Can You Really Make Money Using Social Sales Rep


Can You Really Make Money Using Social Sales Rep or Is This Another Scam?



Welcome to my review of Social Sales Rep!

Social Sales Rep is another affiliate marketing program growing in the ranks among people looking to make passive income.

There are a couple of reasons that explain how this program separates itself from the herd. I’ve done some research into this company to answer the question: Can you really make money using Social Sales Rep or is this another scam?


My First Impression of Social Sales Rep

As someone who is currently using affiliate marketing programs to generate income I never go directly to the company’s website without snooping around their reviews first.

It can be tricky weeding through genuine reviews from other marketers who are members of Social Sales Rep trying to promote them. Then, I go to their website and dig further to make sure I get both sides of the story.

Social Sales Rep, on the surface has a very professional-looking website. They have a flashy design concept that really captures your attention. Although the website looks clean I really couldn’t gather much specific information about the company or it’s founders while I combed through their site.

As an experienced affiliate marketer, myself, I have found a few things that have raised red flags as I read through their website and as I read some other reviews for this company across the web. But before I get into that let’s explore how Social Sales Rep works.



I Have To Pay To Join?

Like other affiliate marketing programs out there, Social Sales Rep has a buy in of $27.00 which get you in the door. This offer is relatively on par with other affiliate programs and they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

I haven’t been able to find out if people had trouble collecting on that guarantee, but it is worth trying to find out on your own if you can recoup your fees if you are not satisfied with their services.

What Is My Money Buying?

The website for Social Sales Rep explains that the registration fee covers the cost of the software you receive and the training they provide. Their software is called Viral Multiplier Technology or VMT for short. Do I really need their software to advertise the products on social media? Social Media is FREE!

So, is Social Sales Rep selling me a product that I really don’t need? Anytime you are looking for an online business you have to be cautious and consider all aspects of the company. There are many legitimate online businesses and affiliate programs out there, but I recommend the BEST Affiliate Program and in my opinion the #1 Affiliate Program!

In my years of experience as an Affiliate Marketer, I have found that building a business online, one requires a website in order to your own BRAND and your own business, not someone’s else business. It requires education in the Affiliate Marketing business.

The program I am building my business with provides volumes of educational tutorials and videos, beginning with initially teaching you how to build your own website.

You can build your website in (3) easy steps and then you will learn how to BRAND yourself and write content that will lead to readers and potential prospects for your products. Building your business in this fashion you will be building your own wealth and passive income, which you will benefit as long as you are active with your website.

You write content once and people will read it not just once but hundreds of thousands of times by hundreds of thousands of people. Is this making sense to you? I certainly hope so!

This review is being written to educate readers on the different types of affiliate programs: the programs that are out there to grow the program owners bank account and those that are actually there to educate and guide YOU to grow your own bank account.

When I first heard about affiliate marketing, I may have been just like you, I really didn’t know what affiliate marketing really was and it seemed very difficult to find information about the subject. Everywhere I turned there were “get-rich schemes” giving you just bits and pieces about internet marketing, just enough information to get started, but not enough to continue. I felt like there was a conspiracy to keep you from learning the secrets to becoming successful online. It is my sincere desire to attempt to educate you and get you to explore the options that are on the internet.

I will explain this later.

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

Social Sales Rep is an affiliate marketing program. For those unfamiliar with that terminology it is a program that provides you with links to products that you advertise on social media platforms to try to sell those products.

When someone clicks on your link and purchases a product through that link you make a commission off that sale.

For example, if you join the program they will provide you with an E-book of links to whichever products you want to advertise. Then, you market this free E-book to download across your social media. When people download the E-book and decide to buy something from it they will follow a link from the book.

The links in the book are specially made to track your specific account. When they purchase the item, you get a piece of that sale.


How Is Social Sales Rep Different From Other Affiliate Programs?

What separates this program from other affiliate programs is that Social Sales Rep focused entirely on using social media platforms to advertise products. You will not need to create a website and incur the extra fees that come along with it to maintain a website.

You simple use the everyday apps you probably already have accounts for. The platforms currently is use are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • YouTube

What Software and Training Is Provided?

Social Sales Rep tries to stand out from the other affiliate marketing programs out there by providing their members with access to their exclusive software that they claim multiplies your marketing campaign across social media platforms. The training that is included with the membership is to show you how to maximize your sales using this technology.


  • Cost of program is affordable
  • How useful is the VMT software
  • Why are they charging for their special technology which offers no guarantees to increase your sales
  • You have limited option on who you market for.


Viral Multiplier Technology – Also referred to as VMT by the company and their members, is a software program designed to enhance your presence on social media to reach a wider audience. A larger audience = greater chance for sales. They accomplish this by getting each person who downloads your E-book to share it on their social media as well.




The training you will receive as part of your membership will help you understand and maximize your use of this technology. I have read from former members that the training is short and there isn’t any other training beyond how to use the VMT software. This is one of the red flags that I caught early on as I researched this company.

Many affiliate programs out there offer comprehensive training programs to help their members understand how affiliate marketing works. There are even some programs that have volumes of tutorials and videos where you can learn from fellow members with years of experience.

In my affiliate marketing journey, there’s one thing I’ve learned and that is, affiliate marketing is not any easy job and if you’re serious about making money online, it requires hard work, dedication, and serious commitment. So in your review of this company or any online company, remember, “there’s no such thing as get-rich-quick.” So be aware, your online business isn’t going to happen overnight and a company that claims you can make it rich overnight are just stretching the truth or exaggerating.


My Second RED Flag

You’re only paying to use their special technology which offers no guarantees to increase your sales. All the social media platforms involved are free to use so is it worth the money to use their software?


My Last RED Flag

You market their in-house products from Clickbank. Other affiliate programs act as platforms that let you market through a variety of affiliate programs. A great question you might ask yourself, “why should I be limited in my market, what if the price and quality aren’t consistent with the product?” At Social Sales Rep you have limited options on who you market for. How is this building a future for me?


The Verdict Is In!

Social Sales Rep is NOT a scam BUT it’s not of value in my opinion. There are many aspects of this company that trade in the vast opportunities in affiliate marketing just to be able to reach a wider audience using their exclusive software. Do yourself a favor and try marketing on social media on your own for free and see how you like it before spending money on Social Sales Rep.

There are affiliate marketing programs that take the time to educate their members and give you the information you need to grow and succeed. I use an affiliate program myself and have found they have an initial program which one can take advantage of for as long as they would like and its FREE! You won’t even need to get your credit card out! No pressure and you can use this free program as long as you wish!

Everything I need to build my business is at my fingertips, so I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about affiliate marketing! Learn how you can make money online and build a life for yourself!

Build a life of freedom, be your own BOSS! When I found this opportunity and was able to learn the in’s and out’s of this business, it was like a huge LIGHT came on and WOW!!!! I discovered just how little I knew and how little other programs were teaching about affiliate marketing!

I am so grateful for this opportunity!



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