So, are you having difficulty increasing your traffic, is traffic down? I will be discussing the value of these 5 topics to assist you in creating posts to catch the attention of your readers and ensure your posts are more readable.

Among the 5 topics, I will be discussing not only having readable content, quality content, keyword rich content, and how consistency of posting on your blog can also affect your traffic!








Using smaller paragraphs when writing a page/post will likely keep your readers attention longer, the information is broken down into 2-3 sentences per paragraph! Making the article have small, bite size chunks of information gives the illusion of short or small.

In reality, you’re writing blog posts/pages are 2,000-4,000 word content and are stuffed full of valuable information, but you’re main concern is to keep your reader reading!

In modern communication such as Twitter and Instagram among others, the word limit is usually 140-170, so you could say that your audience is used to reading small bits of information at a time.


Stick to the basics, don’t get in the habit of adding different colors or font sizes as this can be distracting to your audience. Normally use the computers normal settings with a white background and either black or gray print.

Changing font sizes and/or colors throughout your page/post can be found distracting; hence, drive your audience away.


Visuals are extremely useful when used in your blog pages! They grab the viewer’s attention initially and should lead to keeping the viewer’s attention longer; thereby, increasing the time the viewer will spend on your site

As a rule, I recommend using a minimum of (3) separate visuals throughout your article to enhance the subject material.


To bring attention to different subject matter in your content, use headlines to introduce the next topic to your audience by using headlines! For instance, H3 for tags and H1 for titles. Using this throughout your content will provide consistency for your reader.

The people that I see succeed at the highest rate (bar none), are those that dedicate themselves for the longer term. Never do you see a successful business created overnight or without ups and downs, failures and successes.

The same goes for the content.

I want to put a few things into perspective as to what you can accomplish in a month, but also give you some longer term vision and show you what can be achieved if you work consistently at the content side of your business for the next year.


There is a realistic formula that you can use to forecast and estimate your potential as you continue to build out relevant, quality, keyword-targeted content on your website.

I am going to base this potential on creating 3 posts per week, which is very realistic and many of you will be able to create more content than this, but this should be the baseline of your expectations.

One WEEK Traffic Potential

3 page/posts = 3 posts

Average traffic per post (5 clicks)= total 15/day = 450 clicks

One MONTH Traffic Potential

3 pages/posts week x 4 = 12 posts.

Average traffic per post (5 clicks) = 60/day = 1,800 per month

Six MONTHS Traffic Potential

3 pages/posts week x 26 = 78 posts. Average traffic per post (5 clicks) = 390//day = 11,700 visitors per month

One YEAR Traffic Potential

3 pages/posts week x 52 = 156 posts. Average traffic per post (5 clicks) = 780//day = 23,400 visitors per month!!

These numbers are totally realistic, if anything on the low end of the spectrum. As you write in volume and continue to target keywords within each and every post that you create. As you create more and more content, you will continue to see more rankings as Google assigns you with more authority.

Picture yourself now. Picture yourself one year from now getting 780 visitors to your website per day, or, 23,400 visits per month. This IS REALITY!

23,400 unique visitors to your website per month absolutely has the potential for a full time income, people are earning it on much less traffic. And this is done through creating 3 high quality, keyword themed pages or posts on your website per week!

By using the tools discussed above, staying focused, and creating content, your traffic will increase and you will begin to see the results needed to create a full time income.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my article. I am here to help you reach your potential in your online business, so if you received benefit from this article, please click the like button and share with your friends.

For questions or concerns or subjects you would like to read about and learn, please leave your comments below!

Don’t forget to subscribe, so you can receive my latest newsletters!


Have a great day!


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RocketResponder for Beginner Automation!

Email marketing campaigns can be very effective at amassing contacts and expanding your customer base. But, if you’re unfamiliar with how to start one or manage them, then it may be worth your time to check out RocketResponder.

This straightforward, user-friendly service comes at a low cost and is the perfect service for beginners who don’t have the know-how or experience to begin email marketing campaigns.

RocketResponder makes email automation a breeze and gets your campaign rolling within minutes of signing up. If you don’t have a list of emails to start with, that’s ok. RocketResponder can help you get one too. They take you from start to finish with a step-by-step approach to getting an email marketing campaign up and running for your business.

Don’t let your lack of experience or knowledge stop you from going further and reaching new levels of success. Keep reading to find out how RocketResponder can boost your business into profits using automated email services.

What does an Autoresponder Do?

Let me take the time to explain how autoresponders work for those who are completely new to the world of email marketing. The explanation is in the name itself – an autoresponder service automates a response or a series of responses via email to a list of contacts that you provide.

Autoresponders work well to market products, create a subscriber base, promote your website or blog and stay connected with your customers. These contacts are gathered from sign-up forms that they manually enter their email address into which goes on a list for you to utilize.

The first autoresponders were created to alert users if their emails were unable to be delivered to their recipients for whatever reason, such as “Message could not be sent because email address does not exist” Anyone who has ever used an email service before has encountered these types of auto response messages.

Now, autoresponders can be used to start, expand and market a business! For a small monthly fee you can have access to

tools and forms that can automate your email ads, offers and sign-ups with a simple set up process.

The type of service that RocketResponder falls under is called an Outsourced ASP Model; meaning, the service operates on RocketResponder’s infrastructure and is configurable by using a control panel from their website. The customer pays a monthly fee to use these tools and services. RocketResponder is similar to these other outsourced ASP model autoresponders:

• Mailchimp

• TrafficWave

• AWeber

• iContact


• Autorespond Plus

Those examples are accessible through monthly subscriptions to their services at various prices. Although there are free services online, they tend to be unreliable when it comes to email delivery and list management.

I personally recommend RocketResponder over all the others because it is affordable and a great tool for those just starting out in email marketing.

The risk is very low compared to other high-end products so you don’t have to worry about big losses if things don’t work out to your liking.

What is RocketResponder?

RocketResponder is an autoresponder service based in West Kingston, RI that was launched in 2011. RocketResponder offers its customers the tools to create email marketing campaigns, set-up contact lists, create landing pages and track analytics to observe and learn from the habits of your recipients.

With RocketResponder you can create visually pleasing lead captures and emails in minutes no matter what your skill/experience level may be. In other words, RocketResponder gives you the tools you need to collect emails in lists and then market to those lists with mass emails automatically.

RocketResponder is known for their user-friendly approach at creating and managing email marketing campaigns from the ground-up. New users can follow along their tour that leads youth rough step-by-step procedures to create an email list.

Once you have created your list you can begin automated marketing immediately!

There are three levels of membership which I’ve listed below along with their pricing information. Later on in the article I will explain the differences between the memberships as well as the pros and cons of using RockerResponder for your email marketing campaigns.

What If I Don’t Have a Contact List?

The great thing about signing-up with RocketResponder is that you don’t need to have a contact list or even a website for that matter to start an email marketing business. RocketResponder will help you create a sign-up form and host it on a landing page for you!

You can start from nothing and build your business from the ground up with RocketResponder’s features.

This is what I mean when I say that anyone, no matter what their experience level is, can create an email marketing campaign through RocketResponder.

Once your list begins to build up you can market to your audience using your blog, a newsletter, send special offers, etc. You control how often your emails are sent and which emails are automated. It is an excellent way to gather prospects, convert customers and maintain relationships.

Is RocketResponder Only Useful for Online Businesses?

RocketResponder can benefit any business looking to increase its customer base and its rate of conversions. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, online business or independent business location; RocketResponder is a useful resource for you.

With RocketResponder you can create a sign-up list to capture leads for your restaurant, clinic, law firm, cleaning service, etc. You can then send offers and coupons to the contacts in that list to turn your prospects into customers. The autoresponders in RocketResponder can be configured to automatically follow-up with your customers and prospects so that your business stays in front of them at all times.

RocketResponder is a great service for businesses that don’t have a marketing department. They specifically designed their service to be easy so you don’t spend more time learning how to use the product and actually spend time building your business. Their low costs and reliable delivery service makes it a no brainer for the small business owner looking to take his business to the next level.

How Much does RocketResponder Cost

There are 3 levels of membership to RocketResponder, each with their own advantages to customers who may have different needs according to the size and nature of their business. The great thing about RocketResponder that sets it apart from competitors is that the prices for these services remain the same no matter how big your list gets.

Whether you have 100 contacts or 10,000 you’ll only pay the monthly fee associated with the service you choose. Here are a list of those services and their permanent prices:

Basic $20 per month – If you’re looking for something simple to collect leads and build lists, then start off on the basic level. You will still have access to great features and be able to create attractive emails using their drag-and-drop tools. When you use this plan, every email you send through RocketResponder will have their branding. This plan includes:

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent

• First 30 days are FREE

White Label $99 per month – White Label service is great for building a reputation around your brand. RocketResponder provides you the same great service but under your own domain name and links. Now when your contacts read your emails, they will only have your brand and website name without any RocketResponder information.

This can help you bypass security software and spam filters that could eliminate your email before it reaches your contact!

Another great feature for White Label customers is that all your emails can be archived on your website instead of ours. This will drive more traffic to your page when customers want to browse past emails, thus increasing your advantage towards long-term search engine viability.

Here are the features included with RocketResponder White Label:

• No RocketResponder branding

• Uses your domain for SEO

• Import your lists and subscribers

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent

Agency $179 per month – The Agency plan powers multiple brands so you can increase the amounts of businesses you market for.

This plan features:

• Manage unlimited clients

• Unlimited Leadpages and Exitintent

• Use of domains or clients for SEO

• Completely White Label

• Import your lists and subscribers

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers

• No RocketResponder branding

If you’re still on the fence about using RocketResponder or wary of committing to a monthly subscription, I encourage you to take advantage of their 30 Day Free Trial. You can familiarize yourself with the program and find out first-hand how RocketResponder can increase your conversion rate.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time with no complications. All cancellations will take place once the currently paid month ends. 

Is RocketResponder Easy to Use?

The biggest selling point for RocketResponder is its ease of use for any level of email marketer. RocketResponder has many videos, articles and blogs to show you each step during set up and automation.

You can also gain insightful information and understanding of how this business works by reading through their blog. You can see that in 5 simple steps you can create a contact list and begin your first email campaign!

Create a free account using RocketResponder’s 30-Day Trial

Follow the TOUR to create a contact lists using their step-by-step instructions to manually input it.

  • Your contacts will be sent an opt-in email from RocketResponder that

    they will need to confirm their subscription.

1. Create a free account using RocketResponder’s 30-Day Trial

2. Follow the TOUR to create a contact lists using their step-by-step instructions to

manually input it. Your contacts will be sent an opt-in email from RocketResponder that

they will need to confirm their subscription.

3. Complete any “Advanced Options” that you may want to use to create follow-up actions

during the email sign-up process. This can include a reminder to check their inbox for a

confirmation email to complete the sign-up process or even a link to an offer you may

have given in exchange for their subscription.

4. Once you complete the set-up, click the “Get Code” tab to copy your code and paste it

into your website. If you don’t have a website, RocketResponder can host your sign-up


5. Use the analytic information provided by RocketResponder to track the habits and

trends of your subscribers. You can use this information to see who opened your emails,

what links were clicked, if your emails bounced or if anyone unsubscribed from your list.

You can use this information to see who opened your emails, what links were clicked, if your emails bounced or if anyone unsubscribed from your list.

Some useful tips for first-timers are to keep track of your lists if you manage more than one. If you have separate lists for prospects and customers make sure you remove a prospect from the list once they become a customer so you are not sending them two types of emails.

Also, if you are managing multiple lists you can direct them all to a main list where you can send out a newsletter or blog.

The RockerResponder Blog

Speaking of blogs, RocketResponder has a very useful blog full of tips about email marketing. You don’t need to be a customer to access it, either. Go to their website and read up on industry news, press releases and feature updates. I learned a few things myself about the tools and features of RocketResponder and the importance of certain aspects of marketing I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

You can use it as a resource to increase your knowledge and understanding to better your business.

Do you have your own blog?

RocketResponder makes it easy for your audience to access and subscribe to your blog via email or right from your website. Just put in your blogs URL and let RocketResponder handle the rest.

Choose when RocketResponder will check your blog for new posts and when they will update your subscribers. You can even have your blog posts emailed directly to your subscribers! This makes RocketResponder an ideal choice for anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their blogs.

Become a RocketResponder Affiliate

RocketResponder boasts itself as being an easy sell since its basic product is only priced at $20 per month. Another great selling point is that there isn’t any fine print or extra fees – you pay the same monthly price no matter how big your lists grows. That’s an eye-catching feature for those who may be paying hefty prices to manage large lists.newsletter or blog.

