All You Need To Know About The Basics of Blogging and How It Works!

Blogging is wildly popular all over the internet. But there’s a lot about how it works that many don’t know. This article leads you through the basics of blogging and how it can work for you.

All you need to know about the basics of blogging and how it works!

There are many people, just like you, that have heard a lot about blogs but don’t really understand the basics of blogging or how it works.

That’s fair, because the whole thing sort of caught fire in 2004 and we’ve been struggling to catch our breaths since.

For perspective, there are over 500 million blogs around today. In 2006, there were just 50 million and in 1999 when the whole thing started to smoke, there were a grand total of 23 blogs.

It’s been quite a whirlwind ride but here’s your chance to pull a long one in. In this article, you’ll learn all about the basics of blogging including what a blog is and how it’s different from a website.

You’ll also get a backroom pass into the inner workings of a blog and how it can be useful to you.

Now, what exactly is a blog?

What’s a blog?

A blog is essentially an online journal (for some, it’s closer to a diary). When it first started, it was a way for people to share things that interest them or what they do.

These days, it has become a very useful tool to share things that interest a specific set of people and engage with them on those topics.

The great thing about blogs is there’s no limit to what can be shared on them.

Content can include text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, infographics and a whole lot more.

Blogs can exist for mostly personal use with friends and family or for public use with pretty much anybody being able to access it.

It’s usually the later for most blog owners because they mostly aim to reach ever-increasing audiences.

Unlike a website, it doesn’t contain links to tens or hundreds of other pages. It is relatively simple, with the first page being the main page and its content chronologically listed from newest to oldest.

There’s a bit of interesting history about blogs.

For step-by-step instructions and 24/7/365 support, click here!

A brief history of blogs

Blogs, and blogging, didn’t start yesterday. In fact, their beginning was much closer to the internet boom than most people know.
The earliest blogs started appearing around 1994 to 1995. They mostly functioned as open access diaries where the writer can share personal stuff like updates about their lives, their personal thoughts and other like topics.

Some of these early bloggers include Claudio Pinhanez and Justin Hall.

But they weren’t known as bloggers then, neither were their open access diaries known as blogs.

The term “blog” is thought to have appeared around 1999. It stems from “web log” which was increasingly shortened to “weblog” and then just “blog”.

The shortening is credited to Peter Merholz, and thus was the true blog born.

Well, that’s not quite true. In 1998, OpenDiary introduced reader comments to its blog. This gave visitors the ability to interact with the writer by leaving comments on the page. And that was pretty much it.

The introduction of comments opened up a two-way conversation channel that has paved the route to the explosive popularity of blogs these days.

It has helped writers build massive followings and link directly to their avid readers, right at home.

Blogs and Websites: What’s the difference?

Blogs are actually, basically a type of website.

The difference though is that websites don’t really change much or very often. Once you set up a website, you don’t update your content often or change things around much.

You’ll know this from the number of times you see a website down due to maintenance.

Blogs, on the other hand, are pretty dynamic. They have regularly updated content, with new posts being put up sometimes once a week or every few days, in some cases. A blog could be part of a larger website and this is often the case with businesses that also own a blog. More on this later.

There are also a good few more websites around than blogs. To date, there about 1.5 billion websites in the world, while just over 500 million are recognized as blogs.

Basically, the bottom line is: pretty much all blogs are websites but only some websites can be called blogs.

I needed education to understand the in’s and out’s of blogging and I found a great place for the education required and I highly recommend it. For more information click here!

What’s the purpose of a blog?

There are lots of reasons for starting blogs these days.

These could either be for personal blogging or business blogging.
Blogging is really great for business because of the atmosphere of engagement it cultivates.

It is a very useful way for businesses to bring what they do to the attention of potential customers.
One of the best ways to do this is to provide information that is useful to people and will lead them to your website.

This improves traffic and sends quality leads to your website.
Blogging started with individuals and is still pretty big like so.

There’s no need for you to have a business before you can blog as an individual. Some of the best blogs around were started by people who found a following for their interests.

You can also start a blog for an area of interest you notice lots of people are interested in.
If you regularly post quality content on your blog, you can build a good following pretty quickly.

I would like to introduce you to some “real life heroes” who BLOG and earn a great income from blogging!

The first person I would like to introduce you to is my mentor, Grace. To read about her successes, CLICK HERE!

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Basics of Blogging – What you need to know

The term blogging is more readily associated with individuals that operate an online blog.

It covers both the skills needed to own and control a blog, as well as the actual act of controlling one.
Many people are blogging today because it gives them a chance to share a bit of their lives with others.

It allows you to talk about any topics that interest you or your audience and share your opinion. And it’s a pretty cool way to meet new people and access mind blowing opportunities.

How does it work?

Starting up

Setting up a blog is pretty easy these days.

In the past, you had to know how to build a website if you wanted to start a blog.

Today, all you have to do is follow a few easy steps and you get yourself a brand new website.
The first thing you need to do is decide what you’d like to call your blog.

Whatever name you choose here will serve as your domain name.

That’s like your internet calling card.
The next thing you need to do is decide on what blogging platform you want to use. There are many great options out there like Blogger and the like.

But it’s often best to go with a self-hosted platform. The pick of the bunch here is
After you’ve settled on a blogging platform you’d need to choose a web hosting provider.

Your web host provides internet real estate where you can establish your website, sort of like your own rented patch of internet. Bluehost is always a good option here.

You’ll need to check that your selected domain name is available on the hosting service. If it’s not available, you should see a list of similar names you can use.

Personally, I use accessed through Wealthy I chose this route since I didn’t have any experience or background with building a website or blogging.

I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate, I started out with the starter program, which by the way, is absolutely FREE, you don’t even need your credit card to sign up for the FREE program.

Included in the FREE program are tutorials, video and written explaining every step to start your own BLOG in just a few easy steps.

Here’s an overview of the program: the starter program and the Premium program.

Getting paid

Although bloggers are often looked on as hobbyists, they generally get paid well for what they do.

Although, you have the opportunity to make a real killing, you can at least bank on the average of $36,000 a year. There are several ways this income can come in.

One of them is through paid ads. Under this arrangement, you can get paid for hosting ads on your blog.

Payment may be determined by the number of clicks each ad gets from your blog or by the number of impressions (views).

Affiliate links are also a very good way to get paid.

The way it works is you get paid for recommending affiliate products to your readers.

So, if you write a post about windbreakers for instance, you can recommend a specific brand to your readers. If any of your readers makes a purchase by clicking on the link in your blog, you get a commission.

You can also make money on your blog by creating and selling your own product. You could sell a course, an e book, access to exclusive areas of your website and so much more.

If you’re really interested in building your own website and learning how to make money online, I recommend the Best Affiliate Marketing Company out there! At Wealthy Affiliate you will have the opportunity to learn from the best and at your own pace. It doesn’t get any better than this. Check it out, take a test drive, why not, it’s FREE! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Get in touch!

As you’ve seen, blogging can be quite fun and can also give you some good money. If you have any questions about this article, please drop a comment below, let’s start a conversation.

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9 Reasons Why Blogging is Better Than Your Day Job!


This is Nana from Nana’s Big Time Marketing, I’m thrilled you’re here…..I want to share with you, my readers,  9 reasons why blogging is better than your day job!



Wondering if there is any advantage to blogging over your 9 to 5?  Here are 9 undeniable reasons why blogging is better than your day job!


There’s this enduring vision of the good life that can come from blogging.


You’re sitting on the beach in the Himalayas (insert any exotic destination you like here), Mojito in hand, with your laptop on your knee. You click one button (it’s always one button, I don’t know why) and receive an alert: you just made another tidy haul and it’s not even 7am yet.


While that may sound like a corny ad from an overpriced tropical resort, the image it evokes is powerful. It communicates the one thing that resonates in every human heart, no matter where you work: FREEDOM. And in that single word, it says in tomes, why blogging is better than your day job.


The plain truth is: everybody wants work freedom. We all want the opportunity to decide when we work, how we work and how much we’d like to get paid. We all want to break out of the norm and hold our financial future in our hands. We all want to be free.


But most will never really find this freedom. Caught in the doldrums of a 9 to 5 (or a 9 to whenever you get the job done), it’s pretty much wake, work, sleep. Then rinse and repeat.


Despite this, the call of freedom is strong. That’s why millions around the world keep looking for opportunities to make money from the internet.


If you really want to escape your dreary 9 to 5 and access the unlimited freedom that comes with doing your own stuff, blogging can set you on your way. Offering the opportunity to literally build a business on the internet, blogging is one of the best and most complete means of making money online.


While you may never have the Himalayas experience (hey, a bar in Barcelona might do it better for you), as a blogger, you will experience plenty similar. Yours might come from enjoying 3-hour workdays with mad income, or it could be the simple joy of never having to leave your bed to make money.


Now, understand that if you have a day job that you enjoy and are satisfied with, this post is not for you. But if you are really fed up with running the gamut of a 9 to 5 that doesn’t get your heart pumping, blogging might just be what you need.


In this article, I’ll share with you 9 tried and true reasons why blogging is better than your day job. Before we dive in though. There’s one thing we need to get out the way:


Are you cut out for blogging?

This may be hard to take. But you have to understand that blogging is not meant for everyone.


In fact, it can be a downright waste of your time.


I’ll not deceive you. Although the end product of running a successful blog is a life of financial and personal freedom you never dreamed of, getting there can be hard.


If you jump straight into blogging without understanding what you need to succeed and making sure you have loads, you’ll fade out fast.


Here’s a few fun facts. There’s an estimated total of 500 million blogs in existence. Yes, you read that right. These blogs combine for a total of more than 22.5 billion blog posts every month.


But only 1 in 3 bloggers are currently able to monetize their blogs and only 0.6% of all bloggers are hitting it big ($1 million+ income).



The takeaway?


It takes a lot to succeed at blogging and if you don’t sit and have a long think about whether it makes sense for you, you may find out too late you should be doing something else.


Besides, your blog will not make you money directly. Although it will give you the means to make all you want, you need to be ready to put in the effort.


How do you know you’re cut out for blogging? All you have to do is apply this 4-step test. Ask yourself the following questions:

● Is there anything I love talking about?

● Am I prepared to spend a lot of time writing about this?

