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Founded back in 2003, Birch Gold Group is a company where you can buy palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars. In addition, it is also possible to open a Silver IRA or a Gold IRA with the Birch Gold Group.

How Does Birch Gold Group Work?

At Birch Gold Group, you have two different services that you can choose from.

The first one is related to IRA’s only. In case, you are’re interested in buying either a Silver IRA or a gold IRA, all you need to do is to call the company to get a free information kit.

The second service is related to the actual purchases of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars. In case, you are’re interested in this second service, you will need to choose what you want, pay using a personal check or via wire, and then the metals will be shipped to you. Birch Gold Group usually ships their orders within 3 to 7 days.

What Does Birch Gold Group Offer?

According to Birch Gold Group, they have a collection of silver and gold coins that were bought from reliable sources in the United States and in Canada. Some of them include the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Indian Head Eagle, and the American Eagle. So, when you use their services, you will be able to invest in these coins and bull ions.

One of the good things about the Birch Gold Group is that they use grading services to ensure the precious metal content, its weight, condition, and authenticity.

In addition, Birch Gold Group also makes sure to state that they provide their clients with comprehensive assistance and education to ensure that they can succeed with their investments.

Buying Gold With The Birch Gold GroupTopic

In case, you decide to make an investment in either gold coins or bull ions with Birch Gold Group, you need to know that you can either get them delivered at your home or you can prefer to store your investment with them. In this last case, Birch Gold Group offers you two different solutions:

  • Using the Delaware Depository. ( http://www.delawaredepository.com )
  • Using Brink’s Global Services. ( http://www.brinksglobal.com/ )

If You Can Buy, Can You Sell Back To Birch Gold Group?

By looking at the Birch Gold Group website, we can see that they answer this question directly:

“If you ever decide to sell your metals, we always appreciate the first right of refusal to buy back – without commission.”

However, the answer is not complete. After all, at what price are they willing to buy back from you?

Who Can Join Birch Gold Group?

The truth is that there is nothing on their website that allows us to state that there is any country or list of countries that can’t access Birch Gold Group services.

However, since they mention their international shipping, we believe that the Birch Gold Group should allow other countries outside the United States.

Birch Gold Group Pros:


The Birch Gold Group was founded back in 2003. Usually when a company has so many years of history, it tends to be credible. In addition, we need to mention the positive ratings and feedback that the company has received throughout the years. These include reputable groups such as Business Consumer Alliance, Trustlink,and Better Business Bureau.

Good Customer Service:

In today’s world, it is highly important that a company deliver good customer support. And the Birch Gold Group does exactly that. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are no negative ratings in what concerns customer support. In addition, in the different reviews we read online, customers tend to be pleased with the service provided.

Variety Of Services:

When you are trying to invest your hard-earned money, you want to ensure that you have numerous possibilities so that you can evaluate the risk and reward of each one of them. In the case of the Birch Gold Group, you can use the company as a gold and precious metals broker or you can opt for a Gold IRA or a Silver IRA. At the Birch Gold Group, investors can also take a look at up-to-date prices of gold and silver.

Birch Gold Group Cons:

The Website Isn’t Secure/There Is No SSL:

If there is something that is constantly reminded to everyone nowadays is that you need to be careful about the websites that you use. Especially if you are about to make a money transaction. So, the fact that the Birch Gold Group isn’t secure is a red flag. So, you may need to deal with security issues.

Company Information Is Lacking:

When you are about to make business with a company, either buying their products or services, you like to know with whom you are dealing with in the first place. However, by taking a closer look at their website, you just can’t find information about the company itself or its founder. This is definitely a negative point.

Birch Gold Group Conclusion

So, should you do business with Birch Gold Group or not? Can you trust this company or is it better to look elsewhere?

While there are many positive aspects regarding Birch Gold Group, the reality is that you really don’t know who you are dealing with. You don’t know much about the company itself, the founder or even the employees except for the ones responsible for their customer support.

In addition, since you will need to order their services, you should make sure that the website is secure. And in the case of the Birch Gold Group website, this isn’t the case.

So, how can you invest your money?

Instead of relying on the value of gold and precious metals, you should try to think about something that you like and are really good at doing.

Then, think of ways to capitalize on those ideas.

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