As an affiliate for RocketResponder you can use these excellent selling points to turn prospects into customers and earn 20%-75% commission from your down line. You could earn a nice sum of money if you can find a way to maintain a large down line.

Here is a breakdown of the commission you can earn as an affiliate for RocketResponder:

20% 1-4 members

25% 5-9 members

33% 10-24 members

40% 25-49 members

50% 50-99 members

52% 100-199 members

54% 200-299 members

56% 300-399 members

58% 400-499 members

60% 500-749 members

68% 750-1249 members

75% 1250+ members

Even if your were able to only maintain 50 members at RocketResponder’s basic plan, you can make $500 a month.

50 members using the Basic Plan at $20 per month earns 50% commission: 50% of $20 = $10 x 50 members = $500 earned commission each month they continue their membership. That’s not bad as far as affiliate programs go.

RocketResponder uses to operate their affiliate program. That means you will sign-up, manage and get paid through They have a 5-step application process and require that you own a website to qualify as an affiliate. requires that you have a website to verify your identity and you cannot become a RocketResponder affiliate without one.

Pros and Cons of RocketResponder

While RocketResponder may be a great tool for beginners, there are some areas of it that advanced users may find to be lacking in comparison with competing services. As far as I’m concerned, RocketResponder handles my email marketing business wonderfully.

I’ve read
similar reviews from those who had doubts that this low-cost service can pack the same punch as some bigger names in the industry. They were surprised to find out that the cost of RocketResponder does not reflect the value of their service.

Hopefully this list can give you more perspective on whether RocketResponder will work well for you. I use

RocketResponder and find it to be a valuable resource that has increased the reach of my business:

• Allows use for affiliate and network marketers to create email campaigns to promote

their affiliate links

• User-friendly features to get you started right away no matter what your experience

level may be.

• Tutorials and blogs that guide you through the process of set-up and list management

• Unlimited use of Lead Capture pages for customers that don’t own websites

• Low-cost plans that do not charge any extra fees or increase when your subscriber base


• Free 30-Day Trial without entering credit card information

• Unlimited lists, emails and subscribers with every plan

• Has an affiliate program that offers 20%-75% commission based on your down line

In closing, I want to say that you should at least try the 30-Day Trial for free and see what you think of RocketResponder yourself. Even if you go an extra month you are only spending $20 to test out the product further. Most companies charge triple that amount with limited features.

This is an excellent service for affiliate marketers looking to expand their reach and increase their conversion rates. With RocketResponder you can start turning your side job into a more profitable venture.

Location based businesses can also find great value in RocketResponder’s ability to automate their email marketing campaigns to increase traffic to their shops. Maintain relationships with your current customers and gather new prospects using RocketResponder’s forms, landing pages and autoresponders.

If you have never started an email marketing campaign before or lacked a budget necessary to maintain one with the other high-end services then you should go over to RocketResponder right now and start for FREE. You’ll find out just like I did that RocketResponder is a great bargain with a lot to offer your business.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this article, I hope you found it interesting and interesting and helpful! Please hit the like button and share with your friends.

Leave your comments and questions below and I will respond promptly. I love hearing from my readers.

If you’re reading this page and you want to learn how you can start you own blog and earn money online!





I’m here to help you succeed in your online business!


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Does AWeber Work For Me?

You may have heard of email automation services provided by companies such as AWeber. Many location-based and online businesses use automated email services to capture leads, market to them and turn them into profitable conversions. These services are proficient at building customer relationships with first-time visitors and help to maintain them to the point of changing them into loyal customers. AWeber has been a leading service provider for email automation since its launch in 1998.

AWeber has over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs reach their marketing goals. If you think your business is too small or you’re not capable of managing such a service then I encourage you to read-on and find out how easy and effective AWeber is to operate. You can use simple drag-and-drop features to create marketing campaigns and autoresponders. AWeber’s stellar customer service record has proven to be a reliable resource to aid in the creation and management of campaigns and autoresponders.

AWeber also offer a risk-free 30 day-trial that gives you access to every feature of their service! That’s a whole month of full-access to tools and services that can take your business to the next level. 

In addition to being a great product, you can also become an affiliate member of AWeber at no extra cost. AWeber doesn’t even require you to be a customer as a prerequisite to becoming an affiliate of their company. That is just one of the many great features that this email marketing giant has to offer and one of the reasons I use it myself.

What Makes AWeber Valuable

AWeber value comes in many forms but mostly in its ability to convert your leads into profitable customers. The features available to AWeber customers can enhance your sales funnels and provide you with analytics to expand your perspective on your businesses approach to your audience. Here are some features you can access when using AWeber for email automation.

  • Create newsletters, coupons, and special offers and broadcast them by email.
  • Blog pots can be converted into newsletters and automatically be sent to subscribers
  • Personalize your automated emails with your subscribers’ information
  • 150+ templates that can be customized
  • Tested with leading email clients, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more
  • Easily create plain text emails, sign-up forms, and autoresponders
  • Include logos and images that can be placed in dedicated areas with over 6,000 stock photos
  • Choose from many color schemes to match your branding
  • Live customer service reps are knowledgeable and capable of helping set-up campaigns to benefit your business the most
  • Facebook and Twitter integration available to research your strengths and weaknesses
  • Tracking and analytical information available to research your strengths and weaknesses
  • Publish your emails online so subscribers can browse and share them which will help build your audience

The depth of each feature goes further than this basic list and there are plenty of tutorials and articles on the AWeber website that explain how to efficiently use each feature. Use AWeber to its full extent to capture leads that come through your sales funnel and contact them immediately.

How Much Does AWeber Cost?

What makes AWeber such a safe investment is the 30-day risk-free trial AWeber provides to new customers. Every feature AWeber has to offer is made available to you during this period. You can change your billing plan at any point during your free trial but I’m willing to bet you will see just how much of a positive impact AWeber will have on your business.

The best part of AWeber’s pricing system is that you continue to get full access to their features at their most basic level. That’s because their prices only increase when your subscriber base increases. Customers don’t get locked into contracts and can cancel their account at any time. AWeber accepts payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Students and Non-Profits can apply for discounts on AWeber products. You can also get discounted prices when purchasing quarterly or annual memberships. There are no hidden fees or set-up fees associated with their services so, you can expect to pay what you see on their pricing chart. You will only pay more if you are profiting from a subscriber base that has grown past your current pricing base. Here is a breakdown of the costs of using AWeber:

  • $19/mo for 500 subscribers
  • $29/mo for 501-2,500 subscribers
  • $49/mo for 2,501-5,000 subscribers
  • $69/mo for 5,001-10,000 subscribers
  • $149/mo for 10,001-25,000 subscribers
  • 25,000+ subscribers will need to call for a quote

How Does AWeber Work?

AWeber customers use the email marketing service to establish profitable relationships with their audience. This is accomplished by creating an automated email system that can automatically respond to their customers’ actions when responding to those emails. You can use these services to send coupons, newsletters, articles, etc. as frequently as you like.

AWeber has customizable templates available for customers, as well as easy-to-use design tool to create emails and autoresponders. If you are completely new to email marketing, there are plenty of videos and how-to articles you can learn from at AWeber. There are also a number of ways to find support through the AWeber call center, live chat on the website or via email. If you would also like to be a part of the AWeber community you can find fellow customers on Facebook in the group called AWeber Marketing Community.

Newcomers are most welcome at AWeber. You can join without any prior experience or knowledge about email marketing and still set up a successful marketing campaign within the span of your free trial. That’s because AWeber has a comprehensive program designed to launch your campaign successfully.

Getting Started with AWeber

AWeber has an easy set-up process that takes you through the steps of completing basic preferences and settings. Once you sign-up, you will be emailed a password to log-in. There are many videos and how-to articles within the website to help you through the initial set-up or any other process you are going through.

Customers will need to have a valid postal address per the CAN-SPAM Act and this address will appear at the bottom of any messages you send out. It s better to use a domain-based email opposed to a generic email from Yahoo, Gmail, etc. because of their own regulations regarding automated emails.

Using Launchpad at AWeber

Launchpad is a training tool AWeber offers its customers to help them become proficient at email marketing. There are three levels of experience you can choose from to enhance your knowledge: beginner, medium, and advanced. Each level has 4 segments of information aimed to expand your understanding of how AWeber works and how to use it successfully. I included the beginner level information for the preceding example. 

The information presented in each segment is different depending on the experience level you choose.

  1. Grow your list – Learn to add a sign-up form to your website or Facebook page, find out how to use a hosted sign-up form to grow your email list without a website, create forms that get results and increase your contacts using the Atom App on your mobile devices.
  2. Create & Send – This segment will teach beginners how to broadcast emails, make a follow-up series that auto-replies, the best way to use email templates, what to write in your broadcasts, writing your first follow-up series and includes the free e-course “Write Better Emails in 7 Days.”
  3. Measure & Improve – Learn to analyze metrics provided by AWeber such as open rate, click-through rate, web traffic, sales, unsubscribers, bounce rate, and complaint rate. AWeber will show you how to use all of this information to refresh your marketing campaigns. AWeber Stats is an app you use to track your analytics on the go from any mobile device. You can run split tests, view open rate stats and learn to understand what these stats are.
  4. Learn More – Access the AWeber Blog to keep up with industry news. Check out AWeber’s video library with tutorials for every feature and testimonials from their users. There you can find live and on-demand webinars for advice from the biggest names in digital marketing. At AWeber, you can go through their Knowledge Base to learn the ins and outs of their services through articles, email marketing podcasts or contact email experts on the Customer Solutions Teams.

AWeber has made its product available and accessible to every level of email marketer with its Launchpad feature. There’s something new for everyone to learn and AWeber ensures that its customers have the tools and training necessary to succeed using their program.

Using Third-Party Tools with AWeber

You’ll be glad to know that most of the third-arty tools used for email automation services are fully compatible with AWeber. These tools are designed to enhance our email marketing services and can be of great use to your campaigns. You can find tools that integrate with your account to help with things like:             

  • Data and Analytics
  • Landing pages and sign-up software
  • Integration Platforms
  • Contest and promotion software
  • Shopping cart and E commerce
  • Webinar and video platforms
  • Membership and podcasting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile and Text Services
  • List Cleaning Services
  • Support Software

Remember, third-party services will likely have their own associated costs outside of AWeber but there are hundreds of apps and services within these categories for you to choose from. If you have room in your budget to work with them I’m sure it would be of great help to your business.

The AWeber Affiliate Program

AWeber also has an affiliate program that everyone is able to join at no cost. You read that right the first time. AWeber’s affiliate program is completely free to join. You don’t even have to be an AWeber customer to become an AWeber Affiliate. 

I’ll say that again, you don’t need to use AWeber and you can still market it as an affiliate. Simply apply to their affiliate program on this link, and once you are approved, you’ll be ready to start making money through AWeber commissions.

AWeber Affiliates are provided with a dedicated affiliate URL that can be posted on an affiliate’s blogs, articles, social media posts, etc. When a prospect clicks on the affiliate link a referral cookie will stay in their browser for a year or until the prospect manually clears out their browser. 

When that prospect becomes an AWeber customer the affiliate will earn a 30% commission automatically. This commission is a recurring payment for as long as the prospect remains a customer with AWeber.

The approval process of becoming an AWeber Affiliate can take up to three days. If you are not approved by the program you will receive a notice stating so. You can check their affiliate agreement to see if you are not in alignment with it in any way or if you feel there has been an error you can contact the affiliate team by email. 

Explain to them why you would be an ideal affiliate or ask what you need to do in order to become approved.

How Do I Get Paid as an Affiliate for AWeber

AWeber pays 30% commission for each customer that signs up using affiliate link. This payment is recurring for every month your prospects are AWeber customers. AWeber pays their affiliates on Net 30 terms, which I’ll explain here. At the end of the month AWeber totals up all of your earnings and 30 days after the close of the month they send your payment. 

Payments are made by check or PayPal and all payments are made in USD.

PayPal payments do not have any fees attached to them so you will receive your payment in full. Payments made by check can take 10-15 business days after the 30-day marker to arrive at your address. 

Checks are good for up to 2 years if you have forgotten to cash a check after that period or you have lost a check there will be a $25 fee to have the check re cut. Re cut checks can be issued via PayPal as well, but will still enc rue the $25 re cut fee.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of AWeber’s Affiliate Program

Here are some guideline to AWeber’s program that answer some frequently asked questions. I got these from their website so you can trust the information is accurate. You can always refer to their Affiliate Agreement or contact AWeber directly if you have questions about their rules.