● Am I one of those that can’t write to save their life? Am I prepared to learn?

● Am I ready to keep doing it (properly) till it pays off?


If your answers to all these questions are positive, then congratulations. The world awaits your sumptuous content.


Get started right and you will be able to testify to the fact that:


Hands down, blogging is better than your day job!


And there are (at least) 9 undeniable reasons why. Starting with the fact that blogging gives you the unfettered opportunity to:



#1: Be your own master

The first benefit you get from blogging, is a feeling of liberation.


Have you ever tried doing something you feared doing for so long?


That feeling you get when you finally wade out into the deep and discover you’re actually doing it is what I’m talking about.


You feel that you can finally do something that matters, something that counts to you, not a company’s bottom line.


For the first time, you can look to have a bottom line yourself. Sweet uh?


The sense that you get with blogging is that you’re finally doing your own thing. You know that you are the boss and if things are going to go well, you will have to make them go well.


This provides you a valuable change in orientation that helps you step up to the task of making your own way.


Even more important, blogging allows you to be in charge for a change and make all the decisions.


That’s often a big advantage over regular employment. According to this American Employee Study, one of the biggest reasons for job dissatisfaction is quite simply not being heard.


Of the over 4,000 participants in the study, only 15% reported that their workplace suggestions were taken seriously and acted upon. For the majority, nobody really cared about what they thought.


With blogging, you can say bye-bye to being talked over. You will no longer have to take instructions from others on tasks that don’t really matter to you.


With your blog, you are your own boss and can dictate the direction in which you want your business to go.


#2: Improve on yourself

Another important aspect of the valuable self-development you benefit from blogging is the chance to learn in-demand skills.


Although this benefit of blogging is not often talked about, it often amounts to one the best advantages that blogging has over traditional employment.

For instance, through the process of blogging, many people learn some HTML and CSS.


They do this often because learning this stuff makes it easier to make minor improvements to your site by yourself.


This way, you don’t have to hire someone to do every little thing for you. It may not seem like much but what you’re actually doing is learning some of the most sought after skills in today’s economy.

Every day, the world is changing in more ways than we can count due to the influence of AI and the digital economy. And with the ongoing AI revolution set to wipe out most of traditional employment as we know it, you’re already at a distinct advantage.


Apart from coding skills, blogging also helps you develop valuable digital marketing skills that will better help you stay relevant in this digital age.


You will also gain valuable soft skills such as business management, planning and execution. Because maintaining the blog and the earning opportunities arising from it will basically amount to a business, you will gain valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.


Add to this a slew of other blog-related skills such as graphic design, SEO, content marketing and social media marketing, and you’ll have the ability to make money anywhere.


And that’s without mentioning the mad writing skills that you will develop.



I recommend you find a company to train you.  You don’t just wake up one day and say, “I’m going to make a living blogging on the internet and


BINGO you know all the steps required to get started as well as follow through to be successful.


While searching for a place to receive the education I needed to start an online business and blog I happened on a site, I think my guardian angel led me there, I found numerous online courses, which I could study in my leisure, a great community I could ask questions and receive answers anytime of the day, and all the resources I needed to get started. 





#3: Work anytime you want

One of the key allures of blogging is the freedom to work when you want, as you want.


You may not be able to afford this at the beginning, since you will most likely need to combine blogging with your day job at first.


But if you stick with it and ride out the rough phase, the marginal gains over traditional employment are huge.


According to data from ConvertKit, the average professional blogger works 20 hours a week.


Compared to the traditional 9 to 5 workweeks that will see you put in 40 hours of effort, that’s quite some free time you’ll earn there.


Even better, the data from ConvertKit showed pros were most likely to say that they work between 0-5 hours per week.



Get this. Of those that said they work 0-5 hours per week, 42% said they were able to make more than the median US household income within the 0-5 hours they worked.


That’s less than 12.5% the amount of time that the average American worker will have to work to earn the same income.


If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is.


The freedom over your time that you gain from blogging means you can better allocate your own resources.


You can focus more on finding the best way to reach larger audiences, create better content and monetize without having to worry about catching the 8am greyhound to work.


At the base of it all, time is the only real asset we have as humans.


By allowing you become able to control your own time, blogging gives you the greatest gift of all.



#4: Make money from everywhere!


This is the one that everyone loves. Blogging gives you the phenomenal ability to make money from a tantalizing array of sources.


Although your blog will rarely make you money directly, it will be your vehicle to accessing cool cash from a wide range of outlets.

Here’s why that’s the case.

Blogging is basically about building an audience.


It is mostly about you communicate with several other people about something you are mutually interested in.


But with blogging, the catch is to be so original and compelling that people want to keep coming back for what you have to say.


Once you build an audience, you have something that businesses and organizations want: a voice.


And they will pay handsomely for the privilege of having you use that voice on their behalf.


Make no mistake about it, there’s plenty money to be made from blogging once you establish yourself.

Affiliate marketing, for instance is one area that brings in top dollar for bloggers.

In 2016, US retailers spent a whopping $4.7 billion dollars on affiliate marketing. And that figure is set to reach $6.8 billion by 2020.

Even better, it can be one of the easiest ways for you to make money from your blog, even while you sleep.


As long as you have the audience, all you need to do is set it and forget it. Then watch the money roll in.


Recognize that affiliate marketing is just one way to monetize.

There are still several other means including paid ads, sponsored content, social media promotion and direct display ads.

So there’s no way to go but up. And talking about going up, with blogging, there’s:



#5: No income ceiling


You can literally make as much money as you want from blogging.

There are no pay schemes to abide by or yearly pay raises to wait for. You can make a million dollars in ten days easy if you have the opportunity.


All you have to do is set about the work and create a business that will get you the income you want.


And there’s quite a bit of income to be made too. Huffington Post was the world’s most profitable blog in 2017.

It pulled in an astounding $14 million every month. You probably don’t need more than 5% of this amount to consider yourself a success.

Heck, you’ll hardly need more than 1% to say you have had a crazy good month.

But the great thing about blogging is you can reassess your income goals every month and push as high as you dare to dream.


While you may not earn quite a lot at the start (in fact 80% of bloggers earn less than $100), you will steadily make more as you keep at it.


The blogging industry is not slowing down by any means.

The industry is estimated to have a worth of $300 billion in 2019. This figure is projected to rise to $412 billion by 2021.

So there will always be opportunities to earn.


In order to make sure you’re well positioned to make a killing of your own, your primary consideration should go towards developing a steady audience.

And the key to creating an audience is to consistently provide top quality content that leaves your readers begging for more.


#6: Work from anywhere


With only a laptop, swift Wi-Fi and a chilled Mojito, you can set up, and run, your blogging business from literally anywhere in the world.

Although many companies are now adopting flexible work hours, this comes nowhere close to the freedom and lifestyle advantages of blogging.

Although, the Himalayas would undoubtedly make a very picturesque work location, bloggers are a bit more conventional in their work locations.


ConvertKit, in its State of the Blogging Industry Survey, found that 86% of bloggers do their work from home. 66% of pros indicated that they have a dedicated office work space that they use when working from home.


The other 20% just work from any location in the home.

This would include the bed, sofa or toilet (if they have to go but just can’t let go).

Some others prefer to work from a co-working space, whether paid or free, and 9% did their work from a coffee shop or café.

In all cases, the survey disclosed the absolute flexibility enjoyed by bloggers in their work.

The mobility and convenience guaranteed by blogging can add a lot of satisfaction to your life.


You will not only have time to do the work you are really passionate about, you will also be able to spend quality time with your loved ones, while making good money.

Win-win eh?


#7: Become influential


Through the medium of your blog, you gain the opportunity to reach a large number of people, sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands to millions a month.


If you consistently put up quality content on your blog that genuinely seeks to help your readers or provide valuable information, they will grow to trust you.


According to Huffington Post, 81% of internet users in the US trust the information they find on blogs.

They see these blogs as being credible and this also affects their behavior after interacting with the content on the blog.

Because they trust you, they will be much more likely to do what you recommend.

SeoTribunal reports that 61% of these online users will eventually become customers, making a purchase after reading a blog that recommends it.


Simply put, the audience you create on your blog will grow to trust and respect you. They will implicitly believe you and even peddle your thoughts around and align themselves with it.

Your blog will establish you as a thought leader, if you have set up a niche in a technical area

This will eventually open up even greater earning opportunities for you.


You will be invited to speak at public functions or share your knowledge at in-house gatherings for organizations.

Other bloggers will want to be associated with you and many will want to link to your own content, making you even more influential.

Should you choose to create a course, E-book or other product, you can rest assured that they will sell faster than cold lemonade on a sultry summer day.


#8: Build a rich network

According to data from Statista, the number of bloggers in the US in 2014 was 27.4 million.

That number has risen to 31.2 million in 2019 and is projected to eventually hit 31.7 million by 2020.

That’s a lot of bloggers, and unfortunately, a lot of competition. But as you are aware by now, it is not all bloggers that succeed.


As you steadily establish your blog and create your distinct audience, you will begin to relate with other bloggers in the same position as you are or that have done better.

One thing you will notice as you go higher is: all the great bloggers know and are friends with each other.


Great people roll together and this holds true, even in the blogging industry.

Being a part of the industry allows you to also roll with that crowd.

And the great thing is you don’t need to have reached the top of the industry to add top bloggers to your network.

In fact, they will be delighted to share a few tips with you if you reach and let them know you’re a fan.




And you can join FREE for as long as you want, you don’t need your credit card or your wallet!


This network will often be vital to helping you learn things you would otherwise have missed on your own.


After all, it is much better to stand on the shoulders of others to see what’s ahead, than to run all the way there and discover you should have done it differently. 





#9: Become the best you can be


This is where everything comes together. Blogging offers you a distinct proposition that I’m guessing is absent in your 9 to 5.


It allows you to truly express yourself and break from the shackles of a traditional job.

If you have been suppressing your blogging interests for so long just to pay the bills, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

For one, it would leave you unfulfilled and steadily make you unhappy.


Again, you may have a better shot at taking care of all the bills when you’re doing what you love.


If you are scared about leaving the guarantee of a paycheck to start a blog, nothing says you must.


You can start on the side and slowly monetize to help wean you off your paycheck.


