million members ranging greatly in their skill levels and progress. You can instantly reach out to the chat group and also get help from the founders themselves (they’re very friendly).

5. You’re free to learn at your own pace.


1. The web page could use an update, since it’s beginning to look a bit outdated (it’s been over ten years since the company was established).

2. The chat groups are a little too supportive, and you might end up getting engrossed in the conversation and distracted from the work (not exactly a con but, oh well).

To finish off, we hope this post has helped you (no matter how small a way) in your quest to gaining financial success through online marketing. Be aware of scams, and don’t shy away from trying the reputed sites.


Remember that all the successful people had to start somewhere. Stay strong and best of luck!

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon for more information on how YOU can start your own online business!

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