  • YOU CAN use paid search ads as long as you don’t include variations, trademarks, or misspellings in your bidding. This means you can use keywords in a sentence for your bidding but you cannot use keywords or their variations by themselves. Ex: “AWeber has amazing email automation: is acceptable but using something like “A Weber, AWeber,” is not allowed. Contact the affiliate team with any keywords you may be unsure about to verify their compliance.
  • YOU CAN have an AWeber account without becoming an affiliate.
  • YOU CAN’T promote your affiliate program through a purchased email list because it goes against the AWeber Affiliate Agreement.
  • YOU CAN’T run traffic from multiple people within an existing affiliate network. AWeber does not allow re brokering because it makes it difficult to monitor for compliance. Each company/affiliate must market through their own account.
  • YOU CAN’T use your referral ID for your own AWeber account. This means you can’t create an AWeber Affiliate account then, afterwards, go create an AWeber account under your own affiliate ID to earn commission.

You can see the full Affiliate Agreement on AWeber’s website to get a better idea of their compliance regulations if you still have questions or just email their affiliate team. AWeber has an excellent reputation for customer service.

AWeber Is Known for the Customer Service

If you’ve read other reviews about AWeber you already know that their customer service has a great reputation for being prompt, knowledgeable and professional. There are many testimonials that speak highly of AWeber’s teams of experts that are made available to every AWeber customer. 

It doesn’t matter what level customer you are, you will have the same access and support as the highest paying customer.

AWeber offers support in every capacity from live assistance by phone or live chat made available on their website. Access to live help on the phone or by chat is limited to their working hours but you can email their support groups and expect a reply in less than 24 hours!

  1. Contact by telephone toll free and international Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST and on weekends from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST
  2. Live chat personnel are available Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST and on weekends from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST
  3. Email support is available 24/7 and responds in less than 24 hours

You can rely on customer support to help you with every aspect of your email marketing campaign. AWeber has been in this business for 20 years and the knowledge that their customer service reps possess can be of value to even the most advanced email marketer that uses AWeber.

The Pros and Cons of AWeber

I know I may sound like I’m gushing over AWeber but there are some aspects of it that can be seen as a negative by prospective buyers. Especially those buyers who have used other email automation programs before and know exactly what they are looking for.

In order to be as fair as possible I have included a pros and cons section that outlines some less favorable parts of AWeber. Even though these cons exist, I still recommend using AWeber; particularly beginners who are looking to learn how to master email marketing and automation.

Pros of Using AWeber

  • AWeber customers can download apps to manage their campaigns and analytics on their mobile devices.
  • Integrates well with many third-party services and tools such as Clickfunnels, Thrive and Leadpages.
  • There is an active community on Facebook called AWeber Marketing Community where you can talk to fellow customers and gain insightful advice from experienced marketers.
  • AWeber has user-friendly tools with drag-and-drop features to design autoresponders emails
  • Supports tagging through email clicks
  • Great customer support for customers and affiliates alike
  • 30 days risk-free trial that gives you access to the full product and all of its features. 

CONS of Using AWeber

  • Outdated automation system does not offer the same flexibility as their competitors
  • Outdated templates and forms that some users have commented as looking as if they were designed in the 90’s
  • Limited automation support in comparison to newer email marketing programs available Duplicate subscribers and unsubscribers across multiple lists count towards your limit. This means you have to constantly manage your subscribers list to make sure you’re not paying for the same subscribers.

I Recommend Using AWeber

As a digital marketer like yourself, and as a current customer of AWeber, I think it is a great service to help you learn the ropes of email marketing. Their training and support make it one of the most reliable and popular choices since its debut in 1998. 

AWeber may feel outdated for some users but I have found it to be a valuable resource to my marketing strategy and I continue to learn from their services. I now feel confident in my own ability to expand my business through email automation.

I encourage you to try their 30 day risk-free trial. Take that time to go through their tutorials and contact their customer service reps to create a profitable marketing campaign. 

If you’re unsatisfied with their service then at least you will have learned something along the way. You’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to expand your business with AWeber and why they continue to be a leader in their market after 20+ years of service.

I want to sincerely thank you for reading this article, for questions, concerns, or just simply want to give me your opinion, please do so in the comment section below!

I love hearing from my readers and love suggestions for future articles you’re interested in.


Don’t have a blog, I can help you set yours up today in less than 4 hour, follow me to

Have a wonderful day!

Cora (aka Nana’sBigTImeMarketing) 

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    Is Profit 24-7 Now Called Mass Income Machines?

    I’ve seen a lot of buzz circulating in digital marketing communities lately regarding Profit 24-7. It’s seemingly the next “Get rich online doing nothing” program that makes big promises to its prospective members. Utilizing Clickbank to make massive amount of money as a group effort is the M.O. Profit 24-7 (now Mass Income Machines) uses to tempt prospective customers into biting.

    One problem I encountered while researching Profit 24-7 is that it doesn’t technically exist anymore. I say “technically” because the web address still works, but the product is now called Mass Income Machines. I’m assuming this is just a simple name change because the business model is exactly the same.

    These types of Clickbank products are a dime-a-dozen, but what’s the catch? Does Profit 24-7 really work? Why did Profit 24-7 change its name to Mass Income Machines? I’ll answer these questions and more in this review of Profit 24-7.

    You can find the sales pitch for Profit 24-7 at and watch their 16-minute video or take a few minutes to read this review to save some time and money. There were plenty of red-flags and alarms going off in my head within the first five minutes of landing on their web page. I hope you check them out below! Here is a brief profile of the company.

    Name: Previously known as Profit 24-7 but currently Mass Income Machines


    Created: August 2018

    Owners: Jacob Allen/John Forbes/Robert Sharpe. These are fake names that the site claims are being used to maintain the owner’s privacy. The names seem to change over time.

    Cost: $37 or more if you buy any of the up sells.

    Similar To: Fast Cash Club, Daily Cash Siphon, Income League, Secret Income Club, Insiders Cash Club, Profit Genesis 2.0, Easy Insta Profits, Digital Formula System, Tube Profit Sniper, AZ Formula, Five Minute Profit Sites,

    Why Did Profit 24-7 Change Their Name to Mass Income Machines?

    I had to do some research on this one. Reading other reviews of Profit 24-7 led me to the website but when I went to their page, the product being marketed there is called Mass Income Machines. The video and all other content, referred to the product as Mass Income Machines. But, what about Profit 24-7? I went back to my previous research to verify if I had the right website.

    I returned to Google and began my search for an answer as to what happened to Profit 24-7. It turns out another reviewer discovered Jacob Allen sold Profit 24-7 and turned around to create Mass Income Machines. By all accounts this is the same, exact product with a new name slapped on it. My theory as to what transpired is that Profit 24-7 got so much bad coverage that the owner had to change the name to Mass Income Machines in order to reach a new audience unaware that it is the same product as Profit 24-7. I mean, it’s the same web address and the video even mentions Profit 24-7 by name!

    Right of the bat the alarms started going off in my head. You can tell a lot about a company by the information they present to you on their homepage. This company only has a landing page that has a video presentation and little other details regarding the company. So far, I’m not impressed.

    My First Impression of Profit 24-7? Beware!

    This is a bunch of bull. I’m only being honest when I say this because the first thing you see when landing on their web page is a video that claims to be a live stream broadcast. They even have a fake viewer counter in the corner as if thousands of people have tuned in with you. The truth is it’s a YouTube video that was uploaded by a user named James Walmsley in October 2018. The video is titled “Main 4” and when you try to view the profile of James Walmsley there is no information to show.

    The narrator in the video claims to be the owner of Mass Income Machines (Profit 24-7) but is obviously an actor. There is a disclaimer on the web page explaining that the names of the owners given in the video are fake names because the owners wish to protect their privacy. I find that funny considering they don’t even have a privacy policy on their page. If you look on the page you won’t find the Terms of Service either. That seems hypocritical to me and a pretty big red flag in itself. Especially since Mass Income Machines want you to apply for their program by entering you email address. Who’s to say they won’t sell your email to a third-party?

    The narrator makes up ridiculous stats like “92.0% of people watching this video will do nothing.” They also say “Other companies don’t give you the big picture and promise a lot but deliver a little. The truth is these programs are downright trash.” How strange, I was thinking the exact same thing about Mass Income Machines!

    If you’re wondering why you would need to apply to this program in the first place, it’s because Mass Income Machines (Profit 24-7) claims to have limited positions available within their circle. In other words, it’s just a cheap ploy to create a sense of urgency in you. What they’re really after is your email address. If you decide not to buy into their program then at least they can bury you in other offers and deals from any other company they may own.

    Mass Income Machines does offer its customers training that will get them started on their new business venture but they do not list, explain or provide any kind of details about their courses. I had to go digging around to see if I could find anything out about these training modules and made a list of them available further down the review.

    The best thing I could find out about Mass Income Machines is that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you don’t believe me or feel that you can actually make thousands of dollars using their program then at least you can get your money back if you find out otherwise. I’m guessing you can get your money back by contacting Mass Income Machines through their email since that is the only bit of contact information they have made available.

    What Is Profit 24-7 AKA Mass Income Machines All About?

    If you visited the site before reading this, you’ll probably have had the same initial though that I had…”But what am I going to do in this program?” The sixteen-minute video spends most of its run time stating that you’ll be making money exponentially within a few weeks of joining Profit 24-7 program. They try to stay grounded by saying, “You won’t be making millions of dollars…” but then right after saying that they say you will make $10,000 a week! Which is just as unlikely an amount for someone starting out new in their first few months. For newbies, they also state you will be making almost up to $1000 in the first week.

    The problem is, they never really explain how it works. The best explanation they give is that you’ll be joining an exclusive network of affiliate who market to committed, compulsive buyers that are reliable leads for every product you will sell. What products are those? You aren’t told. The video says these are repeat buyers in focused niches but do not offer any researchable examples.

    Now let’s take that statement apart so that those who are blinded by the promises of easy riches can see what they might be getting themselves into. First off, the statement made that you will have access to a group of committed buyers seems far-fetched. How can the behavior of consumers be guaranteed as a selling point ensuring that you will make hundreds of dollars a day? Clickbank has a reputation of selling low-quality products, too. How can they say that you will earn thousands of dollars every week this way? You’ll see cropped screen shots of earning pages claiming that these profits were made from actual members of their secret society of ultra-successful affiliates on Clickbank without any real evidence to back it up.

    As I explained in other reviews of these “get-rich-quick” schemes, the only people making the level of profits advertised in their videos are the owners of the company. It’s most likely a group of people who have been in this business for years and accumulated a large audience. Unless you can market to the same size audience as them, you are not likely to make $1,000 a week, let alone $10,000.

    Thankfully, Mass Income Machines does have a 60-day money back guarantee through Clickbank. So even if you wanted to roll the dice and see for yourself exactly how things might pan out, then by all means, go ahead.

    But Wait, There’s More…Upsells

    Although the initial buy-in price is only $37, it’s not the end of the sale cycle for you. If you decide to buy into Mass Income Machines and their super circle of profiteers it won’t be long until you start feeling pressure to upgrade into a higher tier of the program. While other Clickbank products provide a page for affiliates, Mass Income Machines does not. There are three up sells that claim to make you even more money and faster to boot. But wasn’t that what the original product was supposed to do anyways? Personally, I find this to be a cheap tactic to get you to spend more money; like the carrot dangling on the end of a stick to lead the mule.

    The Upsells cost up to $97 but don’t really give you any access to new tools or features. The up sells for Mass Income Machines simply claim to enhance the performance of your profit system and offer a higher commission rate. The highest rate of commission you can buy into is 65%.

    Mass Income Machines’ Training Program

    As I explained earlier, the video and the website for Mass Income Machines does not explain or give any details about the type of training you will receive upon buying into their product. I didn’t have much success finding out any details on what the training modules teach you. Instead, I was able to find a list of the modules they provide to each customer. They claim that this is the perfect product for newbies who don’t have any technical or sales experience because their training program provides a step-by-step method to setting up your Mass Income Machine. Here is a list of the training modules offered to its members.

    Module 1 – Find A Profitable Niche

    Module 2 – How To Set Up A Website

    Module 3 – Create a Product To Sell

    Module 4 – Copywriting

    Module 5 – List Building

    Module 6 – Payment Integration

    Module 7 – Best Traffic Sources

    After completing their training modules, you will be fully capable of making $1000/day. They are quick to show you a clip of a brand-new Clickbank account making a few hundred dollars on its first day, followed by a couple more hundred each day. The total after the first three days ends of being close to a thousand dollars.