It may not happen immediately but if you keep at it, you will certainly have the best shot at becoming the best you can be.



Now you know exactly why blogging is better than your day job.


If you’re ready to take the plunge and get started with your own blog, good for you.


I also made the decision to start just like you and today, I’m that much closer to a life of freedom.


Want to know how I started and got to this point? I’ll be happy to share with you.

Reach out to me here to start a conversation.


Have a reaction to the content of this article?


Don’t keep mum!


Get in amongst the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.



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Latest from Ewen Chia: How To Lose Money With Autopilot Profits!


Welcome to Nana’s Big Time Marketing site!

Ewen Chia is known for several ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. His latest adventure, Autopilot Profit, is put under the microscope here. How to lose money with Autopilot Profit? Yay or Nay?

Ewen Chia is quite a well-known internet ‘motivational speaker’. But, of course, as the North Remembers, we also remember quite a number of his old programs well-recognized as scams. Super Affiliate Millionaire, Traffic Millionaire, Cash Biz, Traffic Avalanche, Copy Paste Income, Internet Success System, Shortcut To $10K, and too many others too many to count.

So, what exactly is he trying to sell this time? It’s another one of the “get-rich-quick” schemes called the Autopilot Profits.

What is the Autopilot Profits About?

Autopilot Profits claims to be an online business opportunity available to those looking to work from home. For a ‘discounted’ price of $19.97, Autopilot Profits claims you can set up your own business and start making quick money within 20 minutes.

By becoming a member, Autopilot Profits says you can earn up to $379 per day. Without stress.

How it works

Upon paying the membership fee, you’ll gain access to a few short videos and a PDF on how to sell Clickbank products with “black hat methods”.

Here’s a quick rundown of the whole process:

First Training: Learning the system – here, you get a brief overview of how the internet works and quick guides to creating a squeeze page.

Second Training: Setting up the system – a couple of basic and introductory lessons on how to drive traffic through solo ads and how to promote affiliate links.

Third Training: Profit with the system – a few lessons on how to use the system to earn profits.

So, What Are You Paying $37 For?

What you get are training guides and DVD’s, a free website, as well as a free one-on-one consultation with one of the coaches at Autopilot Profits.

You will be paying for a total of 20 videos, the longest of which is no longer than 10 minutes. In fact, majority of the videos are less than 5 minutes.

What the videos will show you is how to set up a WordPress website and give you a general walk through on a few basic marketing tactics to promote your newly created website.

With these really short videos (that aren’t even comprehensive enough) you’re supposed to start making hundreds of dollars with very little effort.

After the Initial Membership Fee, Is That All?

Is that ever the end? What many affiliate scams have perfected are new ways to further deep their hands into your pockets. The price strategy of Autopilot Profits is designed this way.

See a breakdown of the basic prices and up sells of Autopilot Profits that will shock you:

Autopilot Profits – $37 but will become $27 if you try to click away.

Mega Traffic Package – $67

Autopilot Social Profits – $147

Instant Websites – $197

Ultimate Free Traffic Software – $297

Traffic Millionaire – $19.97 per month

Shortcut to $10k – $9.97

Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training – $297

Cash Biz – $29.97

Traffic Avalanche – $37

Copy Paste Income – $37

Complete Business Setup – $297

MTTB – $49 + 19 per month + $1997

Pure Leverage – $24.95 per month + $19.95 per month.

Altogether, there are 14 different sections in the members’ area totaling up to $4,000!

I ask you this simple question: Why would you pay close to $4,000.00 when you could have access to all of this plus more for FREE, that’s right, you read it correct……ABSOLUTELY FREE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE OUT YOUR WALLET OR YOUR CREDIT CARD!

Here’s a chart with details of everything you will receive for absolutely nothing……FREE!

What Else is Off About this Product?

Uhm…..what about EVERYTHING!

You’ll be paying an initial fee of $27 to $37 for a 59-page Microsoft Word document that basically tells you things you could get for free.

Further, there’s nothing new in the ‘new discovery’. There’s not really anything new in the Autopilot Profits guide. It’s all just a compilation of stale information about finding a hungry market and giving people what they want. Very few legitimate means of making money were given.

The whole system is basically set up to either promote other Ewen Chia’s products or other “make money online” products.

Perhaps what is even truer is that Ewen is considered a dinosaur. This is more so because the Autopilot Profits only rehashes ‘tricks’ that were relevant years ago, but now obsolete.

“Black Hat” Tricks, Really?

One of the pitches that Ewen uses on his website to draw people to the Autopilot Profits scheme is the promise of “black hat” methods to drive “fast traffic”.

‘Black Hat’ methods are considered unethical by Google and their use will definitely get your site banned.

Ewen further uses software to automatically create blogs, then ‘spams’ out auto-generated articles to article directories! This is a rookie move. Don’t try it.

Anyone Can Access the Not-so-secret Private Member’s Area

What exactly is the ‘secret’ you’re paying for when someone who isn’t a member can have access to the same guides?

Well, to be fair, the guides aren’t really a secret. They are stuff just anyone can find on Google, which begs the question: why would anyone want to pay for this?

You actually can access the member’s area by typing in Wouldn’t a genuine Internet or Affiliate Marketing program have added a certain level of security to the member’s area?

Do all these add up to Make the Autopilot Profits A Scam?

If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and feels like a scam, what is it?

Can the Autopilot Profits really make you money? Well, maybe after you have bought all the ‘up-sells’ totaling about $4,000.

Would it be fair to even say you bought a ‘product’? The Autopilot Profits “Main Program” you just purchased is only a scheme to purchase other courses by Ewen Chia. These all promise the same thing over again, only that this time, it is selling at a special low price for a ‘limited time only’.

In truth, all Ewen did was mash together 20 very poor videos that are, as Shakespeare would call it, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. These he then uses to promote his other products to you.

These are even more red-flags such as the use of laughable familiar scam clichés like “Only 3 positions left!” and “Only half price for a limited time!”.

The Actual Way to Do Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online

If you find a scheme that promises to make you a lot of money while you do nothing, consider it untrustworthy.

The truth is that there are very awesome ways of earning quite a lot of money, but you won’t find them by paying for “get-rich-quick” schemes that basically teach you nothing.

Don’t throw your money to the dogs!

According to the JournalReview, with Free Membership on Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site, drive traffic to it, and earn up to 15% commission on affiliate links.

In this review, “Wealthy Affliate Review, Job Seekers, Seeking Jobs” you will find a complete, detailed description of Wealthy Affiliate and why I recommend it. Check it out!

Did you know that about 1 year ago, if you had asked me, “Can you build a website?” I would have said, “are you crazy?” I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago and since then, by following the training provided, I have built my own website and have over 1.4 k in my network here at Wealthy Affiliate and I’m currently in the Super Affiliate Challenge, which is offered by the owners. I’ve set my goals and when those goals are met by the end of the year, I will receive an all expense paid trip to our companies conference in Las Vegas!

You have to realize, computers and computer knowledge isn’t something that came easily for me and I’m still challenged from time to time, but since there are over 1.4 million members here willing and ready to help you if you have questions and can’t get something to work right, the membership here at Wealthy Affiliate are unbelievable and they are available to you 24/7/365. There’s no such thing as being alone on this journey.

I’m forever grateful and thankful for Wealthy Affiliate! One night I was searching the internet for an honest company where I could learn how to build an online business, just like you are, and I happened on a site just like this one, I was totally amazed and in awe. Needless to say, just like the instructions, I didn’t need my credit card or my billfold, I just clicked the

*******************************************CLICK HERE!******************************************************************************

and it took me right to the spot where I could sign up for FREE. That was the BEST day of my LIFE and I’ve never looked back. The rest is history. There was so much to learn, I felt like a sponge and I was so enthralled there wasn’t a day I didn’t log in and work on my website or complete a lesson.

Kyle and Carson started this business in 2005, it has steadily grown over the years and now has 1.4 million + members. You can find them on Facebook and other social media.

Here’s the first training course and welcome from Kyle and Carson, take a look, I’m sure you will enjoy learning more about the business from the (2) that started this business, titled, “Get Rolling”.

Interestingly, you also get 2 free websites with WordPress themes! So if you want to make real money online, you know where to find the real deal.


9 Easy Steps to Create Content That Converts Like Crazy

Welcome to Nana’s Big Time Marketing site!

In this article I will be discussing the task of creating content and the fact it can be tedious. But the SERP’s won’t care neither will those prospects you intend to snag. In this article, you’ll find 9 easy steps to create content that converts in droves, fatigue or no fatigue.

There’s no bigger cliché in the industry than the saying “content is king”. But You and I know that this is not always so. Lack of time, fatigue and the need to make regular posts may mean you find yourself settling for “iffy” content on more than one occasion. Yet, if you want to create content that converts like crazy, every time, you know “well-enough” just won’t do.

Although this survey by CMI showed that 42% of B2B marketers and 48% of B2C marketers now publish content more than once a week, it’s up for question how much of that converts well.

As data from Search Engine Watch already indicates, the answer to that is most likely: Not very much. They found that 32% of marketers have issues with consistently churning out attention-grabbing content.

Quite simply, not all content is created equal.

But in the super competitive world that marketers exist in, even a tiny detail can make all the difference.

So you know, deep down within you, that you cannot afford to go with that post. You know that something just doesn’t feel right about it. But you’re also tired from doing it over and over. You have looked at it from several angles, but you just don’t know how to make it better.

What you face is the struggle that all content marketers have to go through every time they get set up to write new content. Yet, it should not always be this difficult.

Most of content marketing is about doing what has been proven to work. So you’re not exactly starting from scratch. It’s mostly about learning the tricks and adapting them to good use again and again.

When the going gets tough, you don’t need to rough it and push along. Instead, what you need to do is whip out your content marketing bible, and refer to some timely verses.

We know you want to create content that converts in droves every time. So we decided to create this guide to help you focus your energies on the marketing aspects that will get you the content you want. Let’s dive in.

Your playbook on how to create content that converts

One of the hardest parts of creating viral content (or any content for that matter) is figuring out where to start. But since you already know that content marketing is mostly repeat success, all you have to do is repeat. It’s about finding what works and doing it again and again until you find something that works better.