    This is only possible by the owner because he undoubtedly has a huge audience to market to; therefore, he would be able to earn this kind of revenue. If you don’t have access to the same size audience then you’re going to have a long way to go before making this kind of money in three days.

    Cons of Profit 24-7 AKA Mass Income Machines

    Here are the negative aspects of this company from my own perspective and experience in the digital marketing business. This is just my opinion, of course, but it is easy to see why Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines) is a product you should avoid.

    1. Lack of Transparency – This is the first, and biggest, con on the list. Any company that cannot provide the most basic details of its ownership and methods of operation don’t deserve to be trusted. We don’t really know who owned and sold Profit 24-7 and who the current owner of Mass Income Machines is. Even the picture they provide is a stock Google phone of a male model!
    2. Deceitful Advertising – As I explained in my first impression segment, Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines) employs cheap tactics to sell its product. Staging a fake live-stream video with a fake viewer counter is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also the unrealistic profit reports shown throughout the video to get you excited over empty promises.
    3. No Guarantee of Privacy – The website is lacking a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so there’s no telling what they will do with your information. There are reports of this company sending out huge amounts of ads through emails to everyone who puts their email address into their application process.
    4. Limited to Clickbank – Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines) works through Clickbank which has a reputation of selling low-quality products with a high rate of returns. A good marketing program will have you operate through multiple affiliate programs from different platforms.

    Pros of Profit 24-7 AKA Mass Income Machines

    This is going to be a short list. I tried to think of the upsides of this company but I just couldn’t find any redeeming qualities of the product itself. So, here are two positive aspects of Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines).

    1. The cost of the membership is $37 which is fairly cheap. This may be one of the reasons many people might be attracted to using Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines). But honestly, I still don’t think the product is worth the price.
    2. There is a 60-day money back guarantee through Clickbank so you can recoup your initial fee. This is by far the best part of Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines) because, from what I’ve read, most of their customers used this feature.

    Profit 24-7 AKA Mass Income Machines is too Good to beTrue

    Like most of the “Get rich quick” products available online, Profit 24-7 (Mass Income Machines) has proven to be another device tricky developers use to lure new and unknowledgable digital marketers out of their money. It’s easy to be led down the rabbit hole by empty promises so it’s always a good idea to do as much research as possible. Especially when someone is telling you it’s possible to not known anything about a business and still make thousands of dollars in your first venture.

    When the creators fail to make themselves known publicly it should tell you right away they are afraid of answering to their customers about the product they are peddling. There is only one point of contact for this company, which is an email address. Who’s to say that will last as well? Profit 24-7/Mass Income Machines’ website doesn’t even have a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service on their website so it’s completely unknown what will happen with any personal information you provide them.

    Even with a cheap buy-in of $37 that you can recoup with their money back guarantee, I would still advise you to stay clear of this product. It is not worth the time or energy you can’t get back after using it.

    Have you been searching for “THE REAL DEAL”? Personally, I searched the internet far and wide for about a year, looking for a program I could trust, that offered in-depth training and provide support from a community of users just like me. I’ve been scammed a few times, lost some money, and was very angry.

    And that’s exactly why I’m writing this review of this company, I don’t want you to fall into a trap, lose money, and waste your valuable time.

    FYI, I finally found THE REAL DEAL!” I joined a program offering in-depth training, numerous classes, step-by-step instructions on how to build a website, education in writing articles using keywords, and support from a community of users just like me.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent affiliate marketing program that not only shows you how to make money online, but provides all the tools and training necessary to start your own business.

    If you would like to try Wealthy Affiliate yourself then click on my link to start a FREE account. The account stays FREE as long as you like! You can always upgrade later if you decide to take your business further. At Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to create a website, learn to blog and turn your web space into a profitable business.

    What are some topics or questions on your mind and you’re interested in learning more about? Leave your questions in the comment section below and I will answer them promptly or write an article on the topic.

    I have a link to a great success story by myy mentor, Grace, “Littlemama” that I want you to check out… here

    I want to say “THANKS” for taking your valuable time to read this article!

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    Have a Blessed Day!


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    What Happened to The Residual Income Code?

    You probably landed on this article trying to find out if The Residaul Income Code is a scam or a reliable sales system that can earn you passive income.

    I was looking for the same information but I was troubled when I couldn’t find the actual landing page for The Residual Income Code.

    I searched through pages of Google only to find reviews. So, what happened to The Residual Income Code?


    The Residual Income Code – Promises Unfulfilled

    This is a cautionary tale for all of my fellow affiliate marketers pursuing the dream of substantial passive income. We’re all looking for a way to increase sales and we are all trying to keep up with the marketing trends.

    Using sales funnels similar to The Residual Income Code can be very risky because you pour a lot of money into these systems before you can expect to earn any of it back.

    This isn’t going to be a review on whether this sales system is a scam or not for two reasons:

    1. The Residual Income Code does not exist anymore.
    2. It wasn’t a scam to begin with, but just like many other sales funnels out there, it mostly benefited the man who created it and not many other people.

    Now, does that mean all sales funnels are bad or high-risk investments? No, of course not. But, taking a close look at how this particular sales funnel operated can help you to discern between a product that is truly profitable as opposed to a system trying to squeeze every last dime out of you.

    The Residual Income Code may not exist anymore but there are plenty of other similar systems out there making huge promises in return for your commitment to many costly services. More often that not you won’t have a choice whether you want to use these services because the sales system won’t work without them!

    That’s just one of the many red flags to look for when researching systems like The Residual Income Code.


    What Was The Residual Income Code?

    The Residual Income Code was marketing system developed by a stay at home dad named John Moss. It was a similar sales funnel system like Funnel X Project, instant income Method and WIFI Wealth System.

    John Moss claimed that his sales funnel system was a sure-fire way for people desiring to make passive income to start earning $567 a day with minimal effort. What hooked people into biting at this offer was the cost for sign-up, which was $0 FREE TO JOIN.

    Are you telling me you’re giving me a way to make crazy sums of money without giving you a dime?! Not exactly…..

    This system doesn’t have a sign-up price because they are not really offering you anything. None of the affiliate programs within the system come directly from The Residual Income Code.

    Instead, they are 3rd party programs that John Moss picked out himself to work within the sales funnel.

    In short, this particular sales funnel only works if you add on different programs that are like pieces to a puzzle that create the “big picture” of a working sales system designed to gather and capture leads, automatically market to them and drive in traffic that hopefully turns into conversions.


    The Residual Income Code Had a Catch…

    You see, it may be free to sign up for this system and get your own landing page, but in order for this system to work you will need some key programs and tools to operate it successfully. That’s where things start getting costly.

    The Residual Income Code is not an all-in-one system that provides you with everything you need to get off the ground. Instead, you’ll be paying for several programs to plug into your sales funnel so that it actually works.

    You have to sign up separately for each of these services and they each carry their own monthly costs.

    So, it’s not really a free service because you’re basically signing up to use a system and then buying all the parts separately to make it work. Since The Residual Income Code doesn’t sell any product or service directly it isn’t considered a business either. It is actually a clever way for its creater to market his affiliate programs.

    The Real Cost of The Residual Income Code

    Just as I suspected when researching The Residual Income Code, the cost of these programs add-up quickly! What if I want to find other programs that work similar to the recommended programs?

    Sorry, you won’t be able to do that with this sales funnel. What if I already have a membership with another platform? Do I still need to pay for Easy 1-Up? Yes, if you want this sales funnel to work. We’ll discuss why The Residual Income Code is set up this way later.

    I’ve made up a list of some services and programs that you would have to be a part of to get your sales funnel system working. I’ve included the cost of membership so you get an idea of what kind of money it would take to get this off the ground.


    Engagely $27
    This was developed by John Moss and it was a required program for the system. You pay a one-time fee to get in on an affiliate program that teaches you marketing on Facebook.

    Aweber $19+/mo – After purchasing this product you can use it to manage your email list and send automatic emails to your subscribers within Aweber. The larger the list the higher the price you pay. You can join the affiliate program without purchasing the product. There is a free trial available.

    Online Sales Pro $25-$37/mo – After purchasing this product you can create custom capture pages for any program or product that you promote. This includes lead generations, marketing automation and a direct sales software tool included.

    Easy 1-up $25-$2,000 – Pay a one-time fee into a high tier program with an affiliate pass-up compensation plan similar to AWOL Academy and 25 Dollar 1-up. The program teaches you additional ways to market your business online. A risky high-ticket program that are usually targets of federal shutdowns.

    Click Magic $17-$97/mo – Capture page and sales funnel technology with drag and drop features. Click Magic offers list integration as well and tracks all of your campaigns but they want you to use paid traffic too, which costs anywhere from $500-$2,000/mo.

    Udimi – A 3rd party solo ad vendor that you can earn affiliate commissions from. Also, you can purchase solo ads to send email messages to other people’s lists. The cost is typically $0.35 – $0.60 per click.

    As you can see these programs can add up pretty quickly and these are just the main ones. There are other programs they recommend you use that have their own costs as well.

    I understand that you have to spend money to make money but you don’t even get a choice to find out if there are better or cheaper programs out there because this funnel system will only work with the pre-selected programs.


    How Do You Make Money Using The Residual Income Code?

    When you sign up for The Residual Income Code you receive your own landing page just like the one you signed up from. After you’ve gone through and paid for each program required to operate the sales funnel, you are ready to start making money.

    At this point you will have become an affiliate for the programs you’ve connected to your sales funnel and you can make money earning commissions through them as well.

    Now you can start marketing The Residual Income Code yourself and earn your multiple commissions from anyone who signs up for the funnel system and then pays for the products as well.


    Why The Residual Income Code Was Risky

    A big reason you should stay away from these types of funnel systems is that they usually don’t last long. In this case, The Residual Income Code only lasted 6 months!

    They don’t provide any real marketing training or advice. The Residual Income Code only has 6 videos with less that 25 minutes worth of “training” that only show you how to plug in your programs to the funnel system. None of the videos train you on how to market the system or how to get more traffic to your business.

    This is better them because customers who don’t know how to market will be more likely to pay for that traffic from Udimi or other paid traffic programs on their list.

    The Residual Income Code’s only goal is to get you to sign up to multiple affiliate programs so their affiliate can earn commission from you. Once the funnel system disappears you’ve lost that business, there’s no way to recover it unless you can find a way to plug those programs into a similar system.

    Even if the funnel system were still around but one of the key elements to it were to shut down then the funnel would be made useless as well. I’m sure many of its customers lost more money that they made in such a short lifespan.

    These types of systems will often have you chasing after the money rather that actually providing a way for the money to come to you.

    Those members who jumped on the project early would make the most money while those who ride the coat tails near the end would lose most, if not al of their investment.


    What Happened to The Residual Income Code?

    If you were looking for an actual landing page then you’re out of luck. A quick Google search will only turn up reviews and how-to guides for The Residual Income Code.

    Digging a little deeper I found another review where the author stated he found John Moss’ Facebook page. Moss explained that The Residual Income Code had been shut down in October 2018 due to “Software Issues” and offered no other explanation.

    He promised he was working on another funnel system where you could plug in your existing accounts from The Residual Income Code.

    That’s little to no consolation to any customers who got left in the dust without any notice. It’s just another lesson learned by this fickle business Your money is better spent invested into programs that will teach you how to build and sustain a business.

    What We Can Learn from The Residual Income Code

    The biggest lesson to take away from this article is to make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into when you sign up for marketing strategies like The Residual Income Code.

    While there may have been some customers who actually made substantial profits off of this system, I doubt most of its users really made anything. It was a clever way for John Moss to market his own affiliate business.

    He and those directly under him came out on top, for sure.

    A big warning sign for any business endeavor is the promise of fast and easy money. An honest affiliate program will let you know most of its customers profits may start as a trickle for the first few months or even the first year.

    It takes a lot of trial and error along with a learning curve just like any other business. As you learn and experience how affiliate marketing works you will find more ways to successfully utilize new programs online.

    If you were on the losing end of this funnel system or any other ones similar to it then I encourage you to keep at it. Learn your lesson and invest your money more wisely in the future.

    There are other programs out there that actually teach you how to create your own funnel systems so you’re not trapped into someone else’s money-making machine.

    There are some great platforms out there that not only teach you how to do this but include all the tools necessary to make your own sales funnel for a fraction of the price.


    My Recommendations Outside The Residual Income Code

    Now that we know what kind of systems and programs to steer clear from, we can separate the useful from the wasteful. Remember, you’re usually going to have to invest money to make money but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself in a position where you’re chasing the money to come out of the red.

    There are affordable programs and platforms out there that really try to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

    1. BuilderAll – An up-and-coming platform with pre-built sales funnels tailored to specific businesses is BuilderAll. I have an article all about how it works and how much it costs. I highly recommend it to beginners who are looking for a solid foundation to start their business on. You can create your own website, blogs, videos, and sales systems with automated emails in one place. With prices ranging from $9.90-$49.90/mo it’s a great value with a low risk of failure. They have an affiliate program as well where you can earn commission by enrolling new members.
    2. Wealthy Affiliate – Another platform that I personally use is Wealthy Affiliates. They have millions of users that are making great money following the training and marketing tools Wealthy Affiliate provides them. Their community of users are encouraged to teach and inspire each other daily to become successful business owners. The pricing is similar to BuilderAll and so are some services. Learn to build a home business from the ground up while earning lots of perks and revenue along the way! Wealthy Affiliates is great for beginners who don’t know where to start making money online.
    3. Clickfunnels – If you’re not interested in platforms and came looking strictly for sales funnel recommendations then I would suggest trying Clickfunnels to supplement your marketing strategy. Clickfunnels offers a free trial version of the software but ultimately comes in two packages: Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels Suite. This software comes with complete training with all of its features. There are pre-built funnels you can implement or a drag and drop tool to create your own sales funnels. Full access to Clickfunnels Suite adds tools like “Backpack” which let you create your own affiliate programs for your product and “Actionetics” which lets you build fully automated email campaigns.
    4. Thrive Themes – If you’re new to sales funnels or looking for something more economical, try out Thrive Themes. Starting at only $19.00/mo Thrive Themes is a great bargain that gives you access to many tools even at the most basic level membership. Use Thrive Architect to build websites and landing pages for your business and test them out with Thrive Optimize; and A/B testing tool that even basic customers can use. Thrive Themes works well for WordPress users who can gain access to free plugins, themes, course builders, and much more. Thrive Themes certainly packs a lot of bang for your buck so don’t hesitate to take advantage of such a valuable resource.

    In the end, a little common sense can go a long way. Why would you pay for separate services when there are products offering the same services in one package for a fraction of the price?

    Keep doing your research and ask all the questions you can think of before committing to a system that is asking so much from you.

    A great program will teach you how to get the money to come to you opposed to asking you to chase the money down. Don’t get lured into “get rich quick” offers because more often that not, the only person making money is the guy in the video or the guy posting the video. Instead, stay within your budget and learn the business as much as you can.


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    What kind of blog posts would you like to see in the future?

    Let me know in the comments below

    Thank you for stopping by, here’s to success in your online journey!


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    Using Fiverr Pro To Enhance Your Business

    Fiverr Pro – Your Resource for Professional Services

    What is Fiverr Pro? How can Fiverr Pro benefit me? If you’re new to the concept of enlisting freelance workers to enhance your business or have some experience with the slew of talent at your disposal online one thing is for certain – using Fiverr Pro can truly boost your presence online.

    Fiverr Pro doesn’t apply exclusively to web-based businesses, though. There are plenty of brick and mortar establishments that employ freelancers from Fiverr Pro to create content, logos, presentations and more with a professional touch. You can easily find thousands of talented artists, writers, developers, and other well-to-do agents offering professional services at competitive prices.

    Before we navigate our way through the world of freelancing, let’s learn a little more about Fiverr itself and how using Fiverr Pro has been beneficial for both freelancers and their clients.

    What is a Freelancer and What Makes Them Valuable

    Freelance workers are self-employed individuals for hire with a special talent or know-how that can be very resourceful to those who don’t have the time or experience to complete certain tasks.

    Popular choices in this type of work include bloggers, web-developers, writers, artists, designers, programmers, etc. The types of services are virtually endless. Most freelance workers base their rates on the difficulty or time consumed on a job from a project to project basis. This can lead to inconsistent pricing and results!

    What Fiverr has done to solve that is created a space where freelancers can congregate and base their rates on flat fees depending on the work produced. Now a new arena has filled with competitors looking to build a successful freelance business thus resulting in competitive rates to your benefit!

    But, don’t worry freelancers, because you can still offer custom orders that vary from the services you offer at flat rates too! Let’s see how this all works.

    Creating A New World for Freelancers Using Fiverr

    Fiverr started out on February 1, 2010, as a web-based platform where freelancers could market their talents at a base price of $5.00 to businesses and private consumers alike looking for services such as web-development, design, writing, video production, etc. Currently, freelancers (or Sellers as they’re called at Fiverr) can offer their services (AKA “Gigs”) at any price they choose above the $5.00 base price.

    As a Buyer you are free to review a Seller’s portfolio to deem if their talent is on par with their costs. Buyers and Sellers can communicate freely before, during and after their partnership. They are also required to review each other after every transaction so future Buyers can gain perspective of each Seller and vice versa before starting a business relationship.

    Sellers can also communicate in Fiverr’s forums where you can discuss different aspects of the platform, share ideas, and ask questions. has truly become a community where it’s members can thrive and grow from one another’s experiences.

    The landscape of Fiverr services have grown exponentially since its debut in 2010, providing even the most obscure gigs you can think of. Some Fiverr sellers can even be found offering prank services, scary clown deliveries and love-spell casting for a fee.

    But that’s not why you’re here, right? No, you’re here because, like myself, you may find it difficult even draining to keep up with the tasks required to keep your business on top. You may not have the time or experience necessary to maintain certain aspects of your business. That’s where using Fiverr Pro comes in handy!

    The Birth of Fiverr Pro

    Fiverr Pro was launched in June 2017 as a way to separate the professionals from the amateurs. Using Fiverr Pro provides a clear path for serious Buyers to Sellers offering verified talent. With Fiverr Pro implemented, you can now browse through vetted sellers who’ve proven their worth as reliable, high quality producers.

    Fiverr Pro has a dedicated team that hand-picks their Pro members after carefully reviewing their candidates. In fact, less than 1% of the thousands of free lancers who apply actually earn that Pro badge they so proudly display. The criteria that Fiverr employees review are as follows:

    • Personal information and identity verification
    • Work history and experience
    • Education and certifications
    • Online presence and customer-centered approach
    • Language proficiency

    After carefully selecting the most qualified Sellers, Fiverr then features them first to Buyers on the look for services in their category.

    When choosing a Fiverr Pro Seller, you are also guaranteed 24/7 support from the company to resolve any issues regarding your order and transaction. Fiverr Pro has been a valuable enhancement to the traditional format with 2018 showing a 400% increase in growth! Here are the current list of categories you can find Fiverr Pro Sellers under:

    • Graphic design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing and Translation
    • Video and Animation
    • Music and Audio
    • Programming and Tech

    Though the lists of categories are limited at the time it does cover a wide range of popular categories that serious Buyers come to find at Fiverr. This does not mean the list will stay limited as Fiverr Pro has promised the categories will expand gradually as the process of vetting continues.

    Does Using Fiverr Pro Cost Extra?

    Fiverr Pro does not charge any extra fee for searching out its members who may provide you with quality content. The process of buying and selling remains the same. The Fiverr Pro system is just a way for the company to put the serious Sellers out in front of serious Buyers.

    As I mentioned before, there can be THOUSANDS of Sellers offering the same type of gig your looking for. Navigating those waters can be tedious at times. Though you can still filter in non-pro Sellers to your search for the perfect gig, by default Pro Sellers are given first dibs at your attention.

    This simplification has proven successful for Fiverr as it has positively affected the experience Buyers and Sellers have had in the last year and a half.

    Does Using Fiverr Pro Guarantee A Positive Experience?

    The short answer is no. Like any service out there your experience may vary from Seller to Seller because we are all human and we all have our moments. Thankfully, using Fiverr Pro gives you access to a team of techs working around the clock, 24/7 to ensure you find a solution to whatever problem may arise. Many Sellers offer revisions and other options to keep their customers satisfied. If you have a dispute at any time with your Seller you can take your issue up with Fiverr who will either find a way to resolve your problem or refund you if necessary.

    Why Should Affiliate Marketers Use Fiverr Pro?

    I hope this overview has been insightful enough for you to understand the importance of using Fiverr Pro. If you’re an Affiliate Marketer like myself then I recommend you at least visit and look at what their Sellers have to offer.

    The benefits of hiring freelance services through Fiverr Pro are too many to list here. For starters, not everyone who wants to be a part of an affiliate program can blog daily or even weekly for that matter.

    Using Fiverr Pro can help find someone to do this for you! I’ve invested into this service myself, using the services of Seller Gamador85 on Fiverr. He’s very helpful when I find my hands are tied with other aspects of my business but I want to keep up with my blogs and articles.

    And you know what?

    The articles he’s written are landing my website on the first page of Google search results! If you want to expand to social media outlets but have no idea how to handle so much on your own you can hire someone to take care of that too! Need to liven up your website or have one built from scratch by a professional?

    Want to brand your business with a spiffy logo? Well, you get the idea. The opportunities to expand your business are endless! Using Fiverr Pro can be the difference you need to take your business to the next level.

    Becoming a Seller on Fiverr

    Now some of you may have been reading this and began thinking you might want to take a crack at freelancing yourself. Maybe you’re retired and have years of knowledge and experience in a trade, art, or other talent.

    Or, maybe you are currently employed in your field and want to break out on your own.

    Whatever the reason may be, Fiverr offers you a way to pave your own road to success with their proven platform.

    If you doubt yourself or think it might be too risky consider this: Fiverr is FREE to join! There are no monthly membership fees or subscriptions required. All you have to do is create a profile and create whatever type of gig you feel qualified to do. So why not try to add another source of income under your belt? If it doesn’t work out then you wouldn’t have lost any money anyways!

    Fiverr makes it even easier for Facebook users and Google account holders. You can create an account and log in using the same credentials from either existing account!

    How Does Fiverr Make Money?

    As a Seller you keep 80% of your profits. Fiverr takes the other 20% of whatever you charge for your gig. You can choose to charge whatever you like for your services but you would do well to see what other Sellers are charging for the same type of gigs you are offering.

    That way you can stay competitive, build a customer base and maybe increase your fees as you become more established. The great thing about Fiverr is that their cut of the pie never increases.

    It will remain at 20% no matter what cost you set your services at or what level Seller you are.

    How Do I Get Paid Using Fiverr?

    Fiverr allows you to be paid in various ways but initially the money is deposited into your personal Fiverr account. This is how it works-

    1. Once you complete an order from a Buyer the finalization process begins. It takes 2 weeks from completion of a gig for your money to be deposited into your Fiverr account.
    2. Once the money has been put into your personal Fiverr account you can have it transferred to your PayPal or Bank account through a service Fiverr uses called Pioneer.
    3. Wait for the money to clear and enter your PayPal or bank account.

    Viola! It’s that easy to start making money using Fiverr as a Seller. Yes, the two-week period between completing a gig and getting paid may be a turn-off to some but this gap allows fund to be confirmed and also gives time for the Buyer or Seller to resolve any grievances with the order as well.

    So, it is important to do what you can to build up a pipeline of work to keep your funds consistent.

    Another cool feature available to Sellers is that you can actually use the money in your personal Fiverr account to purchase services from other Fiverr members! So after completing a few orders you can actually start a cycle of Selling and Buying without ever spending money from your personal bank accounts.

    You can even use that money to pay for training that Fiverr offers all of its Sellers in various categories to help hone their skills and earn more revenue.

    Using Fiverr Training Courses

    You may not feel like what you have to offer is enough to be considered a “professional” service but that’s OK because no matter the level of your skill there are always courses you can take to become better.

    When you sell on Fiverr you have the opportunity to learn from experts hand-picked by the company to teach courses designed to refine your skills.

    Best of all you will get credit for tests and courses you’ve completed so potential Buyers can see your advancements.

    How Do I Become a Fiverr Pro?

    While anyone can create a basic Fiverr account as a Seller, not everyone is able to obtain the coveted Pro Badge slapped on their gig. But don’t let that put a damper on your dreams.

    The application process is open to every Seller regardless of the amount of completed orders or length of membership. Even if your gig doesn’t fall under categories that are currently available in the Pro section Fiverr still encourages you to apply in case that category opens up in the future.

    Go ahead and put in your application. Even if you’ve tried and been rejected there is still a chance you can earn the Pro Badge in the future once you build up your portfolio and experience.

    Will I Make Less Money if I Don’t Go Pro?

    While becoming a Fiverr Pro has its advantages it does not affect the amount of money you make.

    You are still in control of what you rate your work at and everyone is subject to the 20% fee Fiverr collects regardless of their status or level. Although, you may not be featured in the Fiverr Pro section of the platform you will still be searchable in the website.