These 9 proven steps will lead you through exactly what you need to do to create content that is on flames.

Step 1: Find out what your audience

All successful businesses are set up to cater to a need. You found a niche where you can provide relevant and useful input, that’s why you exist. Basically, your business strategy starts and ends with your audience.

If you want to create content that will drag them onto your site and keep them there, you have to start with them. What are they doing? What do they want? What interests them at the moment? These are the considerations that should guide where you start from. It has been proven to work too, with 62% of people reporting that they feel good when they have custom content delivered to them.

Get on to your Google Search Console to find out what keywords people are using to find information on your site. You can use WooRank’sSERP Checker to determine which of those keywords has enough volume to bother targeting. Check what your competition is doing too and what is trending out there. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is very useful here.

Click here for access to the World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool Jaaxy Review!

Step 2: Find ideas that are proven to work

Remember, content marketing is mostly repeat business. So, chances are excellent someone else has done something like or very similar to the content you want to create. Find the best of the bunch and study them to see how you can use their structure.

One platform, IntelliResponse, adopted this strategy and used some ideas from their competitors in 2010 to create high value content. This alone helped them increase their site traffic by 4000%. Their lead generation was also up by 100%, with monthly leads from paid ads increasing to 35%, up from 5% two years before then.

Great places to find ideas include Buzzsumo and You can learn from content that has been used to great effect anywhere else. Look at it critically and determine where you can adapt to what you want to achieve.

Step 3: Collect the data and statistics that will back your content

High value content is rich and full of information that is relevant to your audience. You need long form content that is packed full of exactly what they need to read on the subject. If your audience cannot find the value in your content, and quick at that, chances are excellent that they’ll bounce.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, on average, your website visitors will only read around 20% of the content on your web page. If your content is thin and irrelevant or inadequate for your audience, they will bounce pretty quickly.

The best way to show them you have exactly what they came for is to back it all up with key industry statistics. Use infographics, images, numbers and any other thing that communicates the authority behind your post. That’s what sets you apart from the last website they bounced from.

Step 4: Craft a catchy headline

This hardly needs to be said, but it is absolutely integral to your viral content checklist.

According to A Day in the Internet, 2 million blog posts and 864,000 hours of video is created every day. Take into account the 294 billion emails that are sent every day and you understand why you have to stand out.

Your headline is the first, and sometimes, only chance, you will get to make an impression on your audience. If it’s a bad impression, you won’t even have a chance to make amends. Data shows that 80% of people never make it past your headline. Only 2 out of 10 will actually read the rest of the content.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Buzzsumo is a great place to go and find headlines that you can adapt. Focus on the headlines that got the most shares and bend them to your own needs. When you’re done with crafting the headline, you can feed it into CoSchedule to analyze it and make sure you’re on point. If you’re using lists, odd numbers are your best bet. They’re proven to content at a rate 20% higher than even numbers.

Step 5: Build some trust

How will your readers be convinced you have their best interests at heart if they don’t trust you? One thing is certainly sure. If they don’t trust you, they will not buy what you’re selling.

A great way to build trust is to empathize with the reader. Put yourself in their own shoes and imagine how you would feel and what you would want to hear if you had that issue. Then tell them exactly what you would want to hear in the same situation.

When you’re doing this, it’s important to affect a tone that is as natural as possible. Write to them as if you were having a conversation, in the same room. This makes it easier for them to trust you, because they can sense that you’re not being false.

Step 6: Deliver on your promise

It would be a waste to build up all that trust and then leave them hanging with a scant 500-word post that barely covers what your title promised. Avoid this at all costs. If you betray your visitors’ trust even once, they may never come back.

As you craft each line of your content, keep in mind that the goal is to get them to the next sentence and the next after that, all the way to the end. This is why you cannot afford to put irrelevant stuff in your content.

Let every sentence actively add something to the value proposition you have revealed in the title of your post. This way, you’re already leading your readers down the sales funnel towards your end game.

Step 7: Make it readable

On average, web visitors spend less than 15 seconds on one page. Now, when you have only 15 seconds to make an impact on a visitor and convert them into a raving fan, it is suicidal to go with paragraphs of dense content.

Since 75% of web users scan, rather than read, your content should be perfectly easy to scan through.

Your writing should have few sentences per paragraph, between two and three. Your sentences too should be short, no more than 1 line long. Having content such as this ensures that people can absorb what you’re saying very quickly and you have a much higher chance of snagging their attention before they bounce.

Hemingway App is a very good option for your readability. It is a free app that analyzes your content and makes sure it is readable.

Step 8: Make it look good

Before your content can speak for itself, the manner with which you present it will speak a thousand words. Make sure they’re speaking the right words. If they don’t, you have a much higher chance of a bounce.

Data reveals that web visitors form their opinion about a website within the first half second of landing on it. At least 95% of that opinion will be based on how your site looks to them. So, strive for a visually appealing presentation.

Use images with your content too. Your visitors are 80% more likely to read your content if it has appealing visuals.

Step 9: Add a compelling call to action

Never end without an appropriate call to action. If you leave out the call to action, then you leave your article only half-finished. It’s like having an animated conversation with an increasingly convinced person and then leaving right when you almost had them.

Your call to action is simply an invitation to your reader to do something you specifically want them to do. It could be to read the next part in the series or download a free ebook.

Create content that converts every time!

Now that you have this complete guide, you can create the viral content you desire every single time.

Remember that the key to success in content marketing lies mostly in repeating what works. So keep track of what you’re doing and note what works for you. Then do some more of that.

Click here to learn more about blogging and creating content! ‘>

If you have any questions about this article, please get in among the comments. It’d be great to hear from you. And if what you need is a bit more bespoke, please get on touch with me. Let’s start a conversation. 

Thanks for stopping by Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell’  Please click the like and share button and subscribe so you won’t miss any new posts with information to assist you with blogging!


Why You Will Make Absolutely No Money From Auto Affiliate

Hi, I’m Nana from Nana’s Big Time Marketing!

I’m so excited you’re here today to learn more about the Auto Affiliate Machine! This tells me that you are doing your homework and you are to be congratulated for that, especially in this day and age…..there are so many folks on the internet and their main intention is to scam you!

My number one goal with my website is to educate my readers about affiliate marketing. I want you the reader to be able to determine who are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Through the education found here on my website you will know the following: what is affiliate marketing, how does it work, how do you gain traffic, where do I start, how much training is offered, what is content, what are keywords, and SEO, how do I build a website and when can I expect to start earning money online!

There’s a right way to go about affiliate marketing and there’s an absolutely wrong way. If you’re all about auto affiliate marketing, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Here’s exactly why.

Click here to read, “All You Need To Know About the Basics of Blogging and How It Works!”


So let’s get started!!!

There’s this Thai legend about a King who gave one of his chiefs – one who he terribly dislikes – the gift of a big White Elephant. He knew fully well that keeping an elephant was a very expensive undertaking and would ruin the recipient in the end.

This kind of summarizes what the Auto Affiliate Machine is about – a white elephant: a useless thing that costs you money and does nothing!



What are the Claims of the ‘Auto Affiliate Machine’?

Created by quite well-known internet marketers Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay, Auto Affiliate Machine is a cloud-based system that claims to offer you a unique way of promoting your own written reviews via various social media platforms.

This product promises that you can make automatic commissions by following some simple steps using a ‘secret software’.

According to the Auto Affiliate Machine, this process is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is:

Buy the software.

Activate the software.

Sit back and start making money ‘automatically’.

Does this not seem outrageous?

Instead of the usual video reviews on YouTube or on websites, their software helps you to create a product review in the form of a PDF document which you can then share on your social media.

This PDF will contain your referral link such that you then earn affiliate commissions when someone purchases any product with that link.

I wish it were this easy to earn money online, not just money, but earn enough to quit my day job!  But it just doesn’t happen this way in the real world.  As you will find further in this article, earning an income, 4 digit, 5 digit, and so on and so forth, it takes education, training, study, and hours of time dedicated to your online business.

The owners of this company are just lining their own pocketbooks with your hard earned money and it makes me sick to see folks fall prey to it.

My mentor, Grace, explains this well in her post, “What A Year Can Do”.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading Grace’s progress in her online business journey.  The page gives you real-time happenings to a real person, her background just like mine, had little to no actual results from a website, but she shows you the exact steps necessary to take to get results and gives you an idea of how long it really takes.

What did you like most about the post?  Please post in the comments below, as I love reading your comments and replying to your posts.

You can read about my #1 Recommended affiliate marketing platform right HERE!

Click here Click here to read All You Need To Know About The Basics of Blogging and How It Works!

Have you thought about starting your own online business?  You’ll be surprised, you can have your website up and running in 5 easy steps and then you’ll be on your way to earning money and the best part about it, you can work from anywhere and you are your own BOSS!

What Exactly Do You Gain by Subscribing?

Once you become a member, what you get access to is a PDF creation software which you can use to create cute and simple PDF product reviews. You can then share these product reviews as a promotional tool to earn commissions.

The software also comes with an automatic sharing feature that allows you to share your new PDF documents to social media accounts like Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

With subscription, you also get access to training videos on how you can use the software – which basically entails how to use the software to create a PDF.

So, How Exactly Does It Work?

The software isn’t even something one requires more than basic knowledge to operate. The process is simple. All you have to do is:

Select a product to promote.

Use the software to create a good-looking PDF.

Share it on social media.

Earn commissions when someone buys the products through the link inside the PDF.

As for the video on the website, it gives you absolutely nothing. The video is a 25-minute tutorial showing you how the software works.

It contains no tips or training whatsoever about affiliate marketing or how you’ll drive traffic to the PDF s created.

On a basic level, the training is adequate but serves no purpose in educating anybody about affiliate marketing or how to make money online.

There’s not much automated about the auto affiliate machine either. You still have to manually edit and insert your personal review of the product, your rating, bullet points and any bonuses that you have to offer. You also have to manually add your social media accounts (if you have any).How Much of Your Pocket Goes Into This?

There are quite a number of plans and pricing variations, so it’s not really that easy to pinpoint how much money you’re going to cough out into buying this white elephant.

A particular fee repeated in the video on the site is $47 per month (Juts so you know, Amazon Cash Websites scam also has a monthly subscription fee of exactly $47).