    This is why it is important to take advantage of the courses and tests. Fiverr has made available to its members. The more you hone your skills, the better chance you have at being able to join the ranks of other Fiverr Pros in your niche.

    Will I Be Charged More for Listing as a Fiverr Pro?

    Absolutely not! Becoming a Fiverr Pro doesn’t change the 20% cut the company collects from your gigs. You reap all the rewards from increased exposure and verified professionalism.

    You may even want to increase your rates once you’ve earned that Pro Badge on your gig. There are always heavy hitters out there willing to dish out some serious cash to Sellers like yourself who provide quality results.

    Using Fiverr Puts You in Control

    Sellers on Fiverr are in full control of their freelance career which is why the company has thrived in the last 9 years. Sellers on Fiverr determine what services they offer, how long they need to complete an order, the cost of their services and who they will work with.

    You can accept enough work to freelance full time or just enough to supplement your income while you work a 9-5 job. The choice and opportunities are yours to make.

    Once you’ve created gigs on Fiverr you can begin marketing your services, not only on Fiverr, but on your social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and other mainstream networks.

    Get the Fiverr App Today

    Download the Fiverr App to any of your IOS or Android mobile devices to help stay on top of your orders and potential customers. The Fiverr App has many features to help you maintain your business and the relationships you have build with your customers.

    The messaging feature keeps you in touch with your Buyers and helps you answer any questions other potential Buyers might present before opting to enlist your services.

    Your current jobs are presented clearly and any issues you may encounter while completing them can be resolved using the app as well.

    The Fiverr App is designed to give you as much control of its services as you would have using the desktop version of the website.

    The Fiverr App is also a great way to view and manage your earnings while on the go. You can see all of your selling starts at the touch of a button making this app a go-to resource for all members of Fiverr, Buyer, and Seller alike.

    Another great feature of the Fiverr App is the ability to switch from Seller to Buyer in one simple click. Now you can view the app as a Buyer and check out your competition or search for any service you may need yourself.

    Using Fiverr Pro is a Smart Choice

    If you’re looking to increase your already existing business or want to start a new one through freelance work then is the place you need to be. The benefits available through this platform FAR outweigh any risk you may encounter as a Buyer or a Seller.

    Since Buyers and Sellers are in complete control of who they do business with and what that business entails, you are more likely to have consistently positive experiences using Fiverr Pro.

    When a problem does arise, you can rely on the tech team at to help resolve any issue in a hasty manner.

    As a Buyer, you have a whole world of Sellers at your fingertips who are competing for your business resulting in lower rates of service for quality work!

    The categories available are numerous and cover just about every aspect of any business.

    As a Seller you run your own business on your own time. You choose who you want to work with and gain loyal customers who appreciate your hard work.

    Fiverr provides the opportunity to learn from experts and offers a way to become a Fiverr Pro yourself. Even if you don’t want to become a Fiverr Pro there is still an opportunity for you to make some worthwhile money on the side.

    I’ve Experienced Growth Using Fiverr Pro

    As I previously mentioned, I use this service myself. I have found it to be a valuable resource with proven results.

    With the help of Seller Gamador85 on I have been able to get more traffic to my website which, in turn, put me on the first page of Google’s search results! I am reaching more goals and accomplishing more work because I can rely on the services offered by Sellers at

    Don’t just take my word for it, go over and see for yourself why has thrived since launching Fiverr Pro.

    You may be surprised at what you find and it may be just what you’ve needed all along.

    Interested in how I started blogging and how it’s change my life, please leave your comments below as I love to hear your thoughts and love to share my story with you!

    You can begin blogging today, JOIN FREE, check it out, you will LOVE IT!

    I want to extend to you a very special “THANK YOU” for stopping by, please like and share and subscribe!

    Here’s to a very special day!


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    Is Builderall Right For My Business?

    With affiliate marketing and digital business becoming more mainstream, a multitude of new products and platforms are emerging claiming to provide the greatest benefit to their consumers. These are all followed up by each of their respective customers weighing the pros and cons of investing their hard-earned money into these programs. 

    As sensible investors we want to research and see if there’s any truth to their claims. Here we will look into the latest platform and find out if this up and coming contender has any bite to its bark. 

    Join me for another review of the top trending digital marketing platform and see if Builderall is right for your business.

    What is Builderall and How Does It Work? 

    If you’ve heard of the new trending marketing platform, Builderall, then you’ve probably already been wondering “Will Builderall increase my sales?” 

    Builderall is quickly proving to be a very effective service for online business and local business owners alike. Touting an “All-in-one” experience. Builderall has been gaining attention as one of the premier services for business owners looking to create a presence.

    As a member of Builderall you are given access to multiple tools to completely start a professional online business without having to hire developers, programmers, designers, and any other outside hires you may have had to employ in the past to have a fully functioning website. 

    With an easy drag-and-drop website builder and plenty of templates to customize, there’s not much experience needed to make a shiny brand-new website that can make any WordPress wizard envious.

    But where did this company come from and what makes them so special? What exactly led to the idea of creating an all-in-one experience? 

    A Brief History of Builderall

    Builderall was founded by a Brazilian entrepreneur, Erick Salgado. He has been involved in the digital world as far back as 2005 when he worked with a company to build and expand over 5,000 websites.

     Erick’s passion for digital marketing turned into eBusiness4us, Inc. which he founded in the U.S. in 2008. Now that dream has expanded into Builderall which launched in 2011. With a decade of experience backing his latest venture, Builderall has bloomed into a product highly valued by customers. 

    A dedicated team of developers and programmers work full time to create better features and a premium experience for every member that uses Builderall to start their business. 

    Erick Salgado has materialized his dream of helping entrepreneurs onto their feet and hasn’t stopped improving on it.

    Today there are thousands of members in over 120 countries utilizing the many features of Builderall to start and scale their businesses. 

    That’s because Builderall has dedicated servers in 5 continents to provide their members with fast load times and quality service.

    My First Impression of Builderall

    I had read some mixed reviews on Builderall and watched a few videos to get an idea of what Builderall was offering. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to check it out for myself to see what the hype was all about. 

    I’ve been involved with similar platforms and know all about the complexities of managing a web-based business. 

    How is this service going to be different (or any better) than what I’ve experienced?

    When you first land on their website you find a simple web page with a vague explanation of what you can expect to accomplish when using their product. 

    I found most of the answers to the questions were in the videos that you can pop-up and view after clicking the “video” button under each brief introduction to their features. 

    They cover them pretty quickly on the intro videos but it was enough to catch my attention and dig a little deeper into finding out how Builderall can improve their business. 

    But first, I like to get to know a company and its owners before I open up my wallet.

    Like other popular platform services on the web such as Wealthy Affiliate, Leadpages, and Clickfunnel, you pay a monthly fee to access the software and tools that will get your business off the dream board and onto the world wide web. But how is it any different from anything else out there? 

    Many digital marketers and affiliates out there have already committed to other services and poured a lot of money and effort into their already existing websites. We’ll find out just how beneficial this service can be and exactly who has more to gain and more to lose using Builderall to market online.

    What Does Builderall Offer?

    Builderall’s sales pitch focuses on its “All-In-One” platform that makes web developing easy and accessible to anyone who would like to start a business online but has even more appeal to those who have no clue how to do it.

     Having all the tools necessary to manage your business and develop your website sounds very convenient. Many entrepreneurs spend big bucks on a lot of separate tools and services to accomplish this. 

    Anyone who has a business online will tell you it is necessary to track every aspect of analytics, demographics and trends to stay successful, no matter what product you are selling. 

    Builderall seems to have covered all the major bases to ensure you can really manage it all under one roof.

    Even if you’re not strictly a web-based business you can find many benefits to market whatever your business may be. You decide just how deep the rabbit hole goes and can pay accordingly so.

    Their interface is easy to navigate and straight-forward. There are also tutorials for each feature that help you take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. 

    Their drag-and-drop website builder in particular takes the frustration of creating a website and turns it into an enjoyable experience. 

    There are tools to create videos, animations, blogs, webinars, classes, online stores, virtual check-out-stands, and more! Builderall is proving true to their word so far, but what is it going to cost to get started?

    How Much Does Builderall Cost?

    Packing all these tools and features into a single product can lend to the thought that this is probably going to cost an arm and a leg. There are other services out there charging anywhere from $50-$100a month, sometimes even more for premium memberships, to access their platforms.

    I was surprised to learn that you can get started on a basic level for just $9.90/month! Granted, this is the most basic membership with limited access but it is still an amazing value considering that web hosting is included with membership as well. 

    Here’s what each level of membership costs and a list of features that come with them.

    Web Presence $9.90/mo

    • Access to pixel perfect builder
    • Unlimited pages and sub domains
    • Unlimited professional e-commerce
    • Connect a domain
    • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
    • Third-party integrations
    • SSTP included
    • Premium local Hosting
    • Ticketing Support System


    • Access to pixel perfect builder
    • Unlimited pages and sub domains
    • Unlimited professional e-commerce
    • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
    • Third-party integrations
    • SSTP included
    • Premium local Hosting
    • Ticketing Support System
    • Connect 15 domains
    • Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
    • Builderall apps


    • Access to pixel perfect builder
    • Unlimited pages and sub domains
    • Unlimited professional e-commerce
    • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
    • Third-party integrations
    • SSTP included
    • Premium local Hosting
    • Ticketing Support System
    • Connect 15 domains
    • Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
    • Builderall apps
    • Builderall tools and applications
    • Webinar and Streaming platform
    • Facebook messenger chat bot
    • Autopost marketplace
    • Affiliate marketplace
    • Leveraged affiliate system
    • Builderall business community
    • Premium local and CDN hosting

    As you can see for yourself, these prices are very reasonable compared to other services that don’t offer nearly as much as Builderall. Most of you reading this are already paying something similar to this and even more fees for outside services that are already included in Builderall “All-In-One” platform.

    Why Builderall Is Perfect for Affiliates

    There are a few specific features of Builderall that may be especially tempting for anyone in the affiliate marketing business. Builderall users have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to keep them relevant and gain traffic As a matter of fact, Builderall was built primarily as an SEO tool. Check out some of my favorites

    • Click/Heat Map that show which links and buttons on your page get more hovers and clicks
    • Email Marketing Platform with automated responses that follow up on clicks, sales, and capture leads
    • Animated Video Software where you can produce custom videos easily and efficiently
    • Blog Builder where you can create and upload blogs to your website
    • SEO Report Tool to help you optimize your presence in search engines
    • A Presentation Builder that you can use to feature products and discounts
    • Create Responsive Pages that adapt to whatever type mobile device your customers are using
    • Integrate a Facebook Chat feature directly to your website

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of other tools and ways to use Builderall to make money. But Builderall goes beyond affiliate marketing and its applications can be used by just about anyone in the business world; whether your strictly online or have a brick and mortar location.

    What Types of Businesses Can Use Builderall?

    Just about any business that is looking to create more leads and retain more customers can benefit from Builderall. Builderall wasn’t designed for any specific type of business, which is why it is quickly becoming a mainstream product. 

    Builderall was specifically designed to help entrepreneurs, no matter how experienced, to easily create or scale their business and build a presence in their industry.

    Businesses with physical locations such as restaurants/cafes, doctors or lawyer practices and any other local business can use the various tools and sales funnels to find leads, advertise through emails, create better branding and have a fully functioning website complete with checkout features and membership programs?

    Freelancers can also use the Builderall tools to do this for their customers as a business in itself. Imagine creating an account and using builderall to create apps for businesses and managing their websites all in one place? 

    The money you’d make would pay for the membership by itself. The profit margin would be significant.

    Do Builderall Sales Funnels Work? 

    There are many ways to create an effective sales funnel which can be straightforward or complex. The goal of a sales funnel is to create a series of steps users will take once they’ve landed on your page. 

    A successful sales funnel will lead to click that turn into conversions. If this terminology is foreign to you then you should definitely consider using Builderall to build your online business. I say that because Builderall has many remade sales funnels that you can customize to your business. 

    All the complexity and technicality has been applied and you just “fill in the blanks” to make it yours.

    These sales funnels have been designed and tested for specific businesses so you can just plug in your business step-by-step until your funnel is complete. 

    Best of all is that Builderall provides tutorials for all of their features to help anyone who may feel stuck. Builderall sales funnels will do all the work to capture leads and follow up on them successfully so you can increase your conversions more frequently.

    It’s no wonder why new business owners are flocking to Builderall. They really make starting a business a breeze. But what if you’ve already created a website and pay into a different platform? Can you transfer an existing website into Builderall?

    What Are the Cons of Using Builderall?

    The answer to the question from the last segment is probably the only “con” I could think of for Builderall. “Can you transfer an existing website into Builderall?” 

    You cannot transfer an existing website into the Builderall platform. So, all of your hard work and money you invested will have to be put aside. 

    Starting fresh doesn’t necessarily appeal to most people which is why I would recommend Builderall to newbies who are starting a new business or to an existing business that doesn’t have a website yet. 

    But if you don’t mind starting over then more power to you!

    Another aspect of the platform that people might consider to be a “con” is that you have to pay monthly to access the platform. 

    This means that if you stop paying the monthly fee then you’ll lose your website and all the hard work you put into it. That may make some customers feel like they are locked into the program but I don’t consider this to be a negative factor. You can easily have your business cover the fee as you continue to grow more successful.

    Like all great business platforms available online today, Builderall has made a way for you to make money as an affiliate promoting their product. 

    This is called Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System which is available to Builderall Business members who pay $49.90/mo. As an affiliate to Builderall you will earn commission for each member who signs up under you and commission for members who sign up under them and so forth. 

    So, is there anything special about their Leveraged Affiliate System? Yes, and surprisingly so!

    Builderall affiliates are not just sale agents gathering members for commission; their affiliate business truly belongs to them. What does that mean?

     It means that if you become an affiliate, grown your business and then decide to move on, you can sell your affiliate business to another member or back to the company itself! Builderall gives you a current market value on your affiliate business and buys it back from you. 

    Currently they value each member under your program anywhere from $30-$1000. If you’ve got a 50-100 members under your affiliate business then that can be a pretty good chunk of money!

    Do, how does the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System work? Well, as a Builderall Business member you will market Builderall to the masses. 

    If someone signs up under you then you will get 100% commission of their first payment. Read that again… 100% commission of their first payment. 

    That goes for every new user that becomes a member directly from our link. 

    After that, you make 30% of their continued monthly membership fee.

    Here’s an additional incentive Builderall offers to affiliates: When you get 100 direct customers or business owners under you Builderall will send you a check for $500 for every month you maintain at least 100 direct customers. 

    If you double your customers to 200 and maintain them monthly then Builderall will double their payout as well to $1000 every month you maintain those customers!

    100 direct customers may seem like an impossible task to you, but don’t fret. Even if it took you a whole year to get 30 direct customers under your belt and only half of those customers became Business Affiliates themselves you’d still make a lot of passive income. 

    Because if each of those Business Affiliates under you were to get 30 customers themselves, you would be looking at make $358 in direct sales commission that year and $5,533 in monthly revenue totally $66,754 in passive earnings for the year if you maintained those customers. 

    Wouldn’t even a fraction of that be life changing to some of you?

    At that rate you would have 480 affiliates under your network! That’s a lot of passive income for a minimal amount of work, initially. Now imagine if you wanted to bow out and sell your business. That’s 480 members valued between $30-$1,000 or maybe you eventually make enough money to retire and want to pass the business down to a child or loved-one? It can be done with Builderall because your affiliate business belongs to you! That is something other platforms do not offer their affiliates.

    Builderall is gaining more popularity each day and will only grow until it becomes mainstream with millions of members. Why not take advantage and become a Builderall Business member today and cash in on their success? 

    You can view all of your network and manage your business straight from the website. They track every member who has signed up under you and every member your direct customers bring on.

    Fast earnings and fast transactions make Builderall the new go-to business for affiliates. 

    You won’t have to wait long to start moving money from your earnings account to your bank account. In fact, your funds will become available for transfer 5 days after they’ve appeared on our earnings page!

    Do I Recommend Builderall?

    If you haven’t guessed by now, then I’ll lay it out there for you… I absolutely recommend using Builderall to start a business. 

    It is plain to see that Builderall lives up to their name as you can really “build it all” within their platform. It is user-friendly, intuitive and ridiculously easy for anyone with an idea for a business to log on and go! 

    There are tutorials to guide your way and preset features that you can simply customize to fit your niche. As Builderall grows it only enhances and expands its features creating even bigger value for its members. 

    Try it for yourself and left us know what you think. I’m eager to hear of your success!

    BuilderAll focuses on helping people and that is a main selling point of the program! I love it for that reason! You will find in your online journey your first goal should be helping your target audience.

    I would really like to stress the importance of anyone who is new at starting an online business to give Builderall a try. It’s very easy to start down one direction

    One monthly fee can turn into several as you do your best to make sure your business stay relevant and successful. With Builderall you can cut out all the testing and investing and accomplish it all in one place. 

    At least try out the cheapest membership first and choose whether to upgrade to a better membership after you get a feel for what this business is like.

    Thankfully, Builderall provides a cheap way for you to test the waters.


    A big selling point of BuilderAll is the program focuses on helping others and in order to make real money online, your first goal should be helping your target audience.

    For any questions about BuilderAll and their affiliate program, feel free to drop me a comment below!  I love replying to my readers! 🙂

    My goal is to help you in your online journey!

    Thank you,


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      2019 New Year Predictions For Affiliates!

      2019 New Year Predictions For Affiliates

      There are two predictions to scream loud and louder until you get them sunk in for your 2019 Affiliate Marketing Plan. In our New Year Predictions you will find a continued heavy focus on video marketing, and mobile media.

      I know, these were last year’s buzz words but even more of the world is connecting to the online world and doing it by mobile phones.

      Our Best 2019 New Years Predictions for Affiliates – Video Tips

      Video will continue to grow though the trend of video for entertainment is not climbing as high as tutorial demand. The quest for video training is through the roof. People in more of the world are connecting and access is more affordable than ever.

      Programs like the free emergency lines offered here in the United States for low income families have put access to the net at an all time high and it’s not all educated adults using these digital connections.

      Those people connecting first time need a wealth of information and since an alarming number lack patience or reading skills they will look increasingly towards YouTube and Vimeo to get video hands on tutorials. This is a blogger’s delight and at some times a curse as video heavy pages can load slower if you don’t know how to set them up.
      Driving video pages required a 3rd party host like YouTube a few years ago or expensive custom enclosures etc.

      Even then you had to worry about DOS or Denial of Service attacks slowing major networks like YouTube down to a crawl.

      YouTube has advanced hacker tools and multiple server clusters as well as a whole security team to help fight these attacks but when they happen the remote hosted sites often pay a hefty fine in loading times.

      YouTube, owned by Google announced in 2017 and made the move mandatory in 2018 to move their enclosures over to HTML5 format for faster loading, the new code is a lot faster than the old iframes or JavaScript but still requires multiple off site files to load before execution and can slow a page by as much as a half second in loading at times.

      Still, a low budget blogger is better doing this if they have no funding to work with than to self host on site because of file overload.

      Are there other options to self host video in 2019?
      Video factors high on our New Years Predictions for affiliates and you need to know that solutions outside the free host exist.

      Especially if your content could be considered an advertorial instead of just a program review or tutorial.

      Since YouTube and Vimeo often without warning remove these videos as content violations you might consider self hosting as a far better option. On the low end of cost a content delivery network is vital to serving fast images and video.

      A CDN is used to deliver videos much like YouTube does to your site but the resources are dedicated to the site they are serving and being a smaller network often see fewer hassles with hacker attacks on their remote servers.

      They take load off your site and the average professional Content Delivery Network of CDN comes in almost two tenths of a second faster than serving YouTube videos on your site. WordPress already is coded in HTML5 now and you can use default enclosures or add plugins for Lazy Loading of Video and Graphics with light box enclosures.

      Some of these systems allow you to overlay advertising or run pre-roll video as well to further monetize your site.

      Will anyone see video not on YouTube?

      Yes, through proper site optimization such as filing out media descriptions and setting up Video and Image XML Sitemaps your videos can rank at the top of Google when posted regularly and fitting your niche market.

      Am I saying abandon the major video networks? Not at all. Going forward I suggest using the major networks to deliver quality training tutorials related to your niche and sending people to related content located on your blog.

      Video is the bread winner when used correctly for marketing to a new audience.

      Our Best 2019 New Years Predictions for Affiliates – Mobile Media

      Mobile readiness used to be an option in more than one way. It used to be that a minority of web users were connected by something other than a Personal Computer but that is no longer the case.

      In fact the fastest growing method to connect is by a large margin Mobile Phones which are the smallest screen of all. So how do you plan to attack mobile media?

      Options for most affiliate marketers are found in WordPress, there are already Mobile Responsive themes and some of them are blazing fast but you do need to compare the different themes you are selecting from on Y-slow before settling on the best mobile load times.

      Presentation is also a key to success with Mobile websites.

      You have most likely connected at least once to the web via a mobile device and noticed lazy loading or slow loading websites with a ton of advertising, ton of heavy images, and an overall horrible look and feel.

      These sites will not rank well in Google and they will never rate well with the user either. The solution for you may be a WordPress Plugin called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

      These pages and the system can be used to show a similar site to your readers that is designed to load faster and carries only mobile optimized ads. You can adjust AMP to the look and feel of your main site and lose nothing in terms of content while making the site load fast and look good for readers.

      There are a lot of options in AMP so make sure to read the tips for each before choosing the options right for your audience or plan on hiring a webmaster to set up the plugin around $50 for one hour which a project like this should only take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

      Our Best 2019 New Years Predictions for Affiliates – Other Predictions

      While video is HUGE, but all content is still king.

      Don’t just post video, where possible add a text version or expand on the video content in a post included with it. Make sure images are minimized using a site like TinyPNG or a WordPress plugin like Ewww Image Optimization so they load fast across all devices.

      Publish mostly in PNG for Photos and JPG for flat images to further decrease file size and loading times. Use lazy loading and a Content Delivery Network to further improve post load times and increase user experience.

      Reduced focus on Display ads is a constant issue ion Affiliate Marketing but the growth sector is in Native Advertising. These ads are content based and look good next to the regular post of the website they appear on.

      Companies are being slow to adopt them so a good number of these ads can product for as little as 2 cents per visitor. Using networks like Taboola and Outbrain can supply a virtually limitless supply of new readers and advertorials work well for high conversions or lead capture. List Building will continue to be a MUST do.

      As people get less inclined to view Display Ads and ads in general they will increasingly need to see offers more and great content will bring them back to those offers faster than anything.

      A good Autoresponder or Bulk Email sender like Rocket Responder can be had for $20 a month for unlimited users and unlimited e-mails. The name may not be as big as Get Response or Aweber but the service is simple to use and far less costly. Diversify offerings.

      The average affiliate making any money online is promoting more than one quality and related offer. Niche down but remember that there are more than one item that your readers will need for any given interest.

      Offer choices and reap rewards. I may have socks but need shoes or have shoes and need socks, selling one and not the other cuts profits in half.

      Our Best 2019 New Years Predictions for Affiliates – Summary

      Google has promised heavy penalties for slow loading websites and poor user experiences so a clutter free and fast loading website is a must.

      Google has further promised to give priority to ranking mobile ready websites and websites with no mobile options at all may not even rank in the first 5-10 pages for their search terms regardless of content quality and optimization.

      Content is still KING, both text and video.

      Fewer ads, more content, and a well-rounded plan to be more teacher and less salesperson will have you benefiting from your e-mail marketing and native advertising in short order.

      Don’t waste time on making your mobile ready website a content marketer’s


      Interested in learning more, join my team of expert entrepreneurs TODAY!

      I am here to help you succeed.


      Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please leave your comments below, I love to hear from my readers and will answer promptly.

      Cora (AKA Nana’


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      Best Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan 2019

      Merry Christmas - Best Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan 2019

      If you are reading this post the 2018 Winter Selling Season is all but in the books and I pray you had a nice time with family, friends, and your business did extremely well. For many there were issues with this whole affiliate marketing and Christmas thing. They lacked a Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan and started too late on generating an environment capable of reaping huge rewards this time of year.

      Everyone in affiliate marketing needs a Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan in 2019

      See through developing these Christmas affiliate marketing plan or plans, you know what time you need to reach certain goals by. While many think this is a little early to start thinking about next year, that many are wrong. See it takes a lot of time and infrastructure to be ready for the holidays before you can turn a serious profit. Like Santa Claus you must make your list and check it twice, andyou need to have core elements like landing pages, lead capture, andtons of gooey content.

       The goal is to make money right? The less you have to re-market the same customers or buy paid advertising the more money you make. New customer acquisition is by far more affordable through contentmarketing than through Pay Per Click or even Cost Per Actionmarketing. Even if you choose paid advertising it is more affordableto build your list outside of the Christmas season than when ad costare through the roof and the competition like you, is chomping at thebits.

       I don’t know how to blog and build content for a Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan.