However, if you click on ‘Get Started Now’, you may get the Auto Affiliate Machine for a one-time fee of $17. Now, interestingly, if you try to close the page, you are offered a further $5 discount.

Further down the lane, the Auto Affiliate Machine system will offer you a series of training videos plus a ‘bonus package’ valued at $497.


Further Costs?

You bet! There are a series of updates lined up for you in the Auto Affiliate Machine system:

Elite Edition Upgrade: This includes the addition of 2 more social accounts and further video training. Additional Cost: $37.

Weekly Edition Upgrade: This entails further training on how to increase your earnings to $1k a week with the use of the software. Additional Cost: $27.

‘Done-For-You’ Upgrade: This comes with over 40 generic, done-for-you PDF s with option pages, graphics and email swipes. Additional cost: $27.

Reseller Edition Upgrade: With this, you can sell the Auto Affiliate Machine software as your own product. Additional Cost: $47.


Will You Even Make Any Money With The Auto Affiliate Machine?

Is the auto affiliate machine really worth even your stress? Nah! All you’ll be paying for is a software that allows you to create PDF s. Really. And that’s great information right there, free of charge. Seems plain ridiculous that you’ll be paying to find this out down the line.

There are a handful of reasons why the only people making money from the auto affiliate machine are the founders – and NOT the subscribers.

PDF s, really?

Except for academics conducting research, PDF s are extremely outdated and uncool, and people are desensitized to this form of advertising.

PDF s are no longer that effective in affiliate marketing. Most people now prefer more fun things like videos and creative contents.


No Traffic = No Business

Of what use are your PDF s when you have only a few people even downloading them or having access to them?

The ‘Free Viral Traffic’ referred to in the auto affiliate program is really the one coming from your own social media. This is because the only way they teach about traffic generation is to share your PDF on your social media.

So, what happens when you don’t even have a large social following? The logic is that simply sharing a link to social media pages waiting for people to not only click it but to also buy the products is a long stretch.


Training? Forget It

The auto affiliate machine promises step-by-step training on affiliate marketing and how to make about $100 per day.

You can forget all about that. All you’ll get is 6 videos, a total of 25 minutes, teaching you how to use the PDF-creating software.

No training on Affiliate Marketing, traffic generation, conversion optimization, etc.


No Real Content

If there’s no real content, and all you have is just a PDF with your referral link in it, how do you convince people to buy? You have no relationship with them and you expect that they’ll buy a product after being exposed to it through a random link within a PDF? That’s a long shot.


Auto Affiliate Machine Is the Wrong Way to Do Affiliate Marketing

This is a very wrong way of thinking outside the box. The founders of Auto Affiliate Machine claim to do affiliate marketing differently by creating the PDF promotional method.

That it is unique doesn’t however make it sensible or even profitable.

Who clicks and downloads PDF s at random and ends up clicking the links in it to purchase a product?!

Is it a scam? That depends on how you define a scam? If your definition of a scam is paying money for something that won’t make you any money though it was supposed to, then you have yourself a scam.

If Not Auto Affiliate Machine, Then What?

If you want to make real income doing affiliate marketing online, there’s no shortcut to it. Creating awesome reviews on a website for instance, rather than in PDF s is a much better and guaranteed way to go about this.

With a website, you can easily build up a constant flow of visitors and become a respected authority on your chosen topic.


How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

There are a number of affiliate marketing platforms out there. But what you want is not just a legit one, you want one that will actually make you a lot of money.

There’s no better one to help you do this than Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, there are two ways you can start making that money you’ve been wanting. First is by following the course training to build your own affiliate site and drive traffic to it to make your affiliate commission. Second is by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program itself and making up to 50% of the sale.

Once you sign up for free Membership, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can then earn up to 15% commission for promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a spin with the FREE TRIAL, you won’t even need your wallet or credit card, why NOT?  You’ve got nothing to lose!

If you want to know more about how you can make legit money, click this link and let’s start a conversation.

Thank you for stopping by, please click the like button and share.  Subscribe if you want to continue receiving my newsletters and training!

Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell

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Why you absolutely need to avoid the Auto Affiliate Program

Why you absolutely need to avoid the Auto Affiliate Program!

Hi, welcome to Nana’s Big Time Marketing Website! My goal is to assist as many folks as I possible by educating the consumer! I want you, the consumer, to have the knowledge required to be able to spot a scam and run away from as soon as possible. I have written numerous reviews on different affiliate programs, pointing out the pro’s and con’s in each review, and the main concerns with programs that are basically scam programs and how to avoid them. Every company I review I will either recommend or flat out tell you it’s a scam and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 ft. pole.

I sincerely hope you benefit from reading this material and at the end of the review be able to make an educated decision.

So, let’s get started.

The founder of the Auto Affiliate Program, Steven Hall, claims he can make you a whole lot of money ‘automatically’. All you have to do is sign up for his affiliate program at $47 a month.

And, of course, you don’t have to do anything. Just sign up, get involved and get a load of dough. Really.

But does it actually work like that? Do you stand to make a lot of money on this platform? Here, we will examine the curious case of the auto affiliate program and give you a comprehensive and unbiased verdict on it.

How Does the Auto Affiliate Program Operate?

According to the founder, Steven Hall: “Getting people to buy something is hard but giving something away for FREE is easy.”

So, basically, the Auto Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program that aims at making affiliate sales by giving out free eBooks.

The curious thing about the Auto Affiliate Program is that it claims that by paying for membership, you’ll be able to create your own fully automated and unlimited passive income streams in just 7 minutes!

How exactly does it work? Once you become a member, what you’re going to receive is a collection of eBooks on different subjects which you can then give out to anyone. In these PDF s are your own affiliate links to products and services related to the topic of said eBook.

When people download the PDF s and click on any of the links inside this eBook you get a commission between 10% to 50% on any purchase they make. You also get a free website to host the PDF s.

Once the PDF is downloaded, the Auto Affiliate Program emails the person on your behalf with more related products in the coming weeks, thus creating opportunities for you to earn commissions.

Fresh books are added for you weekly embedded of course with your affiliate links. Importantly, there’s a manual on how you can send the new releases to your social media accounts.

There’s more than meets the Eye: Is the Auto Affiliate Program a Scam?

With the Auto Affiliate Program, you’ll save yourself the time of having to write one yourself weekly. True, the PDF s have cool content with ads on related products.

But that is not why you’re paying money for it. You want it to bring you money. The million-dollar question is: Does it actually bring you any money?

Is the auto affiliate program different from any one of those popular Clickbank click bait products that actually serve no real purpose?

Here are a few reasons why the Auto Affiliate Program might be a total scam and waste of your money.

Marketing Through PDF s, Really?

Assuming that you even get people to download the PDF s, how many people would really have the time to read it?

And that is not even the end of it. You have to pray that by some miracle, they click on your affiliate links in it, and purchase the product advertised.

This cannot be said enough: affiliate marketing in PDF s has lost its glory days – if it even had it to begin with!

You Get No Marketing Training Whatsoever

The auto affiliate program doesn’t teach you any comprehensive Affiliate Marketing skills nor training that you need if you really want to make any money from it.

This program is definitely not for you if you’re a newbie affiliate marketer and are looking to learn the ropes. The system is automated and does most of the work for you.

Duplicate Content is Bad for Marketing

What you should be going after is a unique website or content that engages your viewers.

The website you get with the Auto Affiliate Program is one of those generic ones with 100% duplicate content. The already-made and generic one-page websites with all the PDF s available for download is bad marketing itself.

This is because google has a way of detecting these copycat sites and penalizing them by making the sites almost invisible by the search engines or by ranking them poorly. If your site doesn’t show up on Google’s search engine, or even worse, is blacklisted, your whole organic traffic is gone to the wind.

Without Traffic and Conversion Rate, What Do You Have?

Steven Hall’s traffic strategy is to share PDF links on your social media. If you are new to affiliate marketing, your chances of making money with Auto Affiliate Program is as good as dead.

Even if you do have a reasonable following on social media, it means you will be driving traffic to the links yourself, not by any automatic means.

Learn how to drive traffic to your website as well as learn how to use keywords to drive traffic! Click here!

There’s no independence with the Auto Affiliate Program

Auto Affiliate Program builds an email list for you and makes sales promotions for you but you’re denied access to the emails they send on your behalf.

You have no control over the email list yourself.

They can – and they do – make use of the email lists to make even more money for themselves. Should you decide to leave Auto Affiliate Program, you’ll be losing all these Email subscribers as well.

Now, where’s your independence? You’re simply paying to put yourself at the mercy of the program!

System “Lock-in” To Get You Hooked

Once you start using the auto affiliate program, there are a number of upgrades and ‘new features’ that will ensure you continue to cough out money if you want to run your business.

This is definitely not the independent work-at-home and affiliate marketing program you may want to involve your resources in.

What happens if Steven Hall decides to close shop and stop providing these services? You’re left with nothing.

What Does It All Add Up To?

Not that much. Although the Auto Affiliate Program will cost you $47 per month.

Assuming that people will even read the PDF s and click the links in it, the auto affiliate program is really for those who already have a lot of traffic coming to their sites/social platforms.

This is no doubt because the chances of someone clicking on a link and purchasing the product advertised is like a scoop of sand in a beach. Only someone with very large traffic to their websites will be able to distribute these PDF s and find that scoop of sand.

The chances of you making money as a newbie with no experience and no traffic source are quite slim.

Where Can You Get What The Auto Affiliate Program Lacks, and More?

There are a number of affiliate marketing platforms out there. One that is very realistic and beats all the defects in the auto affiliate program is what you should look out for. One of the very awesome ones is Wealthy Affiliate.

This is my #1 recommendation for anyone who’s interested in learning how to earn money online, whether it will replace your “full-time job”, supplement your full-time job, or supplement your retirement. Click here to learn all about Wealthy Affiliate!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can either make money by signing up for the course and learning how to build your own website to attract traffic. Or, you can promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program itself and make up to 50% of every sale. Learn from the best how to attract traffic and use keywords effectively.

These are tried and tested means of achieving the financial freedom you want. According to the JournalReview, with only Free Membership on Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get yourself set with the training you need to build yourself an affiliate marketing business. All you have to do now is get on board. Here’s how to do that.