      That’s a similar story millions have and tens of thousands will address this year through a single program. Fact is that ignoring these required tools you are only ensuring a path to eventual failure in your business. You may think you have plenty of time to learn blogging and content marketing. You might think next month will be better or that you can scrape through one more season to make the money you thought this year would bring or worse to recover from losses.

      Fact is most people paying for advertising as their only business plan are going to lose money. Some of them will lose a lot of it. Paid advertising is addicting, it’s like a gambling habit because sometimes you win and win big but other times the house wins. Fact is the house always wins even if the Jackpot is yours this time because regardless of who wins or loses the house still gets paid.

      So what is this plan of yours to make me a blogger or content marketer for 2019?

      There are a few steps to follow to become a blogger and content marketing success story and year a year is the perfect time to see at least some success, but I wouldn’t say the same for 9,10, or even 11months. Fact is the time is now to start work towards your goal of having a well-developed system in place for the Christmas AffiliateMarketing Plan to work.

      • You need a blog and training, this can be done in one place and yes there is a free trial. Regardless of if you join us at Wealthy Affiliate or not you will need to get this training somewhere and will need a domain name of your own and website hosting.
      • You need to amass tools like a quality Autoresponder, and a great landing page builder like the Thrive Architect that built the face of our business and all these wonderful lead capture forms you see here at Nana’s Big Time Marketing. By the way this is a good time to use one to sign up for our Nana’s Big Time Marketing News and get the free 7 Steps to Earning a Full-Time Income Online we give each new reader.
      • You need a big time Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan that includes content and reviews all year long, that lead to success in your chosen niche. Think Gifts and lots of them. Plan to write at least 3 post a week with not less than 1 of them being a gift idea as a product review.

      Believe me, it will save time come November when the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are going on to reference produ7cts you have already reviewed than it will be to write as many reviews as possible in a span of 45 days of mad as heck selling. I am talking 48+products you can link to in a dozen or so articles and refresh that buyer intent.

      What goes into my Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan?

      Content is for sure a big part of that and for this I advise you to get a journal or online content calendar and plan out writing assignments in batches. Get the thoughts down while the fire is hotand you will have ideas to work with when motivation is lower. Try towrite at least 3 and preferably 4-5 content ideas for each week.

      Give yourself time for doing keyword research, and researching the benefits and drawbacks of products you review, and time to write the post but if it takes you more than 2 days to do a single post you may need to cut some perfections out of your routine. That or cut some waste out of the time you are spending in content planning.

      You should be able to research a product in less than 3 hours, and do keyword research in less than 3, allowing you plenty of time to write and edit a piece on the product itself.

      As I said 1 review a week, you should also come out with at least 2 pieces of non-review niche targeted content per week to keep readers happy and coming back to read your reviews. A blog with nothing but reviews is a bit dry and seems more like advertising. It’s also not much fun to write so choose a passion and write about that.

      Choose products needed to fulfill the goals and hopes in your passion. If you love hair care, for example, think extensions, hairspray, nail kits, training programs and more. Write two posts on howto and one on what with is basically what Nana is getting at.

      Finally, but most important is to make time to train your brain on these new skills. You need experts and the people at Wealthy Affiliate, have over 15 years of six to 7 figures blogger making the experience second to none. I advise learning something new each day and teaching something you know each day as well. This is an information circle of life, never take more than you give.

      Nana says try this program today and learn how I made 5,000 in one month winning a free trip to Las Vegas.

      Are you ready to write your Christmas Affiliate Marketing Plan?

      If you know who to learn from, who to get your hosting and domain name through. When you also know where to learn niche keyword research you obviously have found Wealthy Affiliate and are at least enjoying the free membership. You are another step ahead of the curve if you have secured an autoresponder and a landing page system likeThrive. You are a further step ahead if you can budget at least $200a month to tools and advertising needed and a future plan of outsourcing to fill in some areas you can’t reach while your blog takes off.

      You, have the power in you, and the learning curve you will find is shorter than you think, but you have to take massive action now because without it you have a ton of things to do and less time than starting today to do them in.


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      How I Made $5,000 In A Week+Got all Expenses Paid To Vegas Online


      Who doesn’t like a great SUCCESS story? I know I do! I bet the headlines of this page grabbed your attention just like it did mine. How I Made $5,000 in a week +Got All Expenses Paid to Vegas Online!


      Hi, I’m Cora from Nana’sBigTimeMarketing and…….

      I’m attempting to give you a synopsis of what I’ve been doing since April 2018 and what my plans are for 2019.

      Just a little background history, I’ve heard of folks making money online and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it….I’m not sure if that’s where you are today or not, but if you ‘just don’t get how it works’ then you will want to fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life.

      You know, I was reading last night about Albert Einstein, his childhood, school age years, college and on into his years as an adult.

      As we all know, he was a very interesting person and sort of marched to a set of different drums and if he were a child in school right now, he would not have fit the mold and probably would have been placed in an area for disruptive children. One of his professors stated, “he is not fit to be in any position here at our university.”

      I’m saying this to bring it to your attention, that as a child, young adult, and mature adult, we are programmed to believe we have to follow certain rules and fit into certain pegs in order to be successful and when another method of being successful is being introduced we have a tendency not to believe it or think it’s a scam, so on and so forth.

      That is not to say, that there aren’t scams out there on the internet! There are plenty of scams on the internet and one has to be aware of them, research the company, look at their track record, so on and so forth.

      I have several reviews on my website about companies that are considered a scam or they are on the verge of being a scam and I explain why! Please check out this page for more details:

      Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?


      Here is a list of other Product Review you might find interesting:

      • The My Mobile Pages Review
      • Warning Super Affiliate Review Is It A Scam?
      • Review ClickBank Pirate a Scam or Make Money Online Genius?
      • Can You Really Make Money Using Social Sales Rep?
      • Wealthy Affiliate Review (the product I recommend and use for my business)
      • IM Jet Set Super Affiliate System Review
      • Freedom Mentor Fraud or Are Their Claim of Making $1K a Day True?
      • Regal Assets Review
      • World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool Jaaxy Review (the tool I recommend and use with my business)
      • Zip Nada Zilch Scam Review-Can You Really Earn Free Stuff?

      Earlier I mentioned I was going to review my plans and goals for 2019.

      Making plans and goals not only for the year but goals for the week and the day are extremely important when it comes to success in your business and life.

      So, set your goals, plan your day, week, year, and then work your plan!

      At the end of the day, check off projects you’ve completed and move the projects that weren’t complete to the next day!

      Don’t beat yourself up for incomplete tasks that were set for the day, that is if you didn’t waste time and you remained on task. At the end of the day and you’re reflecting on each task you completed and the tasks you didn’t complete, this is a good time to make adjustment in your schedule.

      Maybe you’ve allotted too much time for some tasks and not enough time for others. That’s a good time to make those adjustments in your schedule for the next day!

      My goals for 2019:

      • exercise once a day
      • pray every morning
      • read the Bible daily
      • read books by successful entrepreneurs
      • (1) blog post a day
      • work on a minimum of (1) lesson a day at Wealthy Affiliate
      • earn $10,000 a month
      • add 300 Wealthy Affiliate referrals
      • win the free trip, all expenses paid to Vegas

      An important point I want to impart with you is this, and we have all heard it before…..”if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t true”

      My experience and the experience of successful entrepreneurs will tell you, you won’t get-rich-quick, but you will succeed, if you follow the proven steps, remain focused and consistent in your online business, you will succeed, some faster than others!

      So try to keep that in mind as you study this content and I will clarify those steps further in the article.



      I’m going to venture to say that you probably know as much about business on the internet as I did just a few months ago, which I’m ashamed to say, was very little.

      In the next few pages, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about business on the internet, how I’ve studied, learned how to build a website, find a niche, and find valuable keywords that rank with google, bing, and yahoo, and how to grow traffic.

      The key to increased traffic is keywords, so when you write blogs and post them to your website, Google finds it and ranks it by your content and keywords, when Google ranks you #1 on page 1, people see you and your post and are driven to that post and read it. This is the beginning of the snowball effect.

      I want to refer you to a blog post of mine that ranked Google #3 on page 1, which I’m very excited about!






      How long does it take? That’s a very good question, almost everyday someone asks me that question!

      There are many variables that play into the equation:

      • previous experience with the computer
      • the amount of time one spends on the training daily and consistently
      • how quickly the information is absorbed and then used in one’s website
      • the amount of time one has to spend on actual blogging once the website has been built
      • whether you’re blogging full time or working full time and blogging part-time

      One of the variables I mentioned was, previous experience with the computer. Just so you know and my family can attest to this, prior to starting my website, I barely knew how to turn the computer on. So for me, it was a giant learning curve. Not only was the whole “internet business” new to me, I had to learn all the in’s and out’s of the computer.

      I will be completely honest, it has been very difficult, but I have (2) wonderful daughter-in-laws who have been extremely gracious and patient with me and have assisted me every step of the way!

      I truly owe them! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dana Chestnut and Sarah Chestnut for all their assistance, I couldn’t have done it without you!

      As you can easily see, these are just a few of the variables that can extend the time or shorten the time frame before your blog is making money!

      The end result is in your ballpark! You get out of your blog just exactly what you put into it. No more, no less.



      A lot of people just can’t fathom that they can actually make money with a blog and initially I had my doubts, so I’m going to refer you to a colleague of mine that describes the steps he took and time frame to make $5,000 in a week online.






      CLICK HERE! You will find this extremely beneficial and exciting information!





      Unbelievable! Right?


      By the way, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, I mentioned the ‘snowball effect’ earlier and Roope is about to see the results of the ‘snowball effect’. Once you start your blog rolling, there is not stopping it, unless you stop working it: posting, communicating with your readers and creating great content.

      In this success story, Roop, explains how he started out and you can follow his success steps from the beginning to current.

      He addresses the fact, that one must treat your website like you would any other job, plan your days and work your plan. Just because you don’t have a “Boss” doesn’t mean you can slack off, just because it’s online doesn’t mean you can do things when you want to. Posts need to be completed between 3 or 4 days a week to daily posts.

      Most serious bloggers take their computer with them if they take a vacation, so they can keep up with what’s going on with their business!

      That’s one of the GREAT BENEFITS TO HAVING AN ONLINE BUSINESS! You can take it with you, all you need in an internet connection.



      Well, I’m prepared to convince you even more. I’m going to refer you to another young lady, Grace, she’s been blogging about 2 years and she describes her journey so well. I think you are really going to enjoy her post!






      Grace has been so helpful during my journey and that’s what our community does, we have access to members all over the world, you can ask a question and literally in just a few minutes someone will be online answering your question. It’s just the greatest platform I’ve ever been involved with. I know you will find the same recap


      It doesn’t matter is you’re a newbie or old hand at this, you can SUCCEED!




      So What Are You Waiting For?



      You can try this program for FREE as long as you want to and can sign up without a credit card! That’s how serious we are about your FREE PROGRAM!




      The FREE program consists of the following:





      Since it’s FREE, WHY NOT TRY IT OUT! If you’re not totally satisfied, you haven’t lost anything!



      I am going to walk you through the process right now! Just follow along!






      The Beginning

      *****You’ve already clicked on (WHY NOT TRY IT OUT) and signed up***************

      • Start your lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, the first 10 Lessons are FREE, there are a total of 50 Lessons!
      • So if you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!

      STEP 1

      You will begin your training in the course titles Online Enterpreneur Certification (OEC), which is above WEBSITES on the left menu, once you’ve signed in.

      STEP 2

      • Click on the first course, View Course, titled Getting Started
      • Start on Lesson 1, check off the tasks as you do them for this lesson, then go on to Lesson 2 and the tasks for Lesson 2. Once Lesson 1 & 2 are complete you are ready to move to Lesson 3

      STEP 3

      • Choose a niche, something you are passionate about and will enjoy writing about.
      • I recommend putting some thought into this step (you want your business to be something you enjoy, not dread

      STEP 4

      • Create your website
      • I recommend to start with the FREE one

      STEP 5

      • Follow the lessons in order, completing all the tasks then move on to the next lesson and tasks
      • I recommend the lessons be followed in order, you are building the foundation for your business, if you skip around your foundation won’t be stable. I hope this makes sense.


      This process is so simple, so don’t overthink the process. Just follow the steps and complete the tasks in each lesson and write great content, using great keywords as advised in my Secret Guide To Jaaxy-How To Find The Best Keywords In Your Niche!


      Hey, if you followed the these steps, I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think about the program. I am here as a resource for you and I want YOU to SUCCEED!!

      I will be here for you to reach out to me anytime you need to and I hope you will take advantage of this!