I would like to introduce you to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson and to their introductory 1st course, it’s one of the 10 free courses you will have access to when you take the plunge and trial Wealthy Affiliate for as long as you would like, you don’t need your credit card or billfold, just CLICK HERE!

Here’s the link to the first introductory course, Welcome to WA!

This is just a sampling of what you will be receiving here @ Wealthy Affiliate. Let me show you how!

Thank you for stopping by, I love to hear from you, so for comments or questions, please leave them in the comments sections below!

Please like, share and subscribe, so you won’t miss any of my posts which are geared to help you make money online!

Till next time, best wishes!

Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell

All you need to know about the Amazon Cash Websites

All you need to know about the Amazon Cash Websites scam!

“Anyone who stops learning is old whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford

Hi, I’m Nana from Nana’s Big Time Marketing, aka Cora!

I want to take this time to welcome you to my sincere review of “The Amazon Cash Websites”.

Amazon Cash Websites promise a lot but deliver very little, If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself with far less than you bargained for.

Here’s a breakdown on what you need to know about the SCAM !

Fake news is everywhere. You can’t unsee all those gaudy, bait headlines designed simply to get you into the website and leave you holding nothing. With get rich schemes like Amazon Cash Websites, you’ll find yourself holding nothing, and leave with a lighter pocket too.

Surely, we all have come across various work-at-home ‘news’ and how you can make ridiculous amounts of money from doing ‘nothing’. Infact, as a column on Forbes noted, there are about 70 work-from-home scams for every 1 legitimate one you find.

Since there are so many work-from-home scams, I feel it is my duty to review as many as possible. I will keep reviewing companies both good and bad in the hope of saving innocent folks from losing their hard-earned money. If you are like I was just a little over one year ago, I was searching the internet high and low…..I just wanted someone to teach me the ropes, without filling me full of air and taking my money. So sit back and relax while I discuss this company.

Here, we will reveal to you why the amazon cash websites scheme is a scam. We’ll also reveal how you can identify similar money-sucking websites and how you can actually make money from home with affiliate marketing platforms.

If You Don’t Know What an Amazon Cash Website is….

Who doesn’t want to work with the popular retail site Amazon?

Exactly! This is why there are hundreds of amazon cash sites that prey on that particular interest. They offer you hoax opportunities about how you can work with the famous Amazon and get this awesome work-at-home job where you get to make thousands of dollars a month.

Don’t be the one to fall for this big scam! The Amazon Cash Websites are just giant hoaxes to drain your money.

Here’s How to Identify One

It starts with an email, a link on Facebook or any other social media. You will receive and an Amazon Cash Website link which, on the surface of it, looks like a legit site.

See here a picture of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Amazon logo, and a “Work from Home” text underneath it.

Then you see the “Work from home opportunities have been featured in: ABC, Forbes, NBC, FOX, CBS.” Don’t be fooled into thinking this is legit. It’s just another trick of the Amazon Cash Websites into leading you to believe that this is the real deal.

NOTE: They are not affiliated to Amazon in any way, nor have they been endorsed by the brands where “work from home” opportunities were “featured”.

What Exactly Do These Amazon Cash Websites Do?

There are hundreds of websites that promote different scam schemes by making these bogus claims of ‘get rich quick’ by trying to lure you with the good name of Amazon.

They say you can start earning as much as $14,000 a month by barely lifting a finger.

What happens, in fact is, once you click on any of the links, they send you to Money Sucking Websites (MSW) or some other online scam where you will be asked to sign up for another scheme.

How Much Will It Cost You?

To start with, about $47.

There are however several upgrades that will require you to pay more once you begin to complain that you aren’t making any money – which you won’t ever do, because it’s a scam.

It Looks Nice, Smells Nice, But Is It Actually That Nice?

The most dangerous thing about Amazon Cash Websites is that everything appears legit if you don’t take the time to fully examine it.

Why wouldn’t it? You see a site with the Amazon logo, a picture of Amazon CEO Jeff Bozos, then read a few ‘news items’ that have been particularly written to divert your attention.

Even more so, the sites talk about actual ways to make money online. The problem is that the process is all buttered up to make it seem so much faster and easier than it really is.

They make it seem like it is a nearly automatic method that is guaranteed to make you hundreds and thousands of dollars online.

Reality check however is that their system won’t work, and you wouldn’t really be earning anything.

No Training Whatsoever!

The claim of the sites is that you will be given a training on how you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars at home, doing absolutely nothing!

Well, you won’t be getting any training either nor will you be given any manual on how to actually make money from affiliate programs.

A Web of Lies

Unless you’re really that desperate as to become blinded by the ridiculous promises and fake ‘testimonials’, you will realize the scam.

The fake customer testimonials are all too easy signs. Popular ones will often say:

“Sounds too good to be true? That’s what local, Chris J. Peters initially thought too. Chris is a 37-year-old father who lost his job earlier in Sep 2015. He was lucky enough to be invited to beta test of this program in November. Karen and Chris Peters, parents of two were initially skeptical of this work at home opportunity but it turned to be ‘the best decision they’ve ever made.’”

It may look real and feel real, but it isn’t actually real. There’s no information to back up any of the claims being made and the pictures of ‘happy clients’ used are those that can be found in stock sites like ShutterStock or Pixels.

1000 Routes to Different Scams

The sites don’t actually sell any product or service.

This Money Sucking Website System is the most popular one right now. Depending on the one you come across, the site directs you to different scams schemes that will only result into you parting with your money without the deriving any benefit or value.

Is There a Way to actually Make Money as an Affiliate of Amazon?

Sure thing! You could make legit money online by being an ‘amazon affiliate’.

Will Amazon really pay you money to get people to go to their website and purchase items? YES, it’s called being an affiliate.

This is just a clean and simple way of making cool money by promoting other people’s products. If the client purchases a product by using your referral links, you get a commission from the sale of such product(s).

This marketing is not like your get-rich-quick amazon cash websites scams. Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate requires learning and comprehensive training.

Is there really such thing as a push button, or automatic method that is going to make you money online? Succeeding at making money online requires time and effort. This is something the amazon cash websites won’t tell you.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my mentor, “LittleMama”. Read her success story and the common denominator you will find is this: you don’t begin to earn money online quick, it requires hard work, studying, dedication, focus, and consistency.

This is “LittleMama” ! Click here to read her post, “What A Year Can Do”

This is an amazing story of rags-to-riches and I know you will be


“LittleMama is a real person, not someone fake, she has a website and she’s been working hard and is finally earning a 6-figure income.

Please do not skip over this article, if you do you will regret it!

She tells is like it is, holds no punches!

So fasten your seat belts!

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

There are a number of affiliate marketing platforms out there. But what you want is not just a legit one, you want one that will actually make you a lot of money.

One that comes straight to the mind is Wealthy Affiliate. Interested in learning more about affiliate marketing? CLICK HERE for a review of Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there are two ways you can start making that money you’ve been wanting:

Follow their course training & build your own affiliate site and drive traffic to it to make your affiliate commission.

Promote the Wealthy Affiliate program itself and make up to 50% of the sale.

With just Free Membership, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can even earn up to 15% commission for promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You will also get 2 free websites with wordpress themes!

Let me show you how!



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Nana’sBigTime Marketing aka Cora Mitchell

Is Auto Chat Profits Just Another Get Rich Quick Scam?

Is Auto Chat Profits Just Another “Get Rich Quick” Scam?

Welcome to my website, thank you for stopping by and since you are here, I know you are searching for ways to earn money online! So, you’ve made the first BEST step, researching the companies out there and finding out what they are really about before investing in them! So CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE GAME! 

Would you like to make $423.67 per day, spending just about 6 minutes in as little as 14 clicks? I’ll bet you would. But you’re not going to do that through Auto Chat Profits, or any other of its variants.

Launched only in early 2019, Auto Chat Profits is a program that claims to be able to “siphon” money for you automatically, while you do absolutely nothing. Yeah, really.

If that were the case, we would all be involved in this one! But there’s a very good reason we aren’t….. continue reading and I will clue you in on WHY THIS SYSTEM IS SET UP JUST TO GET YOUR MONEY, THE OWNERS WILL MAKE MONEY BUT YOU WON’T, YOU WILL BE SPENDING MONEY TO BUY THE PRODUCTS THEY ARE SELLING!

In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining this company and it practices in-depth and if you’re serious in learning how to earn money online keep reading, I will be introducing you to my #1 Recommendation to learn how to earn a GREAT LIVING ONLINE without fear of wasting your time and losing your hard-earned money!

Who Owns the ‘Awesome’ Auto Chats Profit?

Nobody, that’s who. At least, nobody knows because the real owner does not show up and is not mentioned in the program’s website. That right there should set the bells ringing.

The closest you’ll get to a name on the website is “Samantha Smith”, who is mentioned in the Auto Chat Profits sales video. That’s no help though because the site itself states Samantha to be merely a fictitious pen name.

If the real owner won’t show up, and the spokesperson is just a ‘pen name’… do you see the big RED FLAG already?

So, how does the Auto Chat Profits Work?

The truth is that it won’t.

But this is how it claims to work. The Auto Chat Profits website makes a sizable number of bogus claims about what this new system is capable of doing. One of the claims is that it can help you make $100 per day starting immediately and, get this, that you can literally “siphon” money using the software.

Here’s the headline on the website:

The Basics of how it Works

To begin, you create a ClickBank account, create a simple done-for-you website, and run traffic to that website.

It is claimed that the software will then interact with your visitors and fix them up with some ClickBank products to buy.

The real way it works is that it spams your affiliate links into different platforms in the hope that someone somewhere is silly enough to click your links, buy the products, and make you some money.

You might earn a small amount of money from time to time, but it’s extremely unlikely.

In reality, if you’re planning on earning a full-time income online, the first thing you need to do is build your OWN website and then begin researching the products you want to promote, once you’ve done the research, then you begin to write articles about the products you’ve researched and post them on your website for folks to read hence bringing to traffic to your site, and the end result is EARNING MONEY!

In order to bring high traffic to your website, the blogger would need to write a minimum of one article a day until you start to build trafficesee some traffic!

One needs a lot of viewers to make money…… It doesn’t happen overnight!

And….if someone is telling you that you can make a ridiculous amount of money quickly, BEWARE!!!

What Smells Wrong About the Auto Chat Profits….

Other than the identity of the owner not being known and the spokesperson using a ‘pen name’, what else smells wrong? Well, almost everything else.

The whole system is built on having people visit your website, hit your affiliate link, and buy a product.

Reality check is this: Would you click on random links and just buy a product out of the blues?

Over-Hype and a String of Shaky Claims

They basically claim that immediately after you purchase this product you’ll automatically start to make hundreds of dollars.

Is there really such thing as an automated software that will just churn out $100 per day to you for doing nothing? Nada.

It takes hard work to build up a substantial income online – and you won’t do it in just 6 minutes under 14 clicks.

That it is possible for the auto chat profits to make money doesn’t mean it’s going to work as claimed and “siphon” you your own money.

Undisclosed Up-sells

The initial claim of the Auto Chat Profits to lure you in is that you’ll get access to this ‘awesome’ siphoning machine for FREE.

But, will you? Towards the end of the video – and in their pages too – you get to realize that you would have to pay $37 to have access to the software.

You may think $37 isn’t really that much, but, what exactly are you paying for?

For the Auto Chat Profits, there are dozens of 1-click up-sells that will only be selling more of the same useless piece.

Once you purchase the software, it begins. You will almost immediately be hit with up-sell “attachment” products that can help you make a lot of money “immediately” you purchase it.

But, didn’t they just sell you a ‘siphoning machine’ that can make you $423.67 in 6 minutes in as little as 14 clicks?

Other Expenses

Up-sells or not, you’ll still have to spend more money. The only way you can make money is if you drive traffic to your site.

Now, while the Auto Chat Profits will give you a little training on how to get visitors to your website, the method taught will require you to PAY for visitors.

What you get if you subscribe for the Auto Chat Profits is that you’ll be paying other people to promote your website or products to their email list.

Is their email list reliable? Do you want to spend your money on the chance that someone in their email list would buy your product?

All these means more money – coming out of your pocket, and going into the large sack of the owners of the Auto Chat Profits, whoever they are.

When you start adding up “other expenses” as you well know, they will nickle and dime you to death. I don’t know about you but I prefer to know up-front what I’m going to be spending and really don’t appreciate new things being added gradually and not knowing whether I actually need it or not!

Even the Website Is Not Really Yours

The done-for-you website that will be created for you is not technically yours. The domain name and web-hosting will be controlled by Auto Chat Profits. What this means is that they could stop paying for either one of them at any point.

Even more, you don’t get a say in the products that will be sold from your website. All the products will be the ClickBank products they particularly want to sell.

I spoke of this earlier, one of the first steps in earning money online is setting up a website, one that belongs to you; therefore, you aren’t dependent on ‘whoever owns the company’ instead you will be responsible for your domain name and web-hosting.

But….if you don’t have a clue how affiliate marketing works and you’re interested in learning the basics then building your foundation from there, let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate, which is my #1 recommendation.

If you’re serious about making money online and would like to learn step-by-step and have courses, tutorials, videos, and the support of millions of online earners 24/7/365, just CLICK HERE!

Will You Ever Be Able to Make Money Using Auto Chat Profits?

After all is said and done, you’re much more likely to get money out of a rock. Auto Chat Profits doesn’t make you money. It only works to generate profits for the unknown owners behind it.

There are no real success stories from people who have used Auto Chat Profits, which isn’t the least surprising.

Their website even contains comments from aggrieved members who have realized their mistake far too long after payment.

Of what use is a ‘money-making machine’ that doesn’t really make you money? After realizing it doesn’t work, you should decide it isn’t really worth money.

An insightful view in the design of the Auto Chat Profits may reveal to you that it indeed shares many similarities with popular ‘get rich quick’ scams like the Daily Cash Siphon and Five Minute Profit Sites.

If Auto Chat Profits is a No No, What then is a Yes Yes?

Affiliate marketing is a program that allows you to build your own business based on a subject you are passionate about.

I would like to introduce you to our owners, Kyle and Carson. They started this company back in 2007 and it has been growing steadily ever since. CLICK HERE for an introduction!

There are fantastic ways to go about doing this. The first thing for you is to forget all these “get rich quick” scams and “done-for-you” systems.

If you’re looking for a hype-free program that will actually help you create an online business and a long-term income, you may have to look into Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing platform gives you all the training, tools, and support you need to create an online income. With Wealthy Affiliate, there are two ways you can start making that money you’ve been wanting:

  • Follow the course training & build your own affiliate site and drive traffic to it to make your affiliate commission (You’ll also be taught how to do this).
  • Promote the Wealthy Affiliate program itself and make up to 50% of the sale.

According to the JournalReview, with Free Membership, you’ll get basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can even earn up to 15% commission for promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Even more, you also get 2 free websites with WordPress themes!

When I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, I had been scanning the internet daily searching for a place to learn about internet marketing, I kept thinking to my self, “there’s has to be a place that will teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed.” Out of the blue I read a comment on a post, “why would you pay $249.00 a month for something you can get for FREE?”

I was literally blown away when I clicked the link, I could not believe my eyes….there were (10) FREE courses, they weren’t just eye candy courses, but everything I needed as a newbie to build my very own website. Immediately, I stopped the program I was paying $249.00/month for and joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! 

You know I could have stayed with the FREE program for as long as I wanted to without any pressure to buy into Premium but when I realized everything “I didn’t know,” I thought, I can’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all I can about affiliate marketing and how to earn money online.

So, of course, without hesitation, I opted to become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate, and for as little as $19.95 a month, that’s about the same as you spend for (4) coffees a month @ Star Bucks, I’m not sure what a cup of Starbuck’s coffee costs, because I don’t drink coffee, (if coffee is $5/cup x’s 4 cups = $20.00)

For less than $20/month, you will have access to the BEST platform with tons of educational videos, tutorials, courses, and live web events, which are recorded and can be watched later. All the teaching material is available and can be done at your own convenience!                                                                            

Please check out my #1 Recommened Product!

 Review of Wealthy Affiliate by click here! 

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Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell

How To Drive Quality Leads To Your Website In 7 Clear Steps!



How To Drive Quality Leads To Your Website In 7 Clear Steps!

Great that you finally decided to start your own website. But you must know by now that the world of blogging and website administration is terribly competitive.

Although there are over 4 billion people actively on the web, there are also more than 1.5 trillion websites on the internet.

Compare this to the fact that the average person has an attention span lower than a Goldfish, and you have a serious question on your hands:


How on earth do you drive quality leads to your website?

Just like a stream of water needs to keep moving to stay clean, every website needs traffic to stay relevant. A website without traffic is essentially dead and will almost never see the promised land of Google’s first Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Thankfully, there’s nothing mysterious about what you must complete to make sure your website ranks high on Google and quality leads reach you from there.

A research study conducted in 2013 revealed that many B2B marketers have plans to increase their lead generation budgets by 50%. And the simple reason for this is: no matter what you’re selling on your blog, content is still paramount.


Marketers know it works.

Statistics show that blogging consistently (with quality content) has helped marketers generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

So the simple answer to the question of how you drive quality leads to your website is: by providing consistent, quality content.

But creating that content is an entirely different kettle of fish. According to Search Engine Watch, 32% of marketers struggle to create content that snaps up the attention of their target audience.

No worries about that though.

There are actionable strategies you can implement to increase the number of visitors to your website and find the quality leads you desire.



Here’s how to do it in 7 steps.

Step 1: Carry out extensive market research

The purpose of blogging or owning a website for that matter, is to reach a specific set of people. If you’re not sure who you’re supposed to be reaching or if what you have in mind is a bit different from what you normally do, you’d best start with research.

You want to make sure that there are individuals that will take an interest in visiting your site. The individuals that this research turns up will also be your potential readers, members or customers. It ensures that you know someone will be buying what you’re selling.

When you do your research thoroughly, you can be assured that you are making a smart decision that is backed by hard data.

What’s the best way to start out on this research? Look out for what your target market wants. You can do this by heading over to Google Adwords Keywords Planner and plugging in a keyword that relates to the area you’re looking at.

For instance, if your interest is in an Italian cuisine blog, you can search for “Italian cuisine”.

The Keyword Planner will return the number of searches for that keyword and the level of market interest in that area. This tells you that there’s a group of people out there just waiting to see what you’ve got.

My #1 recommended Keyword Tool is Jaxxy and I’ve been using it since the beginning of my blog and if you’re worried about more money coming out of your pocket book, well DON’T, BECAUSE they have a FREE starter program, this program can be used FREE as long as you wish.

Step 2: Target long tail keywords

Now, if you want to drive quality leads to your website, you cannot settle for the same niche that half the rest of the industry is after. The best way to ensure you have a market that you will cater to is to go deeper. This is where long tail keywords come in.


Long tail keywords are basically the same as that in step 1.

The difference is they are more exact as to the wants of a specific category of persons. They have a higher chance of lead conversion, plus there’s less competition for them.

So, with long tail keywords, you have much better chance of quality leads.

Here’s how you can go about determining your long tail keywords. Get back on Google AdWords Keyword Planner or if you’ve already signed up for JAXXY, and plug in the “Italian Cuisine” keyword again.

When the search results come in, click on the “Keyword Ideas” tab. This will show you longer and more specific keywords around the same area.

Targeting these long tail keywords means you can significantly boost your chances of attracting high value visitors to your website.

See what other bloggers have to say about long tail keywords!  Here’s a great article by Kyle, click here!

During my research, I found another great article I think you will find of interest by boomergp08, titled, “The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords”

After you had a chance to study these two courses, please leave your comments and/or questions.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Step 3: Identify the content that people want

According to CMI B2B Marketing Report, up to 62% of people feel good about an organization that delivers custom content to them. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Custom content is infinitely more palatable. It caters specifically to the problem, needs or wants of that group of people and increases the chances that they’ll convert. This is why 87% of prospects say content targeted to their industry is more valuable.

Besides, it’s simple common sense to identify what your readers will want. If you write content that they cannot engage with, they will simply close your website and find another that will.

If you already have a website, one of the best ways to find out what they want is to check what they’re already reading. You can check this through Google Analytics.

Once you log in, click on the Behavior tab on the dashboard, then Site Content > All pages. This will show you what areas of your site visitors engaged with the longest.

It’s also possible to find out what they want elsewhere such as in online communities like Quora. Pay attention to the questions people are asking there and the level of interest in those questions.

That’s what they want to read about.

Step 4: Gather your data and statistics

Search engines love quality content and Google is no different. If your website is to rank favorably on the SERPs, you need to write content that is packed full of quality that readers want.

You can achieve this quality in any number of ways. Data, facts and statistics are a useful way to provide quality in your content. You can also find expert views or Case studies to buttress your content.

The point here is just to ensure that your content comprehensively provides the information that your audience want. It’s always best to do the necessary research for this before you begin to write.

Step 5: Craft killer headlines

This is another absolutely essential element. Headlines pretty much determine whether people will engage with your content or if they will just scroll by.

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 persons that see your headline will click it.

But they will only proceed to read your content if the headline persuades them to keep reading.

Before you start writing at all, take a while to reflect on the headline you think will capture your target readers’ attention best.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do this all by yourself.

There are tools like Coschedule or JAXXY that you can use to analyze your headline and see if it achieves the effect you want. Try to ensure that your headline scores at least 70.

Another great technique you can use to create the best headlines is to learn from those who have. Search for your focus keywords in Google. When the results are out, study the top ranking articles.

They’re likely to be doing something right if they made it to the top of the SERPs.

You can structure your headline after the best article headlines and amend it to fit your own uses.

Step 6: Write deep, long form content

The days of 500 word articles are long gone. The trend is moving toward more detailed, data driven articles that deliver comprehensively on the information that a reader seeks.
Studies show that Google now tends to rank detailed content much higher than shorter articles.

The average length of an article on Google’s first page these days is about 2000 words. The longer and more in depth the content, the better.
So if you want to drive quality leads to your website, you have to go all out on your content. Ensure that it is as deep as possible and comprehensively covers the area on which you’re providing information.

Step 7: Promote your content

This may be the last part, but it’s no less important. After writing content that is worthy of ranking high on Google SERPs, you need to take the next step to drive engagement with the content.

There are many ways you can do this. You can offer a content upgrade in the form of a slightly expanded PDF. Copy of the article.

This can be paired with an opt-in form that also allows you collect your reader details for your email lists.

Social media is one of the biggest ways that you can promote your content. Do this by displaying social media sharing buttons conspicuously on your website.

You can also provide shorter versions of the content on social media with a link to the full content.

I can help you drive quality leads to your website

I’m here to help, if you’re serious about  driving quality leads to your website and you aren’t sure exactly where to start, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn the basics about what it takes and where to start.

There are courses which specifically designed to teach you about quality content and how quality content leads to quality leads.

You can start out with the FREE option, which offers (10) tutorial classes, which you can access anytime, day or night, at your own convenience, walking you through every step, from start to finish. Before you know it you will have your website up and running.

For clarification and to let you know about my background, I’m a 66-year-old grandmother and I was extremely slow to plunge into the computer age!  I had my heels dug in for a long time, but slowly, in the past 2 years or so, I have become more comfortable and managed to build my own website by myself, just by following the tutorials here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The very best option in the Wealthy Affiliate program is the support available from the thousands of members. As a FREE member or Premium member, everyone has access to support from the other members, members are successful or have more computer experience are available 24/7/365 and in my opinion this feature is absolutely phenomenal!

I am absolutely amazed with this company! I had searched endlessly and tirelessly for training like I found at Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out this Wealthy Affiliate Review!

I wasted time and money and I really just want to share this information with everyone that’s interested in earning money online!

My goal is to guide and teach as many folks as possible the BEST  way to build content, using keywords, long-tail keywords, quality content, then add to social media and drive leads to your website!

I certainly didn’t know the potential of an online business, but now that I do know the potential, there’s no stopping ME now!

That is not to say, I’m a computer whiz, that would be far from the truth, just ask my family, but with all the support I’ve received from Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve accomplished quite a bit and I’m very proud that I’ve worked through the courses offered.

When I started my online journey, there was so much I didn’t know about building an online business. As most folks, I started out with the FREE option, built my website in 2-3 days and by the end of the week, I knew I had only touched the surface and really needed more knowledge so I upgraded to Premium and I’ve never regretted that decision.

I think some folks are of the opinion, that because it’s an online business a person can just jump in and start a website. LOL! You can, but that won’t necessarily mean it will be successful.

Whenever you go through the training and actually learn in an organized fashion the nuts and bolts of an online business, you find out very quickly, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I want to encourage you to do your research, don’t be fooled by the shiny stuff, it doesn’t happen overnight. Be aware, if someone promises you “You can make a $1,000 a day in just a week,” don’t believe it. A website (internet business) requires dedication, hard work, long hours, one must study, learn, and earn, then repeat the process.

So that’s it. Now you know everything you need to attract all the quality leads you want to your website. The process is not always easy though and you may not see the results immediately.

But with a bit of hard work and consistency, you’ll stand out soon enough. If you would like to know more about the process, please contact me. I would be happy to start a conversation.


Thank you for stopping by Nana’s Big Time Marketing aka Cora Mitchell


Come on back and let’s build an online business together!



Is There Such a Thing As Being Too Old For Blogging?

Is there such a thing as being too old for blogging?

Of course not, you’re not too old for blogging or any other thing for that matter. (Except, of course, for running around and throwing Frisbees with a bunch of 10 year olds – that could get quite painful).

The notion that people are too old to do anything is part of the increasingly ageist mentality that exists these days. There’s a lot of visual stimulation going around and, more often than not, the most visually stimulating image is that of youth.

That’s what motivates a lot of people to see bloggers as good-looking, fashionable, trendy, youngsters with the world at their feet.

But that image can often be false. And for blogging, it’s downright misleading. According to this survey conducted by ConvertKit, the average age of bloggers is between 25 – 44 years.

In fact, the survey, which had over 850 participants, found that 23% of respondents reported being 45 or older.

Shocking eh? With the way some go on about being too old to blog, you’d think blogging was for 15 – 25 year olds.

Evidently, the stats tell a different story. In this article, I’ll show you exactly why your age should be the last thing on your mind when considering the prospect of blogging and how you can get started.

Let’s dig in!

Age is just a number – and it’s not the most important one!

There are over 4 billion people active on the internet. According to Blog Reader, 47% of these people read blogs regularly. And they don’t give two hoots about the age of the person writing the engaging blogs they just can’t get enough of. alone reports that over 400 million people view blog posts on its network every month. That sums up to a total of 20 billion blog post views every single month. That’s just for WordPress.

Tumblr on its part reports having more than 400 million blogs and, wait for it, 165 billion blog posts. Yes, you read that correctly.

What these numbers show is that the blogging industry is gigantic and will always find space for anybody that takes an interest. Of the 4 billion people out there skimming the internet, there’s a tidy few thousand that are waiting for just the kind of content you’ve got in you.

Not a one of them is thinking about your age right now. All they want is to find that haven of content that will give them what they need. They’re searching the internet at the rate of 70,000 searches per second and all it takes to launch your blog is a few hundred hits.

As far as blogging is concerned, age is a mere number. And it’s right down there with the number of people that care how old you are before they read your blog – zero.

Content marketing is not going anywhere either so why shouldn’t you get in on the act

The world is undergoing a sort of information explosion. Here’s a stat to blow your mind. Currently, we’re creating about 2.5 quintullion bytes of data every single day and we’re not nearly about to stop.

It is estimated that by 2020, we’ll be creating 1.7mb of data per second for every individual on earth.

Just so you have an idea how big the explosion is. In the last two years alone, we have generated 90% of all the date that exists in the world. That’s a lot of information.

And as the stats show, the thirst for information will only increase.

Blogging is just another way to bring information to the screens of people that need it.

As long as people rely on Google to bring them information, they’ll always need someone to churn out fresh content. This means that blogging is not going anywhere and is even likely to get bigger.

There are big opportunities to make your voice heard and even bigger opportunities to make a decent income while you’re at it.

So, there’s absolutely no reason for you to hold back on your interest in blogging.

What on earth will you blog about?

Tons of topics, tons of blog post, FOCUS ON A NICHE!

Now here’s where there’s often a stick in the plan. Considering the sheer number of blog posts that get churned out every day, it’s okay to wonder what you’ll write on. But you shouldn’t have too much worry here.
Just as there are tons of blogs out there, there are also tons of topics you can write on. The key to having a successful blog is to focus on a niche and there’s a never ending category of niches.

The way they work is every topic has a sub topic. These often have even smaller sub topics and there are usually hundreds of these.

So, is your interest in fashion? You can create your own niche in any area of fashion. You can tailor your blog to cater specifically to any age group.

Do you have a flair for commentating on political issues? You can focus on a single issue or a small subset and build a strong following there.

Another great area that also pays well is reviews and recommendations.

If you’re not sure what your interest is, there are great ways for you to find one. Quora is always a great place to start. You can easily see what people are asking about and the kind of content they’re after.

Still think you’re too old for blogging?

Then you must be made of much different stuff from Dagny Carlsson. Who’s Mrs Carlsson? Oh, only the oldest blogger in the world at 106 years old!

Yes. Mrs Carlsson didn’t learn how to use a computer until the not so tender age of 99.

She only started blogging at the age of 100. And today, she’s doing pretty well for herself.

From a few hundred visitors in her first couple of months, she has built up a solid following for herself. Today, over 2.3 million people have visited her blog.

And she did all that while being over 100.

That’s a challenge to you right there. Will you let a 100-year old lady show you up?

If you’d like to get started:

The bare truth is: you can do pretty much anything you set out to, including blogging (and yes, throwing Frisbees with 10 year olds).

Blogging is even easier, since all you need is a computer, a strong internet connection and some ideas buzzing in your head. You don’t even have to have all the ideas; all you need is one to start with.

If you think you’d like to give it a shot, there’s no better time to start than now. I also started out blogging with little more than the scant ideas in my head.

Of course, I’ve learned a whole lot of things since that have helped me along. But the biggest thing I discovered is: you don’t need everything to be perfect before you start.

So, leave off thinking you’re too old for blogging, give it your best shot and see where that takes you.

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